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    I have been working on the page for On Cinema, a web series focus around 2 guys who have a movie review show. They use their real names but use fictional personas. The show has a spinoff called Decker which is a spoof of political thrillers which is connected and referenced in the On Cinema show though naturally focus on rather different genres/topics. Should Decker have its own page, or should it remain with the on cinema page. Reply

      Well, Seinfield was a spinoff of Cheers and has its own page.

      Is there enough material for a good description and at least three solid, filled out tropes?

      ^ I think you mean Frasier rather then Seinfeld

      i'll have something prepared in a little bit for the description and tropes you asked for. I am not sure if the connection is like cheers and frasier since both are in the same world where as decker is more like a show in a show. i sort of want to say its like walking dead and talking dead (if the people on the latter were using fictional personas with fictional drama between the hosts) with some of the things happening in on cinema influence decker and vice versa.

      Right. (headdesks) Thanks.

      [work in progress]

      Decker is a comedy-action web series, later tv show, which follows began in 2014 as a spinoff/tie-in to the web series On Cinema. The series follows cia agent Jack Decker, played by Tim Heidecker, who fights terrorism and fights for the American way generally because the president of the USA, played by Joe Estevez, usually lacks the courage to do so. Tim’s on cinema co-star Gregg Turkington also appears in the series as Special Agent Jonathan Kington, the master of codes. It is a spoof of actions films and has deliberate bad acting, writing and special effects.

      Its first three seasons (Classified, Port of Call: New Orleans, and Decker vs Dracula) aired on the Adult Swim website while season 4 Decker Declassified aired on the Adult Swim tv network. The series is frequently mentioned in On Cinema, which Tim and Gregg serve as regulars, often as a source of tension.

      Cut Short: The third season, Decker vs Dracula, was abruptly cut after 3 episodes because tim didn't like this seasons and episode 4 is just a message saying its cancelled while Deckar's, Tim's band, song Empty Bottle plays for most of the episode.

      False Friend: Lanoi Arnold. He was Decker’s oldest friend and seem to welcome him warmly when Deckar came to Hawaii for vacation but Arnold had already betrayed him to the Taliban in exchange for money to renovate his bar

      The Future: Decker Unclassified takes place in 2076.

      Genre Shift: Decker vs Dracula incorporates horror into the otherwise political thriller based series since Gregg had creative control during that season. This is cut after the season is abruptly cancelled and returns as a political thriller in Decker Un Classified.

      Middle Eastern Terrorists: The Taliban are often the villains in the series.

      Show within a show: It is the show in the On Cinema webseries. It is type 1 (characters involved in production) as the “characters” in on cinema are the ones acting in decker. Also Type 3 (show is a plot point) as it is often referenced in on cinema as a source of drama between Tim and Gregg

      You can use Sandbox.Decker for the rough draft, then copy and cut list the sandbox when you're done. :)


      This is what I have so far. I meant add more tropes once I find them.