• 3 Mar 5th, 2017 at 1:01PM
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    There was a show that I watched that I have absolutely no idea what it was called. I keep thinking Caroline or something like that, carol? Susan? I'm not sure. But I do remember there was an episode of where the main character which was a woman got menopause and she was in her house being very non productive and she would go to school meetings and be hated. This show would play after friends on channel 5 at around midnight. Reply

      There was an American sitcom called Caroline in The City that I'm pretty sure was on around the same time as Friends. Could that be it?

      in the late 90's NBC (us) had 'Caroline in the City' and 'Suddenly Susan' as part of their Comedy line up each was lead respectively by 89s 'it girls' Lea Thompson and Brooke Sheilds

      that the show aired at midnight in your market could mean it was in syndicated reruns when you saw it

      I'm confused. You mention Channel 5, so that sounds like you're in the UK? But Friends used to air on Channel 4.