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    I was browsing the YMMV/Murcielago page and came across this Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy example added by danime91:

    Once you get past the loads of Fanservice and cool action moves, you remember that Koumori is a psychopathic murderer on death row, with a higher body count than every single other murderer introduced so far combined. She has no wish to atone, does not believe in serving some noble goal, and gleefully causes needless collateral damage and kills bystanders without a thought. The only reason she works with the police is because she gets to kill more people and is provided a stay of execution. An absolute horrible human being, and aside from the police, absolutely nobody seems to realize this or address it.

    Am I reading into things too much, or is this worded less like an example of DIAA and more like an attempt to sneakily bypass our restrictions on vetting Complete Monster entries by putting it as a different trope? Reply

      That's what it sounds like to me. Besides, DIAA is about hating the work because it's so dark or hopeless of a setting/story, not hating a specific character within an-otherwise engaging work.

      So should the example be cut then?

      I would. It doesn't establish any of the particulars of the trope. Now, maybe if this character is the protagonist, then DIAA might apply by virtue of the story being so dark that the audience can't find any characters to sympathize with, but at no point is this stated.

      It's not an example of DIAA as it's written, so unless you can change it into one, it should be cut.

      Fighteer, as someone who has read the work, I can say that the character being talked about is the protagonist. However, I still think the example is badly written in that it ultimately only serves as a rant about why the poster thinks the protagonist is repugnant, and not how the setting is so dark and bleak that no one cares about what happens in the story.

      I'd say that referring to the "loads of Fanservice and cool action moves" inthe very first sentence implies that there is something for the audience to like, appreciate, or be engaged with in the work. That disqualifies it from DIAA.

      Without having read the work, I agree with your assessment of the example. To be an example of DIAA, it shouldn't just describe how dark the work is, or how utterly repugnant the protagonist is, it should focus on how this fact makes the audience stop caring (they don't have to hate the work or the protagonist, as Madrugada implied above, but they should have stopped caring). So I'd say rewrite or cut.

      Different issue: there are only three tropes on the YMMV page, and this is one of them. Cutting the DIAA example will leave it as a stub by our definitions. What do?

      I don't think the "at least three examples required" rule applies to YMMV or Trivia pages.

      ^ That is correct.

      Should we talk to the troper who put that so that they know its not kosher?

      A PM is a good idea (and how they respond will say a lot).