• 8 Mar 20th, 2017 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 22nd Mar, 2017 06:03:16 AM
    I just re-edited the Yotsuba&! page back to what it was, since the previous edit made everything to paint a character as absolute evil by the user lilpest, who practically demonized a character for smoking (the edit under mine). I haven't notified the user, but that seemed like an iffy move, and I apologize if my revert is considered edit warring. Reply

      Oy. Banned.

      Looking back at their edits, everything they're doing is demonizing characters for smoking and making them bad, so I think some reverts might be needed as well for those pages.

      Okay, I edited back what I could, that user had flat-out deleted massive text pages just because a character smoked, so they acted like it was an awful series that shouldn't exit.

      The lilpest user probably came back because this new account RogerMack made the same edits, including the ones on the Yotsuba&! page. (I don't have the time to fix the edits at the moment, do forgive me.)

      ^I've reverted the edits on grounds of them being demonization.

      Better to wait and do a good edit then hurry and do a bad one. :p

      The mods will tap him again -hard-soon enough.

      Banned Roger Mack. Reverted the vandalism. Thank you, Nerf Guy for working on it as well!

      ^You're welcome :)