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    Do we have a trope for when characters are told a story (real In-Universe or a Show Within a Show), read a diary, etc, and the characters in the story are basically played by the normal cast of the show (sometimes justified via Identical Grandson if the story is explicitly about someone's ancestor). Compare Deep-Immersion Gaming (where a character's avatar in a game resembles them in the same way).

    • The Halloween brawl in Overwatch was portrayed as a Halloween story being told by Reinhart, and cast various player characters as characters within the story (e.g. Hanzo, McCree, Soldier 76 and Ana were the playable characters, standing in for "four travellers" who defended the castle, Junkrat "played" Junkenstein, Mercy "played" the Witch, etc). Their skins were unlockable for their respective characters.
    • Steven Universe featured a flashback where a historical character resembled Jamie the postman as Steven and Connie read his diary, but subverted the trope at the end when it revealed the actual person's portrait.
    • An episode of Jackie Chan Adventures also parodied it (Jackie's character is a case of Identical Grandson, but Jade's is described as completely different to her; she still insists otherwise and the character has her appearance through the story).