• 3 Jun 2nd, 2016 at 9:09PM
    Live Action TV
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    I saw this tv show and some character comes down stairs in the middle of the night and this kid is sitting at the table in the dark eating raw ground coffee because “it gets it into the bloodstream quicker” and he’s wearing this head lamp which looks like two antenna. He’s studying for a test or something. He’s got blonde curly hair and glasses. Reply

      I saw that scene on this channel, but nothing on the list rings a bell. Was that also the one with interludes about historical figures in high school, or am I mixing it up with another?

      I think you're referring to Clone High. The show I'm looking for is live action not cartoon.

      No, I'm talking about live action, but it might have been another one (something about a school science fair where Alexander Bell fails to demonstrate the telephone and such). I also remember a couple scenes from back then which were from California Dreams, if that's any help.