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    I cannot for the life of me remember a show and my details are a little sketchy so hopefully you can help.

    It was a tv series which only had 1 series. I think it was shown on citv or BBC for teens/children It involved a family who were trying to solve a mystery I cant remember what They visited different people who we established were not of this planet They had names I think like Jupiter and mars or maybe it was gods names I can't remember Each person they visited had like a weird theme like one of them their place had floating platforms and things Some were good on their side and some were not It ended up with the adult boy in the family realising he is one of them He somehow uses a typewriter to rewrite reality And it ends with I think some of them going away on a rocket.

    Sounds weird I know but I can't find it on Google. Hope you can help Reply

      That's the TV version of the novel Archer's Goon. (Archer is the one with the floating platforms.)
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    I only know vague details, doctors talking in a white background while a string quartet plays. I've seen it play on TV, but I can't find it online. Reply
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    Two things from my childhood:

    This was a sci-fi show (I think) that aired in Canada in the early 90s. A guy was running through a forest and fell into a hidden pit that was disguised as part of the forest floor (my dad called it a tiger trap). I think it was a Hunting the Most Dangerous Game plot of some kind.

    The second was a kids' show that aired on YTV, I think, again in the early to mid 90s. It was also sci-fi. The protagonist was a young girl, or one of them was. I remember one scene where they were in the villain's lair or something and they pulled these huge cables out of a machine to sabotage it. Unfortunately that's all I have to go on. Reply

      Is the second ReBoot?

      i'm not well versed in sliders but scifi show + canada + live action... sliders? stargate sg1? outer limits?

      It wasn't ReBoot because it was live-action (although it was geared towards children). I did watch ReBoot as a kid, though. I'll look at past shows that have aired on YTV.

      I'm thinking the first show may have been Sliders, which I remember watching now and then. I'm pretty sure it was not any iteration of Stargate. I have no idea if it was The Outer Limits, because I never watched that show, but I'll give that a try.

      just throwing this out there... did you watch Deepwater Black at all? it only hits on YTV, science fiction, kid protagonists and early 90's. it wasn't aimed at children, more like 13-17 yr olds...

      Don't know if this is useful to ANYONE, but there is an episode of 'Star Trek the Animated Series' called 'The Practical Joker' which does the tiger trap as you describe. Notable because it was the first occurrence of the 'holodeck'. Mc Coy, Uhura, and Sulu are on the 'recreation deck' and fall into one. (1973-74)

      I don't remember a show by the name of Deepwater Black, and I don't think the episode in question was in space. That's the best lead I've gotten so far though, so thanks.

      That bit of trivia about TAS is interesting, although the show was definitely not animated. Maybe this is a trope unto itself?

      After doing some more research, I now think the second show I'm looking for was in fact The Outer Limits, specifically an episode called "The Hunt". I haven't watched it yet, though, but the synopsis sounds right (Hunting the Most Dangerous Game in a forest). Also, I know my dad liked the original Outer Limits series, so it's not surprising he would be watching the remake.

      I found an Australian cyberpunk-ish show (think Hackers for preteens) called Crash Zone which may have been the first show, but I'm getting increasingly doubtful I'll ever find it, since I've looked over all the sci-fi shows broadcast on YTV and haven't found anything that sounds right. It's possible it was on a different network, but I'm 99% sure it was YTV.

      Wait, did the first and second show somehow get swapped? Anyway, the Australian one with teens could be Mission Top Secret.

      Cyberchase? Not sure about YTV, but it is a kids' show and there would definitely be some cables in there. Plus I feel like it was relatively obscure, so maybe that explains why you wouldn't see it again?

      Sorry for the extremely late reply and for any confusion. I meant the second show was the one about cables and computers or something, and I didn't say it was Australian - in fact, it was more likely Canadian - but I said I did find an Australian show which may have been it. I hope this clears up any confusion.

      As for Cyberchase, I've never heard of it, but I'll look it up.

      Could it be Zixx Level One? The second Sci Fi Show I mean? It's have live action, half CGI though

      It's too recent to be Zixx Level One. It would have aired sometime in the late 90s, because I was a kid.

      Can't be Cyberchase because that was animated.
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    So I remember this show, I think it was just a one-shot special, where a few puppet aliens on a ship are hosting a variety show. I remember jugglers specifically but I'm sure there was more than that too. The performers themselves were live-action humans, as was the audience. Just the hosts were puppet aliens.

    Anyone have any idea what this might be? Reply
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    I cant remember the name of a TV series I watched, i seem to remember it was a short series, and i'm pretty sure it was based in London, a family in a posh house were having a bit of a dinner party, and getting annoyed by youths hanging around on a grassy part opposite the house, and I seem to remember one part where they caught someone in their garden and chased them, and a bit where they had their window smashed, and a bloke ran out of the house and then followed them to a rough area and got stabbed, possibly in an underground car park type place...

    Pretty sure it was shown within the last 4-5 years max.

    Any ideas what it could be that I am thinking of?

    Thanks in advance. Reply
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    There are two series that I remember seeing in school that were supposed to teach us English concepts, such as grammar, hyperbole, and the different types of stories and poems there are, such as myths and limericks. The first one was about a group of kids who solved mysteries based on English concepts. I remember that the characters were mostly consistent except for one girl named Trax, who wasn't there in one episode I watched, but there in another. Recurring characters included Gator, who I think was the only African American kid in the group; plus the ubiquitous All-American leader Boy and Girl. The kids had a clubhouse with a hat rack labeled with their names where they each hung their unique hats on each episode. Plus, they had a 90s computer.

    The second series was about a group of friends who ran a newsletter/paper, and were advised by their teacher Ms.Grammar, who showed up on a computer.

    Any idea what these series were? Reply
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    okay this has been bugging me for years now and idk where else to look!! But when I was younger I watched this VHS tape about a cowboy? A kid and a bear (like a guy dressed in a bear suit not a real bear) and like I THINK there was either time travel in it or like a spaceship??? I'm not rly sure a lot of the details are blurred but I remember there were in the desert looking for cookies or something ?? Like they were tryna figure out who ate the cookies or something LOL it's been stressing me out :(( Reply

      It was also like filmed on a set like you could tell the backdrop wasn't rly a real desert if that helps ???

      Around what year did you watch it?

      I wanna say somewhere between 2000-2005 ?? I never watched it on a tv channel it was only on vhs :$

      But it could've also been an old vhs ?? So like it could stretch back to before 97

      A giant walking bear toy? Time travel? Is this yet another query for Josh Kirby... Time Warrior?


      No it wasn't that :( there was a cowboy in it

      Well, another episode did have a cowboy in a minor role, but if you say so...

      That wasn't the title of it I'd remember if it saw it haha
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    Since my old post has over 50 replies, I decided to make them two different posts hoping that it will be easier.

    An American sitcom (sometime between the 1960s and 1990s) with one episode involving two friends (both female) at a party with a snobby woman (I assume she's wearing blue) and then they 'accidentally' push the snobby woman into the fountain (which was in a courtyard in the middle of a house, so it was a patio type area), it was at nighttime but really bright as if lit by moonlight as well as the lights of the house. Does anyone know what the show is? And if so, what episode was I referring to?

    This has been bugging me for the majority of my life and I have yet to find more information about it. PLEASE HELP ME! Reply





      Could it be a scene from Gossip Girls? Someone gets pushed into a fountain in an episode.

      That wasn't it because it was in the 2000s. However if it is, which episode would you be referring to?

      It's season 4 episode 1. I double checked it and it's just two girls arguing not three and the push is on purpose. It's at 22:40 if you're curious. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3j6vxx

      I do want to add that the woman pushed in the fountain was dressed in blue, and was questioned by another guy the next morning.


      It wouldn't fit, but this also happened in an episode of Leave it to Beaver.

      Just out of curiosity, do you know what episode it was in?

      "The All Night Party". I didn't actually see the scene in question, though.


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    Since my old post has over 50 replies, I decided to make them two different posts hoping that it will be easier.

    A 2001 short-lived kid's TV show somewhat similar to Sesame Street (I think it was on either PBS, Nickelodeon) with hand puppets and mascot costumes and 2D animation. One episode includes kids (in pajamas, I think) dance-sitting holding a toy (possibly teddy bears) in a classroom, while two life-size puppets in front of a blue tarp or sheet. NOTE: the whole song is played the first time; the second time is the same thing, but the video quickly fades to black and the credits roll while the song is still playing. Does anyone know what the show is? And if so, what episode was I referring to?

    Like the first show, this has also been bugging me for the majority of my life, Unlike the first show, however, I have not found any information about it. Reply



      Allegra's Window? Eureeka's Castle? Fraggle Rock? The Tweenies?

      Maybe one of these? https://www.google.com/search?q=2000+puppet+show+kids&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

      Do you remember any lyrics from the song?

      @Bootlebat Unfortuntely, I don't remember any of the lyrics. Sorry about that.


      However, I also remember in the same episode short little animated segments of a random number, as if it were based on Sesame Street.

      I think the kids were sitting on the floor rocking their toys from side to side in the song, I think.

      Eliot Moose? I found that on The Other Wiki.

      Do you know what episode it would be in?

      • Sorry for posting twice.

      Do you know what episode it would be in?

      No, I never actually watched the show.

      Also, I think the intro included a bus (if I recall).

      The bus intro makes me think of Playdays. It was a BBC show so could have been shown on PBS.

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    Show on Nick, British or Australian accent. One villain took skin ok hand and used it as a glove to impersonate her. Reply

      By Nickalo do you mean Nickelodeon?

      Was the skin glove to bypass a fingerprint scanner or to leave fingerprints at a crime?

      Can you describe the villain and who "her" is (role in the show, gender, looks etc)?

      If the villain just took her prints from a glass instead of flaying her hand, it could be Mission: Top Secret.

      There was also the reverse, where in an episode of Ocean Girl, a government agent drinks with the villain and steals his glass to check his prints; after he departs, the villains peels the "skin" of his own hand, revealing it was a fake with someone else's fingerprints.
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    okay so like, i remember seeing this quite a few years back, possibly on a VHS, but i dont remember anything about the main character. but i do remember... -one of the characters has a radio station which was obtained through a method that involved a walkie-talkie with duct-tape on it -the kid with the radio station had a pet lizard that died -In the same episode, he played a bland-name product version of stratego with his lizard -the kid knows a superhero character -the superhero is a pretty minor character -at the end of the summer, the kid beats up the ocean with the superhero character -in one episode, he messed up his dad's lawn on what might've been a 4th of july episode -something about kentucky blue -he might've tried to drive a lawnmower to canada? like one of those big ones you sit in -In one of the episodes, the kid heard a song he really likes and decides to actually play music on his show, but only that song (played live in an attempt to remember the whole thing) until everyone else who was playing the song with him convinces him to allow other songs -an ice-cream man in a sort of mascot suit thing who might not have actually talked? -The only thing i can remember about the actual main character is he was part of an episode that had something to do with word problems in algebra -At one point i think the superhero managed to do pretty well in bowling because his bowling ball had a hamster inside of it controlling it, which he (i guess) telepathically communicated with??? -I'll ad more when i remember more Reply

      oh boy this did not keep the enter formatting i did at all. sorry to anyone who doesn't like walls of text. i tried avoiding it, i really did.

      The Adventures of Pete & Pete?

      i think that was it! ... Am i supposed to do anything once it gets figured out?

      As of now, you don't have anything else to do than reply as you did (there's no "mark as solved" button yet).
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    I remember watching this show as a child, where humanity had been all but wiped out by an evil AI. There was one city left, and was protected by the Power Rangers. The woman who created the power rangers was revealed to have created the AI, and the AI's human looking spy was revealed to be the black ranger's (who was white) mind controlled sister Reply
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    Aired in Australia in the '80s. There was a religious programme (I think) featuring, as a gimmick, someone (I think it was a woman) dressed up as an elf (in green felt costume, IIRC). One episode had the hosts and some children placing a microphone upon their hearts. The elf character fails and picks up gastric rumbling instead. Reply
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    I was talking with some friends about older Sci-fi space themed tv shows, and I couldn't remember the name of one I saw once on TV. I believe it appear late one night on some network meant for kids as part of their teen programming. It starred 3 teens ( 1 girl, 2 boys) who attended some kind of space academy and where transported across the galaxy. They met up with an alien and find some old earth exploration vessel, all while being chased by some kind of great armada. I remember they had some kind of Mecha robots they later armed int he show as well.

    I don;t believe very many episodes where made as I never saw it again, but as a sci-fi junky and being in my youth at the time, I find it annoying I can;t remember a title. Reply
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    What was the name of the show whose theme song was a version of the lollipop song and one of the scenes featured in the song was a kid holding his nose and dancing in the school hallway? Reply

      This has been bothering me for years. Does anyone know the answer?
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    The seed of the plot was that this college aged guy helped out all the clubs on campus, but the money he was using to do so came from a cash advance/credit card sort of machine and he hit is maximum balance. At some point he ends up in debt to the local organized crime boss and has to work really hard to get enough money.

    Eventually he comes up with the idea of running a craigslist like trade/barter facilitation business, where he uses a pedal cargo bike thing to transport the stuff to the different people who put stuff on his site. He even does multistage trades. There are the usual setbacks and sudden emergencies to restore the status quo, and he ends up doubling his debt to the mobster at least once. Reply

      Binbo Danshi?

      I had to hunt down and watch the first few minutes, but I'm pretty sure Binbo Danshi is the one. The descriptions I could find around the web didn't mention any of the stuff I remember.

      Thanks, I've been wanting to show this one to my younger brothers for a while.
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    I remeber an episode about a guy whose birthday occurs . he and his friends decide to go to a cabin in the woods. They think the owner of the cabin is a murderer so they tie him up. It later turns out the owner of the cabin was innocent. Does anybody know the title of this episode and what series it came frome? Reply

      Was it a comedy, or was the possible-murderer storyline played seriously?

      It was played mostly for comedy

      Anybody know the name of the episode or what show it came from? The main character also had history of having crappy birthday parties if it helps.

      When (what decade) and where ( what country) did you see it?

      It was a relativeltg new episode. It came out in 2015/2016. I saw it in canada.
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    A live-action kids show that aired on Australian TV, probably in the Rollercoaster timeslot, at least ten years ago. It was kind of like the X-Files for kids. It was set in a boarding school for boys, although there was one female student as well (or maybe the other way around?). In one episode the protagonist got frustrated about how he would always lose one sock of a pair. When he went to investigate the dryer, he wound up in a Pocket Dimension that was literally nothing but socks.

    I don't think it was Freaky, nor Seriously Weird. But I could be wrong. Reply

      Strange Days at Blake Holsey High/Strange Days at Black Hole High?

      The Zack Files

      The Zack Files is it! Thank you so much.
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    There was this ahow whose theme song included the lyrics"check out the rooster" and the thème song included the sound of a rooster crowing. It was full of puppets and aired in treehouse tv and . Reply
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    Help me! Trying to figure out a TV show I saw as a kid on vacation in Scotland. Here are the clues...

    - Definitely British or European because they had accents. - These men were traveling in a car. The car's stereo wouldn't shut off. They started kicking it ferociously but it just kept playing! - One of the guys goes into a convenience store to buy a few things and he tries to use all these different credit cards. - They go to visit a lady who has a diabetes attack and they cram a banana in her mouth.

    Thanks in advance for the help!!! Reply

      I think this is the "Four Men in a Car" episode of "The Comic Strip Presents...". Youtube should confirm it for you.
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    Any movies where the title character doesn't exist and somebody impersonates him Reply
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    This may all be a consequence of patched up memories, but I recall a show with fantasy/mythological stories told with string marionettes and possibly stop motion. The intro featured an old man sitting by a fireplace with a dog next to him. A coin would fall down and roll through the floor and down stairs as the camera followed it. Music playing through the intro would be "In the Hall of the Mountain King" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrIYT-MrVaI . Any help finding this show would be great, thanks. Reply
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    I'm trying to remember a tv episode which sort of feels like a Mission Impossible, which I've been watching a lot of recently, but isn't. The details are blurry but the "bad guys" are helping people escape some place or country, taking their money, and sending them through a secret passage. I seem to remember them sliding a cabinet or bookcase or shelves out of the way to expose the passage and wishing the people good luck in their journey. They've been told that when they come to the fork in the tunnel — it's really dark in there - they should be sure to stay left (or right, I don't remember) to get to safety. It's a lie, of course, and when they choose the "right" way, they fall into a giant hole in the path and die. The "good guys" discover this and help people out and send the bad guys down the wrong side . . or something like that. Reply
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    I'm looking for this tv show that aired around late 90's (early 00's). It was some sort of contest with a series of challenges in the woods that the contestants had to achieve, it was almost like a run and at the end there was always a train they had to catch iirc. I also have a feeling that it was a german tv show but i'm not sure about this one though. Another thing i think i remember was them having some sort of map so they could guide themselves throught the woods. I hope someone can help me here :) Reply

      minus the train, and the fact that it's English, it could be Raven

      Thanks for your answer! Unfortunately it's not the show i'm looking for. This one the contestants were adults, and they had to sort of guide themselves through the woods.


      If it was in the UK, try searching www.ukgameshows.com
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    Wasn't there this episode in Lizzie Mc Guire (I think there was also one in Braceface) that involved a pool except unlike the "Pool Party" episode, it was at the school pool, Lizzie's class (which were there) and Lizzie and her friends WERE in bathing suits (Animated Lizzie's bathing suit was like this Cyan Blue tankini), it had a "Revenge of the Nerds"-esque plot with these enemy girls, it's comparable to The Mighty B! episode "Dragonflies" (if you've seen both episodes), it had this moral dealing with harassment, i believe it had these British enemy girls rudely interrupt them at the pool and go as far as taking over the school, it was one of the first episodes of the show (i think), and i believe it exists, yet i just can't put my finger on it. I've talked to other people on the internet and they say they remember an episode like that and they found the correct source and it was at a pool. (Same for that Braceface episode but not that much, i've talked to others and they say they remember it also.)

    Wasn't there an episode like that?



      Odd. I couldn't find the episode on either of the two show's Wikipedia episode lists, but if you talked with some people about this already, then I'm sure they're there.


      Bump Sorry. Oh, by the way, i talked to someone i know and he said "I found the right source, yes it was", so that means the episode might actually exist. Same for the other episode which i told that same person if he was watching it and he said "Yes, it was about a pool".

      What does he mean by "the right source"? Like, he found the episode, but he's not telling you the episode title for some reason...?

      Oh, and it's plot was similar to "Revenge of the Nerds"



      Bump. I'm sure it exists, considering how i've talked to other people and they say they remember it.

      "Odd. I couldn't find the episode on either of the two show's Wikipedia episode lists..." I think that pool scene was a scene at the start and end of both episodes and not part of the main plots.

      I'm sure it exists>? Does it?

      Oh, and I remember there was a scene in that L Mc G episode where Kate was telling those enemy girls where the kiddie pool was to distract them. There was a similar scene in that Braceface episode that had Nina doing the same thing, telling them where the kiddie pool was to distract them

      Honestly, I think that your best bet is to just watch every episode of Lizzie Mc Guire to check and see which one it is (or at the very least fast forward through them). If the wiki synopses aren't giving you anything then just go straight to the source. It's not a neat solution, but if you're sure that it's Lizzie Mc Guire, then it's your best solution.

      Edit: Huh, for some reason it started to randomly link words in my reply. Anyone know why this happened?

      ^ The way links are made on this wiki is by ramming words together, so the wiki software thinks any word that starts with a capital letter and has at least one capital letter inside it is meant to be a link. There's a markup to tell it that you want the word left how it is, thus: [=McGuire=]

      Cool, never knew that. The more you know, I guess.

      I've been hearing about people who remember both episodes.

      Anyone remember that scene?

      I think i found it, anyone remember it's name?

      I have watched every single episode of Lizzie Mc Guire more than twice. Unfortunately no episodes display what you have described, unless for some reason this particular episode wasnt released in my country. There were two episodes revolving around pools- one being the pilot episode (About Danny's pool party) and the episode where Lizzie becomes a model and is invited to go to a country club and go in the hot tub (they are wearing bathing suits).

      Wasn't the pool a scene at the start and end of the episode and not part of the main plot?

      Unfortunately there are no episodes matching your description. You must be thinking of a different show.