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    Good day, is the words "it was a love scene" from the Voice Actor heroines enough to consider a scene with a very high dose of Les Yay between two heroines as a confirmed lesbian canon?


      Without more context, there's no way to answer that question. If two women are engaging in erotic acts together, it is not Les Yay, since the latter requires that fans invent the subtext. If the subtext is intentional, or it's not subtext, then it's not Les Yay.

      I'm about this http://gasiangaond.tumblr.com/post/158615226778/please-tell-me-more-about-how-the-broomstick-scene. In the sense, if the show itself does not confirm the pair, but the creators say that they worked on this scene as romantic.

      A voice actor saying "the two characters are lesbians and in love" is Word of Dante. Strong evidence, but not sufficient to establish canon without other unrelated evidence.

      If the VA had said "I played the character as a lesbian and in love", that's Word of God regarding the portrayal, (do you see the distinction?) but still doesn't make it canon for the work as a whole.


      Wouldn't it be Word of Saint Paul rather than Word of Dante if it was said by someone closely involved in the production of the work (the character's voice actress, in this case)?

      Going by the page, it has to be very close to the production of creating it like writers and producers.

      Really? "In a film or TV series, typical sources of Word of Saint Paul are the primary actors, the cameraman, the production designer, the costume designer, or the score writer"; it seems like a voice actress would count.

      Well, it was an original anime, not an adaptation, so the actresses made some contribution to the image of the characters. I think.

      Ok, I read more and Dante is more for people who do not have that much involvement in a product or comes from fans. So Saint Paul would be more appropriate.

      So, I need something like "The word of St. Paul confirms that the romantic subtext between this pair was intentional"?

      I'd phrase it as something like "According to Word of St. Paul, the romantic subtext between the two characters was intentional."

      1. Both Word of St. Paul and Word of God are marked as Trivia, so even if they "confirm" something, I think that just moves it from YMMV to Trivia. It would not belong on the main page if it's not confirmed within the work itself.

      2. Describing it in the example as "According to Word of St. Paul" doesn't actually provide any context of how it was confirmed. You should specify who "St. Paul" actually is in this case, e.g., "[Character's] voice actor [Actor's Name] said [blah blah blah]" plus some identifying details of where/when this was said to let people track it down (an interview, their blog, promotional materials for the work, etc.).

      Well, in the end, it turned out something like "Word of Saint Paul: Fine's VA Saori Hayami claimed at some events that a number of scenes in the show did indeed have a deliberate homoerotic subtext. The other cast members seem to agree with this, supporting the view of Fine and Izetta as a couple. "