• 3 Mar 19th, 2017 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 19th Mar, 2017 08:05:29 PM
    Should Register.WAOA High School AU be moved to another namespace or should it be cut? Or should the information be moved to the Characters/ namespace (which already has a character sheet)? The page is for a roleplay (work page), apparently the one in our forums. Reply

      That sort of material should be kept offsite. Cut it.

      No apparent about it. Yeah, that was poorly used as an excuse. Note that the roleplay is currently dead, so this doesn't matter much. There was a lot if namespace misuse due to roleplays/personal fanfiction that I've noticed. The idea was to try and keep the roleplay solely on the site for all data. That could've been in a more proper place(like the actual forums for it?). Anyway, I don't think WAOA or its proper spin-offs have any other bad namespaces...

      The Register/ page is already on the cut list.