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    But isn't the Running Gag of joking about TV Tropes ruining your life getting a bit old? Especially because the actual article TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life actually argues about why it won't. Reply

      We don't pretend to be judges of what is and is not a stale meme.

      It is always new to someone.

      I thought a meme was a picture with words stamped on it?

      In a very general sense, a "meme" is a "thought," and as it is used in Internet culture, a "meme" is a "funny thought" — whether it's an image with words on it or a statement. Sometimes, the meme can be a funny image without any words on it. In this case, the "TV Tropes is ruining my life" is a "statement meme," so to speak.

      And as Cryptic Mirror said, the joke is always new to someone.

      ^^ That's an Image Macro, which is just a certain kind of meme.

      All the We Are Number One parodies prove that memes =/= pictures with words.

      A meme is "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture". Its use to mean Image Macro is a popular derivation based on the memetic property of said macros. Meme theory borrows heavily from virus theory in terms of the mechanisms by which ideas propagate, which is why a meme can be said to 'go viral' if it transmits itself to (infects) a large population very quickly.

      Examples of memes that have been successful throughout history include agriculture, the wheel, and firearms. Note that the meme is not just the object or technology, but the entire block of cultural information that includes the reason for using it, how to create/perform it, how to use it, the morality of using it, and so on. (More specifically, something like agriculture is a vast complex of memes all packaged together.)

      Items ranging from nursery rhymes to propaganda can be memes. It's a very encompassing topic.

      @OP. Really, it's more a wiki in-joke than a Running Gag. Since you already read the page, you know it's a twofold joke. "Ruining" because you will analyze works from a trope perspective, and "ruining" by being an addictive website. It's a tongue-in-cheek way for tropers to make fun of ourselves and what we do.

      However, I've never seen the joke really overused outside the administrative / info pages, but I guess looking at the wick count shows it's potholed a lot. Unless the potholes and wicks are shoehorned in and breaking the page, it's not really an issue. It's a joke, nothing more, nothing less.