• 8 Mar 19th, 2017 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 19th Mar, 2017 09:10:34 PM
    There seems to be a bit of back and forth over on Samurai Jack. HSQ got added, then deleted with no reason given, re-added, and changed to a non-YMMV trope by the deleter and had the swearing removed. Nothing rude yet but this does seem like an edit war. Reply

      Mario 500 also has a bit of a recent Bluenose Bowdlerizer streak going on. Edit history.

      Has anyone PM'd them?

      Suspended for bowdlerizing and edit warring.

      They also changed the word "terrorists" to "folks" on Too Soon a while back.

      That's concerning.

      ^Is TV Tropes in the business appeasing terrorists, especially in that manner?

      ^^ Eh? That's definitely bowdlerizing. Depends on where the mention of "terrorists" is.

      I for one want to know the reasoning behind that.

      Oh, and permission to restore the HSQ example Mario 500 deleted?

      Reverted some of the bowdlerising edits to descriptions at the beginning of trope pages; some of the instances of "hell" that Mario500 removed were Word Cruft ("Hell, [description of trope]" instead of simply "[Description of trope]"), so I left those out. I presume the HSQ entry can be restored since it wasn't deleted for not fitting, and it's an audience reaction anyway - if that's how the audience reacted, it fits.

      (Incidentally, not that this pertains to Mario500's anti-profanity editing, but in de-wicking So Cool, It's Awesome last week, I ran into quite possibly the single worst instance of Word Cruft I've ever seen: "We can't forget to mention the fact that..." Why use one form of Word Cruft when you can use three for a total of eight unnecessary extra words?)