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    Hero (and party) have entered a strange and exotic city. The plot needs to advance and so they get into trouble almost immediately with the authorities/local henchmen over something idiotic. It does not have to be fantasy, it can also be the police in Terminator 1 immediately going after Reese for stealing pants from a homeless dude. Reply

      If they didn't mean to trigger that magnitude of response, Can't Get Away with Nuthin'. If they need to get into trouble for the plot to advance, that's Captured on Purpose, Get into Jail Free or a related trope.

      Well, I don't know. They're not captured on purpose unless it's the script writer's purpose that's being a bit too obvious. But I'm not sure Ca't get away with nuthin' covers it either: It's not about consequences or actual misbehaviour. It's simply that short turn of events that happens when the hero(es) have entered an exotic city. First episode of BBC's Atlantis for example.