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    So there's this entry on YMMV.raocow:

    • Dude, Not Funny!:
      • The reaction he and his fans had to the "Lowest Ranked Levels" world of Vanilla Contest '14. The overworld was designed to mock the troll entries the contest would receive in previous years, except most of the lowest ranking entries this year were either just average or ambitiously misguided. Regardless, these levels looked as if genuine effort was put into them, and didn't warrant being labeled as complete abominations by the category they were placed in.
      • In a MAGLX2 level (Sad Skillful Military Base), somebody made a "sad cat room" as both a joke and a memorial to both their own cat and raocow's cat Gaston. This turned out to be one of the biggest tearjerkers in the history of raocow, probably a bigger tearjerker than the original video which was made when Gaston passed away ( the joke was about how the "villain" of that level was so evil, he set up a room for cute things being sad out of spite ). Many people felt like the joke was in really bad taste (and raocow even said "sometimes a joke goes a bit too far"), but raocow said that he didn't mind it, it was just that it was very unexpected. Also qualifies as a Mood Whiplash.

    Thing is, Dude, Not Funny!! as a YMMV entry should relate to the work/person itself rather than what said work/person's reacting to, so the use of this entry seems wrong. There's also the issue of complaining on the first part of it. So with that being said, should this whole thing be cut, modified, or left as is? Reply

      Pretty sure Dude, Not Funny! is actually In-Universe Examples Only.

      That's what the page says. Right above the Web Original example that was put above the folders instead of in them. :p

      Could someone please fix that? I'm on my phone, and I don't edit from my phone; I have enough trouble with autocorrect in posts!

      Edit: in fact there's an example; I wanted in posts, not and posts, autocorrect!