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    Im trying to remember an episode from a (science fiction) type of series that probably aired in the 90's. I know there was (voice over at beginning and end) like some of the shows I mentioned in the title. From what I remember the main character (middle aged white male) was on the run because he was trying to hide a fantastic secret contained in a notebook (i believe he could teleport but not all the time) at the end of the show he is locked in a jail cell and desperately needs to escape to save his secret from coming out (and perhaps used for evil purposes). So he teleports himself outside to escape and I remember him burning pages of a notebook, so his secret could not get out. I remember that the ending sparked a sense of wonder and imagination. I saw it more than once but cannot recall anything else. And this is in color so at the least it would be in the remade versions of the shows listed above. Thanks in advance! Reply

      I'm assuming you were the one hat asked this same question on another site and was answered. If not, and for others that were curious, it's Episode "Room 2426" of the Twilight Zone series (1985-1989).
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    there was a movie I watched part of years ago. The main character was a live action boy who was turned into a cartoon cat by an evil cartoon owl. Another thing I recall is a rooster that needed to learn to crow. Reply


      Looked it up, and it lines up with what I remember. Thank you!
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    I'm trying to find an oil painting series that was broad cast on PBS during the mid 90's. It was a woman who painted animals like birds, squirrels, puppies, etc.. she would prepare the canvas with a gray background and would use qtip to remove the gray for white shapes that she would paint over it and turned into beautiful animals. At the end when she would add the eyes, she would say "puddle puddle puddle" that's all I remember. But I can't find anything on google to give me a clue what the show was called or who the instructor was. TIA Reply
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    It was a show in the mid 90s to early 2000s that had puppet dogs (I think?) stranded on an island. Only one season or possibly one segment of a larger show/programming block. There were dogs that were native to the island and dogs who were castaways on the island. One was an English explorer stereotype (khaki, pith helmet, etc) whose main characteristics were that he was homesick and generally unfriendly. One episode centered on the explorer dog finding moss that reminded him of home and cultivating it until it covered the island. The other dogs had to get a spider to weave a web to block out the sun in order to kill the moss. The show had commercial intro/outro segments that featured a piece of luggage with travel stickers on it. Reply
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    Made possibly in late 1980s. Comedy. Character tries to become a lawyer, so he takes pills to look EXTRA TAN in an attempt to get a scholarship. Competes with a girl for the scholarship; eventually becomes a couple. Reply
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    So it's this live-action show that sorta reminded me of The Addams Family but it was in colour. There was this gothic-style mansion; its design was sorta fancy and with a lot of black and grey. And there were visitors (maybe a couple with a child, or just a couple, there were definitely more than one) who were scared when an old lady in a black dress (who looked kinda witchy) showed them a smoking skull while chanting. There was one lady who was an Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette with a black dress on, a man in a suit, and a bunch of others who were wearing sort of formal, gothic clothing. And those guys were sort of friendly and intimidating at the same time. Again, it reminded me of The Addams Family, but it was in colour and I can't remember any specific characters or plot points, nor do I remember anything that specifically correlates to the Addams Family (like I don't remember a butler called Lurch or anything like that). That's all I remember. Reply

      Where did you see it? When did you see it?

      What year did you see this?

      There was an updated version of The Addams Family in the mid- to late-90s after the movies came out.

      Likewise, I think there was a brief revival of The Munsters as well in the 80s.

      It was in about 2009 I think, but I don't remember.
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    There was a Disney channel show that came out in the 2010s but I can't remember the title .it was scary and involves a ghost (of a mother ) who lost her child and the ghost takes another child from the sea .the guy and girl try to find the child and there's this creepy library place and they want to leave but can't .there is one episode when the ghost is haunting the lighthouse Reply
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    A children's show with a man with black hair and a mustache, he was an artist and he used to literally paint things around him on white background. I vaguely remember the show but I watched it early weekend mornings between 95' & 03'. I'm not sure if it was a show or a short within a show but I remember it and its buggy me. Reply

      Sounds like The Joy of Painting but it ended in 94

      That's Smart Arty, or Art to Art with Arty Art (same show but different names, I think one was the American version and one was the Canadian or something). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoJ91XZLwe4

      Neil Buchanan playing Smarty Arty on the TV Show Zzzap! - Zzzap! was like a "sketch" show for kids (for lack of a better description) - and it's funny how many people on here have described things they remember that turn out to be from that show. If it is indeed Zzzap!

      Neil Buchanan also did the same gimmick without the Smart Arty persona, see Art Attack.
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    This has been bothering me for years and I'm beginning to lose hope that my memories may have made it up. I only remember the beginning (which happened in every episode), and part of the reason that I want to figure this out is because I'm so curious what happens afterward. It's a series, where the protagonist is a black young boy - probably around 12, though I'm not sure. The show starts out with the boy being faced with two magical roads, each one identified by a light. I think one road was marked by a red light and one road was marked by a blue light, but I can't be sure. He would then take one of the two magical road, and that would lead him to some sort of separate magical universe (I don't remember where after that). If i remember correctly, he was almost always led by the light to take the red road - but every once in a while the blue light would come on and he would take that road instead, and that was a real treat because it didn't happen too often.

    I might be hazy on the details here - but does this ring a bell to anyone? Reply
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    It was an educational show that had multiple episodes. Mid to late 80s. Possibly early 90s. I remember one episode where an old man with a beard, a 12ish year old boy, and some other people were on a boat out at sea. The land on the island, and had to learn how to survive. They collected rain water and dew. The boiled water from the sea and streams. They made fire and shelter. I thought the kid was a famous actor, but I'm not sure. Reply

      I believe you're thinking of The Voyage of the Mimi, which had that plotline (I also remember the bit about rainwater collection) and starred a young Ben Affleck. It's from the mid 1980s.
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    Sometime around five to four years ago, there was a star trek fan-made YouTube video. The plot involved the small crew of a cargo ship who made a delivery through a dangerous nebula, as well as another, newer vessel. The captain of the newer vessel said something like "I bet you can't even get warp 7 with those warp coils." Later on, the newer cargo vessel is disabled in the dangerous nebula, the protagonist's vessel helps them out of the nebula and to the nearest star-base. Question: what YouTube video am I remembering? And does anyone have a link to it? Reply
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    Could be Film, I suppose, but I just remember seeing it on TV. It revolves around a man who frequently falls into trancelike states, where he stands completely still and stares off into space for a while, and at one point an old man dies on his watch because of one of these episodes. People around him don't understand what's happening, as it doesn't fit their idea of a fit or a stroke, and rumours start up that he's possessed by the devil. Reply
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    I once watched this show and it starts off that this twin has to go and search a town for clues of her missing sister and after like three days or so she finds that she had died and her body was in the morgue, she had a special birthmark on her shoulder that matched her dead sisters, the further you get into the show you find that everyone in the town is like immortal as long as they take the blood of the people with those special birthmarks, it would have been on Netflix in either 2013 or 2014 Reply
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    Another vague one, may have been from Australia. Kids show from late 80's or early 90's. Girl is for the future, wears a V head band on her forehead, can move things with her mind. Reply
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    So this one is vague, but it's been driving me nuts. I remember a show from maybe late 80's or early 90's. A kid found a necklace in an attic and when they turned a dial on it, it would take them to some other dimension. While their they where trying to complete some type of a task. When they turned the necklace again it would take them home. The show may have had over sized puppets as characters and I think it aired on the Cbc in Canada, it may have come from the uk. Anyone remember anything Reply
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    There was this show for kids in the 00s and maybe 90s where there were 2 teams and they would each go up and sing karaoke to a song back then. I remember one of the songs being "Life is a Rollercoaster". I'm pretty sure the title had "star" in it? It's been driving me mad. I think it was sort of late kids show and it was on a kids channel. Please remind me of the name? Reply
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    It was some kind of prank show, all i remember is they got 4 people together thinking they were filming a horror movie about people getting turned into weird alligator people. there was a scene where they had a girl act like she was getting attacked and would throw blood on her to see her reaction and kept redoing the scene with more blood to see if she would get agravated. they had the same girl try out the full prosthetic make up of this alligator person and dared her to wear it for an hour which she did with no problem. Reply

      Was it the show called "Scare Tactics"? They had a false show called "Fear Antics" and would invite unsuspecting people to play pranks on others. Often it would Go Horribly Wrong.
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    Back when I was in middle school, my main channel to watch was WUAB 43 back in 2008. This show that came on was a reality show about people on this tropical island with a beach house and almost everyone on the show became extremely romantic one moment and then really dramatic and angry the next. The Characters' names and the name of the TV show is REALLY foggy to me and hopefully someone can help me out. I've been trying to find this thing for a while. Reply

      Shows like Survivor, or Temptation Island...

      It wasn't those two. but I found it. It's paradise hotel
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    I remember watching this show on Foxtel (Australian pay TV which mainly shows American content, so I'm pretty sure the show is American). It had a middle-aged to old white male as the host. He would talk to us about how to use computers. The set was like a house, very informal. The time I saw this show was the early 2000s (I was only a kid at the time), the show would have to be close to this time because I don't recall my parents thinking the show and technology in it was outdated. I hope somebody else remembers this show! Reply
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    All I can recall about the show is that a teen boy and teen girl communicated through a computer. I believe, but could be mistaken, he was on Earth and she was in space or of another planet but then I seem to remember that it was futuristic on both sides. The boy had dark hair. I also think it aired on Saturday mornings on a regular network, not pbs. Thanks. Reply
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    There's a teen or young adult traveling through universes with a (old I'm assuming) man saving the worlds from this evil guy in a robot suit. In the end the evil guy turns out the be the real good guy and the old man is the bad guy all along, weird twist I know. I wish I knew what this show was because I've been trying to think of it for 2 years straight now. I remember there was one episode with a mushroom world. It kinda looked cheesy. Seems like mid 90's but could be anywhere from late 80s to early 00's. Sometimes it feels like I just imagined it as a kid. Please help. Reply

      Could it be Josh Kirby... Time Warrior! ?

      You forgot to add "again".
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    HI, Hope someone can help. I am trying to remember the name and details of a uk sitcom that dates (I think) from early 2000s. It was based around a sales team who worked from on old factory office - the walls of the office were all exposed brickwork with high arched windows. Thx. Reply

      Long shot, but Absolute Power with Stephen Fry?

      Perhaps Nathan Barley?

      Thanks for your suggestions, but neither of those. Not as "high brow" as Stepehen Fry, nor as "youth" as Nathan Barley. From what I recall (which isn't much), it was very much in the traditional uk sitcom mould (i.e. with a heritage going back to "Are you being served?"), and had archetypal sitcom characters e.g. the dumb attractive blond.

      Might be The Persuasionists. If all else fails, try looking on comedy.co.uk where there's a far better chance that you'll be able to find it.
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    I remember watching this live action tv show when I was a kid. It was something like a mix of beyblade and bakugan. Not exactly. It is like these guys fight their enemies in some other dimension using beyblades and these enemies are like always wearing black and these good guys they have need to have a rock to go to the other dimension. And as far as i remember they used to launch their beybaldes( if i am correct) from their hands. So does anyone know a live action tv show which is sort of like this? Thanks! Reply
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    I thought this was from the Seinfeld episode The Barber, but a search at seinfeldscripts.com didn't turn it up, so maybe I'm remembering it wrong? Someone makes a dramatic declaration that ends in the word 'vendetta', with them pointing up with a flourish. I'm pretty sure it's a guy, I think they were speaking Italian although it could have been another language and I thought it was Seinfeld, but now that I'm thinking about it it might have been Bill from Newsradio. I can't remember the episode, and short of rewatching either series, it's going to bug me. Anyone can help me out? Reply


      Sounds like the Sideshow Bob with the Italian family episode of the Simpsons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_5Y5MvxGwU

      Yeah, this is possibly The Simpsons Season 17 episode 8, The Italian Bob. Sideshow Bob dramatically says "Simpson Family, I hereby swear a.... VENDETTA". This is immedently followed with a gag where Marge checks an Italian-English dictionary and discovers that "vendetta" means "vendetta".

      See, that's not it, but it's *like* that. He says something *like* 'Farfalla vendetta!' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-GCOHEDCyk which makes me think The Simpsons is referring to that same phrase. Even without knowing what episode or character I'm thinking of, does anyone know the actual phrase? It isn't actually 'Farfalla Vendetta' ('Butterfly Revenge'), right? I'm guessing.

      And if anyone can tell me what the line is, can you tell me what it's a reference to? I'd appreciate it.
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    There was a man at the start, I can remember him being mid 20s maybe, and he fought something/ someone at the start and that's all I remember.... please help I can't concentrate without know what it was!! Thanks Reply

      Where did you see it? When did you see it?

      That is incredibly vague - any other details at all?

      Thecatcalledfish I know it's extremely vague but in my head I just see a man speaking and fighting in the beginning, its a long shot but it's worth a try

      Paul A I had it on DVD and I watched it when I was about 7/8 so release time was probably 2005-2010

      "A man in his 20s fighting something at the start" could mean hundreds of TV shows or films. Any details (the setting, the man's clothing, the man's race and accent, background stuff, etc.) at all would be helpful.

      supergod The man was a white American and the setting was dark and quite spooky. I remember very vague details that come to me sometimes and other times I can't remember. Also the rating of it would have been PG.