• 9 Jul 17th, 2017 at 2:02AM
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    I have a problem with the following pages:

    Beyond the fact they're using hyphens, which mean they'll have to be moved anyway, as part of the effort to phase out hyphens in titles, I'm bothered by the fact they're using the "Literature/" namespace while being subpages of a work and not works themselves.

    Now, would it be correct to put them in the "Characters/" namespace? They're about character archetypes and not specific characters in a work, but I don't think that would stretch the definition of the namespace too much. Reply

      I almost think it's better to just cut those pages. They seem to just be list of character archetypes and ZCEs of characters who fit those archetypes.

      Also, the stinger at the end of Literature.Forty Five Master Characters should probably be cut, too, since we don't normally include the ISBN of books on their works pages...

      Eeeewwwwww.... Those articles are not consistent with our style guidelines. For one thing, the parent (45 Master Characters) is not a work of fiction, and would be deleted as a stub under our standard rules for such things. We don't trope dictionaries, for crying out loud. Cut the lot of 'em.

      45 Master Characters is fine to trope as it is a work about tropes so perfectl germane. But not having any tropes listed is a problem.

      On checking out the wicks for those pages, I realized they weren't recent creation, but moved from pages that were actually in Main/ — and those have existed at least since 2011. As such, they are treated as tropes and wicked on a few pages. Those moves were mainly the work of Justanid to make them better fit in the Namespace system, but other tropers contributed to their creation and development.

      Those pages/tropes were:

      Cutting the new pages would require first a de-wicking, and may surprise a few Tropers used to them. Maybe this ought to be discussed in a repair thread.

      It is not okay to treat work subpages as tropes. We need to clean that up if nothing else. I suggest a project thread.

      Those pages are listed on Books on Trope... Should everything in the page get a page on this site?

      'Cause I brought up and cut the Stith Thompson Motif Index about 3 months ago.

      At that time, Fighteer, you said that there's nothing tropable about the Index... But, Septimus Heap seems to disagree, as he says above that since these things we're discussing now, are about tropes, it should get a page?

      So which one is it? Or am I misinterpreting something?

      We've been talking it over. The general agreement is that if the book can get a wiki article that generally meets our standards — it has a list of tropes present or discussed, it has a non-stub description, and so on, then it can live on the wiki. But this obsession with listing out categories and then using them as quasi-tropes in other works is just painful. It needs to go.

      How other people describe and index tropes is completely irrelevant to our work here.

      I was moving work pages out of Main, I apologize for the hyphens. I'm willing to move the pages to non-hyphenated titles, but what's the consensus on keeping works pages split up like that? Also, I didn't get to the Evil Overlord List which is still in Main as I'm not sure what namespace it would go under.

      The original? Web something, I would say.

      The problem with those pages is they aren't in line with current guidelines and need to be salvaged or cut.

      Also, the original Evil Overlord page are locked, because copyright reasons, so you'll have to loop in the Locked Pages thread.