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    I watched this show around like (2009-2010) and I just really need your help. Ok so this is how it starts.

    I was bored and I didn't want to watch cartoon in the same old Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. So I surfed the TV and found this...

    It starts with an old man sitting in a church bench narrating the story. So this is where the REAL story starts. I changed the names cause I SERIOUSLY forgot who they were.

    So John and Timmy, lived in the same neighborhood. John could buy what he wanted because his parents had a business, specifically a Meat Shop. While Timmy, couldn't really buy anything for himself.

    Okay so, each day John showed off all the things that he owned, and as Timmy was seeing this, he was getting more and more jealous. So Timmy decided to climb up John's window at night to kill him. So he did. But Timmy accidentally made a noise, so John woke up, John saw Timmy's hand holding a knife so he begged for his life, but Timmy decided to do what he wanted. And then, the screen went black.

    The next day, Timmy was walking past the Meat Shop John's parents owned. He talked to them very kindly, and then John's parents asked about John's whereabouts. So of course, he lied that he didn't know...

    But before the episode ended, he handed this sausage to John's parents. They said "Thank You" and all, and he walks away, YOU THOUGHT THAT WAS THE END? No.. the camera zoomed in into the sausage, just for an EYEBALL to emerge from the sausage FOR A SPLIT SECOND. (He turned John into a sausage) so the camera went back to the old man in the church, he was laughing maniacally as he was leaving. Reply

      Was it live-action or animated?


      I also watched this in the Philippines if that helps.

      Is it Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids Season 5 Episode 2: The Butcher Boy? It has similar elements...