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    Is there a trope covering a mook being the protagonist in a show? Reply

      Supporting Protagonist?

      Big Brother is Employing You

      Well, a Mauve Shirt is a mook that becomes significant and less expendable, but not necessarily a protagonist. Are you specifically talking about a show with a character who is established as both a mook and the main protagonist from the start?

      ^ Mauve Shirt is not for mooks.

      ^^ exactly.

      Can you give examples of what you mean? The examples I can think of include Schlock Mercinary (Which is more an ensemble story with a Misleading Title) and Nodwick, where the title character is the Supporting Protagonist to the real central character, Yeagar.


      Overall, it's about a scenario where the protagonist is a henchman (at the bottom of the food chain, no less) in an evil organization.