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    Western Animation
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    I know that this is probably a long shot, but I wondered whether you might know this show? All I have is the following information:

    It would have been on Sky during the late 90's.

    It was on in the late afternoon/early evening, when I got back from school.

    It was broadcast either before or after Goosebumps.

    It was set in a fictional world. In one episode the prince was kidnapped and replaced with an imposter.

    There was, of course, a moustachioed villain, who on one occasion kidnapped the heroine's father.

    The heroine was once entered into a riding competition and to nobble the heroine the villain made sure that the jumps would raise them selves when the heroine was competing.

    I know that this is all very vague and unhelpful, but this has been annoying me for a very long time!

    Thank you in advance for all your help. Reply