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    I remember watching this scary movie when I was a kid. A bunch of teenagers or adults adventured into this abandoned factory which was haunted by a ghost who killed people in gruesome ways. The first person she killed was some guy who offered her a cigar. The teenagers were picked off one by one and on the way, they bumped into some mercs or military men who were at first hostile but eventually sided with the teenagers. They all died and eventually we were left with 2 adult or teenage girls. One girl was killed and the ghost was about to kill the final survivor but she was somehow rescued and she woke up in a room that was occupied by another woman. I can't remember the room that well, but does anyone know what movie this is? Reply

      It was around 2004-2009

      Sounds so familiar

      Before I try Googling - was this American made and can you remember the reason why they were in an abandoned factory- did they work there, were they partying, etc.

      They looked American, but I can't remember their accent. I can't remember why they were in the factory, from what I remember they were exploring, the factory was abandoned too, the only people there were the kids, the mercs, and the ghost.

      It was mostly white and I'm pretty sure there was a black cast member in it as well.

      It cold of been an older movie but it was on demand on tv


      Googling didnt help me with this one - sorry.