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    In the 90s, there was a series of educational shows broadcast on BBC 2 that were shown in primary schools. I remember Badger Girl, because I saw that twice- once in a school in Scotland and once in a school in Wales, and there was also Through the Dragon's Eye. The show I'm looking for was in the same series. There were at least six episodes, but I remember very little about it apart from the fact that it was about an alien. The alien, according to my memory, was brown, with a segmented body and a long nose (I think). I seem to think that he looked like a scabby brown armadillo that walked on two legs. He may or may not have been fuzzy, like the costume had been made out of an old rug or something. I don't remember why he turned up on Earth, who he was, or where he came from. He did have a spaceship though. I saw this show in around 1995, but I think it was made a few years before. It's been annoying me for about fifteen years, because none of my friends even remember seeing it.

    Thanks everyone! Reply
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    Star trek kids Reply
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    Show recently on that reenacted a flight attendants first day where an old lady died , a guy set off the smoke alarm in the bathroom, a guy punched a flight attendant and a ladies ferret got loose..... Reply
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    I don't remember much, but I think the robots were disguised as humans, with very few people knowing that they were in charge. I think there was one woman who was trying to get close to the leader of the robots. At some point the leader was damaged, possibly it the face, revealing his true nature. I'm also pretty sure the ending had the humans coming out of whatever structure they were living in, into the outside world, and ended there. Reply
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    Trying to find an old TV show with a scifi vibe that I vaguely remember from my childhood, something about a boy who had a problem and had to master some sort of power which was like levitating and creating sparks around himself. There was also a sort of robotic (but human) character with green hair and their name was something like ion, or yon. Saw this on Polish tv but I think its an American show. Reply
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    Okay, I remember a cop show on FOX in the early 90s. The show was done via the viewer's POV, like a first-person shooter, and Sam Mcmurray played the "detective's" partner. But the title escapes me right now. Anybody remember this show? Reply

      Likely Suspects?

      Definitely Likely Suspects, which I had never heard of before today but found very easily by looking at Sam McMurray's filmography on IMDb.
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    I am looking for two shows:

    1) An American sitcom (sometime between the 1960s and 1990s) with one episode involving a woman in a blue dress accidentally falls in water (possibly a fountain) indoors at a mall or at a party somewhere.

    2) A 2001 short-lived kid's TV show somewhat similar to Sesame Street (I think it was on either PBS, Nickelodeon) with puppets (both hand puppets and life-size puppets) and 2D animation. One episode includes kids (in pajamas, I think) dance-sitting holding a toy (possibly teddy bears) in a classroom, while two life-size puppets in front of a blue tarp or sheet. NOTE: the whole song is played the first time; the second time is the same thing, but the video quickly fades to black and the credits roll while the song is still playing.

    I have been searching for these topics for my entire life, and I still can not find anything. I remember watching them when I was in Gadsden. This is bugging me ever since, and I want to know what these two shows are. Reply

      Number 1 has been asked before, though no one's had any luck finding it. I wish you luck!

      Regarding number 1, are you certain it was a sitcom, and not a movie from around that time?

      I ask this because there is a movie which does have the sort of scene you've described in your inquiry. The movie is called "License to Kill" and it was made in '89.

      In it, Carey Lowell ends up in an indoor pool/fountain at some sort swank function. I think she may have been wearing a blue dress as well, but I wouldn't swear to that.

      That's not it. I think the water was shallow, not deep. Number one could probably be a soap opera, not a sitcom.

      Could it have been this scene from Dynasty?

      I watched a lot of PBS around that time and I can't seem to recall any shows like the one you mentioned in #2. So Nickelodeon might be your best bet.

      I think during that time, I have watched some shows on Nickelodeon also. So, that may be a possibility.

      Also, that fight in Dynasty was outdoors not indoors.


      Is number 2 Tweenies or Bananas in Pajamas?

      Is #2 Elliot Moose from the PBS block the bookworm bunch?

      The kids I mentioned earlier are real, as in human.

      if the woman going into the water was the result of a klutz bumping her in there, i have an impression of something like that happening in a movie "the party" with peter sellers. it may even have been a pond/water fountain deal.

      Bump. Also, someone questioned the woman after the incident. Therefore it was not The Party. Good try though.




      Also if I remember, the puppets are a combination of both traditional puppets and life size walk-around puppets.

      re: the puppet show - can you eliminate the shows in this list?


      several there I totally forgot about… eureeka's castle for one...

      I saw it in 2001, but I'm not sure what season it was.



      Maybe wait a couple weeks (or months) before bumping again?

      Bump. I know it's early, but I can't handle the wait.

      If you know it's early, don't bump. It will actually end up driving people away from your query. The more you tell people to do something, the less they will be willing to do it.





      Bump once again.

      Bump. It's been so long since this trope was up, and I still can't find answers. Either that, or I was imagining things the whole time. If anyone can help me out, that would be great. Thank you.



      can't help dude

      could the first one possibly be Sabrina the teenage witch? because I believe libby falls into a fountain in a courtyard wearing a blue ball gown during the episode where everyone is so dramatic that it's kinda like a soap opera


      Bump. I know it's been a really long time, but I still need to know these two shows.

      Priscella, do you remember what episode of Sabrina it is?

      Priscella is talking about the "As Westbridge Turns" episode

      I just checked it out. Unfortunately, that's not it.


      Bump. After many years, I'm still trying to remember these two shows and it still bugs me. Can anyone help he out please? Thank you.




      While searching for another lost work, I came across a movie called Picture This. It definitely does not fall within the dates you described, but I read that there was a scene where the main character falls into a fountain.
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    there was show that i used to watch and i cannot find the name if the show. the premise is about different people are living their lives and open a random door and the door magically opens to the bar. the bartender tells them there is a reason why they came there. and i think they have to make some sort of life changing choice that changes their fate. and after they change thier lives they can leave. i think it used to air on THE HUB network but i am not sure. every episode their is a new person that has to solve some dilemma by going into the bar. Reply

      Bar Karma?


      Your welcome - it was the fourth result on a google search for television change fate bartender
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    It's probably around 10 - 20 years old, but I remember it was about a man and his dog (It may not be a dog, my friends seems to remember it as a giraffe), that were made of rubbish or recycled materials, and they would go on adventures together. I think I saw it on milkshake, but I may be mistaken. They appear to summon things into creation, such as a hot air balloon that gets made in stages, as if the animator animated making it, so it would be a box, then it gets covered in newspaper, then something is added on top of that, and then string, and a balloon etc. And that's all I can remember apart from thinking that it was very creative. Thanks - Harry Robins. Reply
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    Hi, I'm trying to remember this name of a kid's show that I watched sometime around 2006 on ABC (Australia). From what I recall, the show was about two British kids entering a competition to build a model rocket, but they continued to almost fail to cross various hurdles (such as lack of thrust, fuel, etc.) because they lacked money. The series finale had the two kids reach the final contest and, in a desperate attempt to get their rocket working, they cover it with an assortment of good-luck charms, only for it to turn into a huge spaceship and take them both out into space.

    Can't remember anything else about it, but the ending keeps popping into my head and I'm just curious to see if there was any build-up to it in the show, because it seemed to come out of nowhere to me. Reply
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    This has been bugging me for a while. I remember seeing a police drama type tv show. I know the show involves flashbacks. They show you what happened in the past to fill you in on the murder. The only episode I can remember involved what I think was a minister's son. I'm not sure if this is exactly what happened but, the church was involved in conversion and the minister's son was gay. I think his boyfriend was murdered Reply

      Do remeber what channel you watched it on or years that it was on?

      could it be Cold Case? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0368479/

      I recall there was an episode of Law and Order (SVU?) where a gay son of a preacher's boyfriend was murdered after they were caught in bed by his father; his father tries to use the gay panic defence and claim he thought it was rape, but they eventually prove he knew his son was gay all along (and all his preaching was passive aggressively aimed at his son).

      Could that have been it?

      If it involves flashbacks, then it is more than likely Cold Case or Without a Trace

      It was Law & Order SVU. The episode is called Sin and is Season 8, episode 18.
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    It was a competitive reality show. They would get their own Ken doll modeled after them if they won, and... some other thing, I don't really remember. I think a hispanic guy won, and I thought that was pretty interesting at the time. Other than that, I can't remember much. Reply

      After a quick search, "Genuine Ken".
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    So this was a number of years ago and I was younger so the details are slightly fuzzy. It's possible it was one of the older episodes of the MTV show The Challange. All I remember is that a group of people was split into two teams. When they arrived in their location which was desert like, each team had to select one person who had to strip down to a bathing suit and get into a tub. Once that Person was in there, multiple tubs of different kinds of gross and crawling bugs were poured on them. The other team members then had to essentially lick the bugs off of that person and use their mouths to transfer them to a large plastic container and the first one to fill it to a certain line won. The most distinct part was at the end one girl who had been covered in bugs was like cleaning off and someone noticed there was another one climbing up on her inner thigh and she kinda squealed until it was off. I'm hoping someone can tell me if this was an episode of the challenge, or what show for that matter, and what season and stuff. Thanks. Reply

      Sounds like Fear Factor. I don't know what episode it is, but I've never seen "The Challenge" before.

      I only say it's the challenge, because I remember watching this with my siblings and they watched that show a lot and also I distinctly remember Differnt colored team shirts and flags/banners flying which is a trademark of The Challenge I've come to learn but I'll check into fear factor
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    Looking for the name of a one-episode show (maybe one of a 70's horror anthology series) about a writer living alone in a old country house. He hears strange voices in the night, suffers from blinding migraines, finds a creepy stone face in a river during a walk, get's visited by strange relatives. There's a mood of paranoia and the suggestion he may be hallucinating the whole thing throughout. I saw this on YouTube a couple of years back but can't for the life of me find it again. Any help appreciated! Reply
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    I remember watching this show in school 2 or 3 years ago, but I don't think it was educational. I believe it was on Netflix. I wasn't paying attention, but from what I remember, it was about a group of teenagers who got sent back in time in a car. I don't remember exactly what decade they got sent back to, but I think it might have been the 1950s. I believe the kids were actually from the 1990s. I'm pretty sure the show was in English. I watched it in Spanish class though, so I could be wrong. I remember that music was featured somewhat in the show. I don't remember much else, as we only watched the pilot. Reply

      I know this doesn't help much, but I believe there was an African American boy in the show. The show may not have been on Netflix after all. By the way, does anyone know of a back catalog for shows that used to be on Netflix? If the show wasn't on Netflix, it was on YouTube.

      Back to the Future had an animated tv series. No African American in the main cast, though
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    I have this memory of a children's TV programme that was broadcast in the UK early 90s (although the characters speak with an American accent). The tone is sort of L.A. Confidential / mystery / crime / thriller and the characters are all rodents. It's live action puppets (like Jim Henson). The theme music has a line that sounds something like "Akeela's just a rat" and a clip of the antagonist, Akeela (or whatever the name is) is shown in the background. Reply

      After searching for "TV show with rat puppets," I found Roland Rat. There was apparently a spinoff series called Tales of the Rodent Sherlock Holmes. Is this it? http://www.curiousbritishtelly.co.uk/2015/02/tales-of-rodent-sherlock-holmes.html

      Amazingly, after searching for years, I thought I'd have another go at Googling it, and I found it: The Adventures of Grady Greenspace! Thank for your suggestion, though :-)

      I was about to respond to this (I have similar memories, but I could remember the title).

      Thanks for confirming I'm not insane, though (I only really remember the title theme and not much about the content of the show itself).
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    Must have seen this on TV somewhere between 2002 and 2005. It was either a film or a series and it involved a woman with dark hair and skin in some kind of jungle. She dug a trap and covered it with branches and then put leaves over the top and I think she put a blade at the bottom. There was a man she wanted to trap who, if I remember correctly, was bald or had thin hair and a Slasher Smile. She managed to trap him and wound him and he laughed evily at her from the pit. Something like that. Reply

      For some reason I also remember the man as having very grey skin. Perhaps he was just pale.



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    I remember, when I was a little kid, watching an episode of Lamb Chop's Play-Along in which Shari Lewis taught the viewers how to fold a paper cup. She even had a story mnemonic to go along with it; something about a prince, I think.

    I spent several hours searching a while back, but I guess my Google-fu's not up to the task, because I couldn't find it. So, help? Please? Reply
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    I'm trying to find a series where the main character was a teenage girl, dark skin, short, curly hair, and a backpack that talked (male). She and the backpack possibly went into a virtual reality and explored stuff. She hung out with these two guys that were a few years younger than her.

    When they went to the other place, the backpack turned into some sort of dog like-robotic creature, the girl wore a metallic armor, cgi, etc.

    One day, the two younger guys followed her to wherever it was she went to and got stuck in a hole where they were gonna die unless they were rescued.

    The girl eventually rescued them with the help of the dog/backpack, thing, but I don't know the name of the series at all and would love some help.

    Please and thank you. Reply


      thats it! thank you!

      Your welcome

      With the amount of people asking after that show you would think that somebody would made a page for it
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    There was this soap opera (I'm pretty sure it's a soap opera. My memory says it's a soap opera) where the male love interest was tied to a wheel by the Yandere and was stuck there for a long time. Luckily for him, he was found by a child who brought him food and water(I think 10 years old?) and then she rescued him...somehow. All I remember is thinking that he must have been important, because she got on the news and was called a hero. There was even a short animated segment where it had the two talking about her rescuing him. I think this was 2000-2006 ish? Maybe earlier, but probably not later than 2006. I'd love to know what it is so I can have context for why a very attractive man is strapped to a knife-throwing wheel. Reply
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    Here comes a long, long shot. I used to have a VHS tape when I was very little (born 1994) of a TV episode, most likely Christian-produced with homeschoolers in mind (because those kind of things go hand-in-hand). The episode's theme was Discretion (specifically that word). The show itself seemed to consist of a live-action woman and a bat puppet and perhaps a few other less memorable characters. They would discuss the theme and do a skit (I remember at one point the bat was electrocuted by something and flew into a wall because he wasn't careful), and then play royalty-free animated shorts (one I know for sure was in there is Jack Frost, 1934) that reflected the theme. For the life of me I have no idea what the name of the show is. I've researched extensively, googling who used that short before (Futurama and Invader Zim both even featured a clip from another short used that I also can't find), cartoons about discretion, Christian puppet TV shows (THERE ARE A LOT), basically anything I can think of. I just want to find out what it was, for nostalgia's sake. Reply

      TL;DR: Puppet sketches with a bat, public domain cartoons, for little kids, possibly Christian.

      The only thing that comes to my mind is Eureeka's Castle, but that wasn't explicitly Christian in nature.
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    Okay I've lost almost all hope of finding this one. I've read through episodes of Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Tales From the Dark Side, etc. and I still haven't found it.

    The episode/movie is in black and white, probably from 50s or 60s. It features a man who discovers that he can see aliens hiding among us through the viewfinder in his camera. They are wearing human masks and somehow this camera lets him see through them to their insect-like faces. The only other thing I remember is that at the end, he confronts them, only to find out that he was an alien as well the entire time. The last shot is of him scratching away pieces of his mask from the back of his neck/head.

    And no, it is not "They Live" even though the plot sounds similar.

    Any ideas? Reply

      That sounds really familiar. I've seen "They Live." Of course, that was special sunglasses and not a camera. In this show/movie, did he have to get the film developed to see the aliens?

      Were they Bee People? I remember seeing a Twilight Zone about Bee People, although that one sounds different, in the Bee People one, he chooses to be converted into a Bee to be with his wife (but ends up on Earth, and she in the mothership, and doesn't mind because love and other things like it was replaced with serving the hive.)

      Can't have been the Bee People one, it's in colour.

      I doubt it was the bee people episode, from the description. I don't remember if they had to develop the film. To be honest, all of my details could be off since I probably saw the show 20-30 years ago. I know that's not very helpful :-/
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    So there was this trailer I saw for a show that I'm sure was on a premium channel like I'm going to say anywhere from 2010-2013. Anyway it seemed of genre of either fantasy/historical with a big religious influence. It is not Game of Thrones or The Bourgias because I have already watched or currently watching them. I do remember a very pale blonde girl and someone saying that the "aryan girl must die" or something similar to it. Reply

      Maybe The Tudors?
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    Ok so there was this non-animated show would've been around the earlier 200's I think. All I remember is that is was about these teenage kids who all hung out at this beach shake. One of the guys dads owned the shack and he was a marine biologist. One of the girls was a blonde rich girl with an annoying mum. For some reason the kids had to stop all these meddlesome beings (maybe spirits) from the ocean I think. Like each episode a different 1 or 2 would show up. Sometimes they even had to mess with the biologist guys work so that he wouldn't discover the truth or something. Oh and I remember that you could tell who the spirits/beings were by looking at them through water. ANY IDEAS ANYONE?? Reply
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    There used to be a kids cooking show and they were on this island, almost like they were pirates? Would've aired around 2003-2005 maybe? Reply