• 1 Jul 17th, 2017 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 17th Jul, 2017 08:18:40 AM
    The Narm page claims it's allowed on YMMV pages but when I check out the Metal Gear page it claims it's Flame Bait and should be kept off the work pages. Why is this? Reply

      That last seems to be an error, as Narm is on the Audience Reactions index, not the Flame Bait index.

      Edit; Ah, I see. The Narm namespace is hard-coded for the Flame Bait banner. This means that the parent seems to be the problem. I'll bring it up to see what the proper setting is.

      Edit 2: It is not hard-coded, actually, as I created a test page and indexed it without it getting one. So at some point there was a decision to give all Narm subpages the Flame Bait banner and a mod or mods went through and set them all.