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    Does this fit Difficult, but Awesome or Magikarp Power?
    • Kantai Collection
      • Some top-tier equipment, such as the GFCS version of the 16in Mk.7 battleship gun, can fall under this; the GFCS gun for example requires a lot of improvement materials to be invested into a regular 16in gun, but it has firepower comparable to 46cm guns and accuracy comparable to Type 32 surface radars, making it the best gun for most (if not all) battleships, be it for sortieing or support shelling. Even though the regular 16in is already one of the best guns in the game, it still pales in comparison to its GFCS version.
      • Luck modding of ships that can carry two torpedoes to perform a torpedo cut-in, the strongest night battle attack, is this in general (at least for ships with a low base Luck Stat), moreso if the ship in question can hit the night battle damage cap as a result, due to the increasingly high armor levels of event bosses. However, special mention goes to Maya Kai 2, who as of the 2016 December 22 update, can equip both the strongest Anti-Air cut-in and (with the right equipment) a cap damage torpedo cut-in at the same time, due to Anti-Air guns being made equippable in the expansion slot. While her base luck of 14 may seem daunting to increase, the returns are immense.