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    Dear Tropers,

    So, I'm DM-ing a D&D game. It has an urban setting and is about fantasy cold war plots, intrigue, espionage, investigation and so forth. It should take some stress out of combat as compared to traditional D&D adventures.

    I already have a good idea of the storyline: the factions involved, their objectives, the means they're willing to use to achieve said objectives...

    What I need however is inspiration to design "subquests" for players to gradually discover who is up to what. For now they know very little, the desire to learn more should keep them interested in the campaign. Their characters have become entangled in a web of intrigue, as a result the local factions may play carrot, stick or carrot-and-stick with them. Player characters would need to investigate the underworld, find out what's going on with the gang war getting worse and worse, for their own sake and that of their patrons. They may have to burgle into some rich and influential merchant's mansion to find evidence of his involvement in such or such scheme. They could also be mislead by dead trails. Or be tasked with identifying the cover agent of nation X.

    That said, I'm somewhat at a loss to devise non-repetitive sub-quests. Burgle this mansion, follow that guy, steal this item, overhear that conversation, infiltrate this organization, eliminate such or such threat... I fear all adventures hooks would eventually look similar.

    So, I'm turning to you: is there some place on TV Trope listing typical missions of espionage as well as detective works, intrigue and powerplays ideas, and RPG adventure tropes for me to plunder the relevant ones?

    Thanks in advance! Reply