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    This one's going to be really obscure, but here goes. I'm looking for a failed pilot for a game show. The central concept was that the contestants would take turns directing the lovely assistant around a grid. Each square would light up when she stepped on it, white was good, red was bad (think Minesweeper without any numbers). The rules did vary slightly between rounds; I seem to remember that some rounds would feature the occasional green square which gave the contestant a bonus.

    The thing is, it might have actually been a game show parody, rather than an actual game show:
    • When a contestant was eliminated, they would use a Star Trek-like transporter effect to remove them from the game. The contestants uniformly reacted as though they were actually being beamed away. (Although, they could have been coached to do that.)
    • At the end of the game, the host himself tried to play, just for kicks, hit a red square, was eliminated (complete with transporter effect), and they had a new host ready to go. (Although, that could have been a scripted part of the show because the existing host couldn't stay for the full series.)
    • There was no pattern at all as to where the red squares were, and no clues, so it playing was obviously %100 luck.

    Then again, despite all that, it did run for the full half-hour, so I don't really believe that it was a parody skit. Still, just wanted to point that out.

    Anybody remember it? Reply



      This sounds a lot like the BBC series The Adventure Game, which wasn't a failed pilot - it ran for four seasons.

      In the final round, contestants had to be guided across a grid avoiding the square that contained the Vortex, which they could not see. But if they'd done well in the previous rounds, they had a limited number of cheese rolls that they could use to test a square before stepping on it.

      The penalty for failing a game was being "evaporated". In the early rounds, this sent the contestant to the Black Hole, and the others got a chance to rescue them later. In the later rounds, it was permanent.


      That's kind of close, but not what I remember. For one, there wasn't nearly as much variety, it was just one lovely assistant moving around a square grid, that lit up either white or red, in a generic '80s game show set.

      I remember thinking that there was a lot more banter between the host and contestants than was usual for a game show, and theorizing that they had underestimated how hard the game was, so everybody got eliminated quickly, so they had to insert a lot of banter to pad out the timeslot (which is another reason to believe that it was a failed pilot rather than an actual series).