• 0 Apr 18th, 2017 at 7:07PM
    Web Original
    I have two entries I want to make but I'm not sure which tropes, if any, apply. One involves a hostage situation, the other a crossover type scenario.

    The Hostage situation:
    • In the Red Panda Adventures episode "Merlin's Tomb", villain Mordriel the Malevolent kidnaps Absent-Minded Professor Doctor Chronopolis and tries to get him to give up information on magical artifacts he stole at the start of the episode. The good doctor proves stubborn enough that, when Modriel captures the Red Panda, he threatens the Panda to get the doctor to talk.

    This seems like a Hostage Situation or Hostage for MacGuffin if information counts. Though I wonder if the fact of Mordriel threatening the hero to get his hostage to give up the goods isn't some kind of inversion or play of the trope.

    For the Crossover:
    • In the Red Panda Adventures episode "Brimstone Alley", a boxing match can be heard in the background of a scene when one of the crooks is calling her boss. Careful listeners can recognize that boxing match as the one heard in an episode of Black Jack Justice, another Decoder Ring Theatre production. The twist is that Red Panda takes place during the Depression and, later, during World War II, while Black Jack takes place after the war.