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    This show where a black kid (not to be a racist) played an alien who is on Earth and is a part of a family, this is around 15 years old, may be more... Today, when I picture him, I see Marquees Brown-Lee (from the youtube channel mkbhd?) I remember this distinct scene where he is walking on a rocky path and stands by a sign board for hours, as it reads STOP, Thank u in advance! Reply
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    So I remember watching this at least 4 or more years ago (it's probably longer to be fair but I have no sense of time) and I know it was real despite not being able to find anything on it. It's a TV show and it starts off with this sort of scholarship girl getting in to this elite university or college and when she gets there it's all rich kids and endless amounts of sex and drugs and stuff and I think she gets propositioned by this smarmy arrogant guy and at some point one of the characters gets killed with rowing equipment. Possibly stabbed with an oar? I originally thought it was by BBC or itv but now I don't know. Reply
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    I remember watching this live action show a few years ago, where a bunch of different people each had to make a dinner for the other contestants. After they all hosted their dinner's they would vote on who had the best one (and of course the couldn't vote for themselves). Whoever won got a prize. I'm not sure if it even still airs on TV. Reply
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    I think I watched this TV show around (2007-2010) I’m sure this aired on YTV and maybe possibly Nickelodeon. I remember it was about a teenager who was a high school student, I think he bought or went online and played a really popular video game, then he became the #1 best player in the world, then one day his life completely changed when a man with a bald head told him that he was hiring him to become, I think a secret agent or something similar of that profession. I remember one scene where the main character didn’t believe that what the bald man was saying was true, so the bald head man proved it by ripping off him arm revealing that he was a robot. Also the bald man said that said that if he accepted the position then the bald man would be his personal bodyguard and then after accepting he gave him a glove that shoots beams or plasma looking balls that explode on impact, a black futuristic looking air ship, that shooting lightning underneath the base of it and beams people up into it and the main character has a younger brother that through the series, comes close to finding out that his older brother (the main character) is living a double life as a secret agent. Also the main character attends high school like a normal high school student, but then if he gets called for a mission then he goes and saves the day. Also I know this TV show was targeted towards Teens. Reply
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    Does anybody know about a show that aired in the late 2000s to early 2010s about an Indian family with a male lead likely British, it aired in Australia as well and the only episode I remember was about the importance of healthy eating where the main character tries to get his family to eat healthy (and non-Indian) food in order to win a competition, his family react badly to the idea. His father eats food out of the bin and he introduces bland healthy food before appealing to his neighbours for help and they make sushi. The episode ends with the wrong tape being sent in and it showing all of his families failed attempts to eat healthy. It's not much to go on but it was an okay show and I would very much appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks Reply

      Could it have been All About Me? It starred Jasper Carrott as the (step) father of an Asian family, and IIRC their neighbours were stereotypically clueless hippy types who would have probably liked sushi. The main character was the eldest son on the mother's side, who suffered from cerebral palsy and mostly "spoke" in voiceovers.
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    All I remember is a show where the MC has a heart condition that he/she (think it was he) took medication for, but the high heart rate was some kind of ability that the character needed to learn to use. Reply

      Bill Harken from Alphas?

      Not a tv show, but that sounds like the main character in Wanted

      That's it, thanks Daefaroth. I wasn't even sure if it was a TV Show.
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    I am desperately trying to identify something I saw as a kid. This is everything I remember. This would have aired on local TV (not cable/satellite) in either the late 80s, or early 90s (not after fall of 1992). A man is near or at a railroad. He's offered a place to stay for the night and is taken to a house. In front of the house are three crosses, one smaller than the other two, I believe it is said a family was killed there. While the man is staying there overnight (I think I remember a deck of playing cards for some reason?), two ghosts, possibly one white and one red, appear and fly towards the screen. This is all I remember. Scared the shit out of me, and I would kill to find out what this is. Major thanks in advance. I listed it as "live action TV" but I can't rule out it was a movie. I know it was on at least twice. Reply

      Bump (if that's allowed). Desperately trying to identify this... never got to see the end.

      Not exactly what you described, but there could be a slight chance that it was "The House of No Return" from Goosebumps.

      Not Goosebumps, sorry. This was before that. Thanks though.


      Bump again...




      shit wrong ask sorry XD


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      Star fleet

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      Can you remember anything else? Right post.

      I have been trying to find out what this is for years! I can't believe that someone else is too. I remember the cards, because I believe he was trying to make a deal with them for his life. I also remember another show (that I think is part of the same series, maybe?), where a man is trying to win the heart of a rich man's daughter, but the father says no, so he performs magic or tricks to win her over. I remember it having an all black cast. I watched both of these around 96-97. Believe it or not, I watched this in school, so it had a vhs release



      Last desperate bump

      It might have been an anthology series,like the Twilight Zone or Tales of the Unexpected, where there's a different story per episode. http://www.imdb.com/list/ls000520791/ This is a list of some well known horror/suspense anthologies. Hope this helps!

      The red room riddle?

      Unfortunately not the red room riddle. Thank you for the list of anthology series, I'm looking through it now. I figured it was probably from something like that too, just didn't know where to start. Thank you both for your input.
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    Okay, this is a real long shot. I was in Japan in April and I happened to be flicking through TV stations - I remember one of them was NHK but I have no idea if that's what this show was on. It was a live action show that seemed to be set in a high school; I think it was a brand new show. The main character was a nerdy girl who, if I remember correctly, at one point got into a fight and had a nosebleed which prevented her from attending a dance.

    It's really silly but I'd love to find out what this show is! Reply

      I found it! "It's All About the Looks". Wow.
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    I remember watching this program about real life accidents in which one of the segments I watched was a man having trouble drilling a hole in a tree in his back. One of his methods was shooting it with a gun, in which the bullet ricochets and hits a woman in the chest. The woman is then seen on a gurney crying in pain where she eventually dies. What show is this from? Reply

      1000 Ways to Die?

      How "real" was it reconstructions or actual footage of the events?

      Actual footage.
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    I remember watching an advertisement for this show when it was on the ION network in 2011. One episode has a quick time change shot of the past smiling mother lifting her smiling toddler (a boy), both had brown hair, Lily Rush (not Roz sorry) was standing next to the mother looking up at the child also smiling, change to present adult son with his older mother. Does anyone know this episode? Thanks. I know I did not imagine it. Reply



      Please help.

      Bump. Please.

      I think it might of just been a bumper that featured a collage of scenes from various episodes in the series.

      I meant which episode. I know it is Cold Case, but which episode was that clip from.

      Should I describe it again?

      I just looked at various promos on You-tube of Cold Case as I saw on ION Network, nothing. It could have been an ending, because of the flashbacks. I do not know the song. All I remember is the mother picking her son up (both smiling) and Lilly Rush standing beside the mother, both the mother and son had brown hair. We see the son on the left and the mother and Lilly Rush on the right. It then switches to the much older mother (she had grayish hair) hugging her handcuffed son, they were seen in a building (same building as in flashback). I think he was handcuffed or about to be arrested. No, it is not Maternal Instincts. Does anyone know this episode? Please. I do not mean to be so annoying with this, it was just a heartfelt scene and I would want to match the title, thanks in advance.

      Bump. I asked this on Reedit, since no one is reply, don't know why. No one has responded yet, but I just asked yesterday.

      Bump. I am starting to think no one here ever watched the show before.


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    Hi There,

    I'm racking my brains to remember a drama serial on UK TV at the end of the 80s, or perhaps start of the 90s. I don't remember too much, but the episodes were self contained dramas each week with a scary edge and a surprise ending.

    The only episode I remember clearly is where a young couple buy a school house that was still in use recently as a school but has now been closed and sold for renovation into a house, which the couple plan to do. A girl - an ex-pupil - loved her school and blames them for taking it over. She terrorises the couple. Throughout the episode we have seen drawings of a boat and also of a sickle. At the end - spoiler - the man falls through a jetty and I think drowns, and the wife is left tied by her hands in the old gym (the couple had been getting kinky before a noise interrupted them) and the girl appears around the corner holding a sickle - the implication being that she is now going to murder the defenceless wife with it.

    Any ideas? I've looked a lot on line for spooky/paranormal/twist in the tale type drama series from the age but I can't seem to find one that fits this.

    Many thanks! Reply

      I remember that very episode, but I can't remember for sure which series it was. (you didn't make it clear in your summary, but the little girl was actually a ghost)

      As you described, it was an episode of a British anthology horror series. My first guess would be "Tales of the Unexpected". But it doesn't seem to match any of the episode descriptions for that series.

      Thanks a lot for the answer. Actually - I didn't remember she was a ghost in my (admittedly hazy) memory she was just a psychopathic ex-pupil.

      I'm relieved to hear that you remember it at least - I was beginning to doubt my memory as there is so much information on line about such "spooky" shows and series and I couldn't find it amongst them. I'm fairly sure it's not tales of the unexpected. I've looked through all of those episodes.

      As you say this was a British show, or at least if it was produced abroad then the actors had British accents. Small chance I'm misremembering that and it was Australian/NZ but not US I think.

      I am pretty certain that I saw this on UK television.

      A couple more details: I think this is the one where the ghost girl kept singing "Lord of the Dance", which is a British religious song often sung by schoolchildren (An American child wouldn't have sung this, but I don't know about Australian children). I think there was only one classroom in the school, which means it would have been in a rural area. The wife actually was hoping to reopen the school and be a teacher, the husband wasn't completely supportive of this goal. I don't remember the ghost girl's motive was, I guess she wanted the school to stay closed. I also remember that when they were getting kinky in the classroom the husband had the line "Sex games in the classroom!" which would not have been a line used in American TV at the time, so I am pretty sure this MUST have been a British or Aus/NZ show.

      I don't know the movie either, but we used to sing Lord of the Dance all of the time here in Kentucky. It was in our Catholic hymnal (for those unfamiliar with it, it's sung to the same tune as "'Tis a Gift to be Simple").

      Hi, with the Lord of the Dance info I was able to google it - it was from a series called Unnatural Causes, the episode being Lost Property. http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/383840.

      Thanks all.

      I love you! I thought I had imagined the show. I was about to write up about it myself but typed in 'sickle' as a search and found you'd already done it. You remember it better than me too!
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    I have a memory of a segment from a children's show that no one in my family seems to remember. I remember the characters of the show walking through a tunnel. It was a natural-looking tunnel, like it was made of light-gray clay. I remember there being arc shapes. I feel like there were two tunnels on either side of the space. They exited from the first tunnel into the space, which was also light gray. It was pretty void-ish. From what I remember, they went into the center of the space between the two ends of the tunnel, and they told a story. I think there was a mix of human and puppet characters or adult and child characters. I think a campfire was involved somehow, and I distinctly remember them using a felt board for the story or lesson. If anyone knows what this could possibly be, I'd love to know. I don't know when the show would have been from because we watched a good mix of shows from the 70s, 80s and 90s when I was a kid. Reply
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    There is this series of VHS tapes I remember checking out from the library All The Time growing up. The main character was this goofy green dragon who sang about his daily routine. The only visual I remember of it is him sitting in his bed singing with a felt window to the side of him. The objects in his room (i.e. his clock, phone, etc) are sentient puppets who converse with him. I don't believe there are ever real life people involved, but all the characters are puppeteered. Please help! The mascot of my library was a dragon so I always associated it with my library, but I doubt they produced it. Thank you! Reply
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    Ages ago I saw two TV shows (possibly mini-series) on Swedish summer TV. Both shows were youth-oriented, and likely from Australia or New Zealand (as was common at the time). This was around 1990-92, absolutely no later than 95. I've been trying to find out what they were for a long, long time now.

    1. This show followed a group of kids that were chased by a villain on a motorcycle. The villain wore a black helmet with visor that completely hid his face, and his identity was a mystery. In the final episode he was revealed to be a character seen before in the show, an older man with (I believe) a grey beard. I don't know why he was chasing them. Fairly certain this one was from NZ or Australia.

    2. This one was a bit more serious than the former. All I remember is that two teenage boys (I think later teens) were on the run, chased by the authorities this time. In the final episode, one of the boys crashes his car at a construction site/city dump/something like it. There's a shot of him trying and failing to open the door, then the car explodes, killing him. The other boy is taken by the authorities (at a different site) and I think the last shot is of him being driven away in a car. This might even have been an American show. Reply
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    The movie was super boring so I didn't watch all of it. It starts with a little boy that captures a toad. A walking silhouette with a cowboy hat tells him to kill it by stabbing it with a slightly sharp rock. The little boy answers that he does not want to and that the toad is his friend. The shadow curses at him and berates him for being weak until he finally complies. He reaches his late teens and we find that the shadow never left. It's also clear that noone sees or hears it besides the boy. At the behest of the shadow , he murders his girlfriend's family with her being a more than willing participant. Her little sister walks in to find her parents dead and immediately starts crying before being told to shutup and getting hit in the face with the back of a massive shotgun. That was a bit much for me so I turned, but I wonder what the title was. I'd love to know that I watched something that actually exists and that this was not the creation of my imagination. Reply
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    I remember a reality show where they put one extreme inventioninnovation vs another. It was really cool, but I can't remember the name of it. Could somebody help?

    I remember that one episode featured linex vs ???, another episode featured a super loud siren vs a super soundproof room.

    I also think I saw first it on netflix

    Please help, and thanks Reply
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    Over ten years ago, sometime in the 2000s, I saw a documentary on TV one Christmas but haven't been able to find it on any other Christmas. I don't remember if it was only a hour long or if it was a mini-series. I just remember it discussed the history of various toys, like Silly Putty (?), Barbie, slinkys, and lincoln blocks. Reply

      If you're in the UK then Top 100 Toys with Jonathan Ross is aired every single fucking Christmas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zni47wq1VG4

      No, I saw it on American tv.

      I Love Toys?

      I remember it being nostalgia based and matter of fact, no celebrities and such like I Love The 80s or anything like that. I think it only talked about old toys prior to the 80s.
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    I know I've been asking here before, but I have still not found any answers as to what these two shows I am referring to. For those who are unaware, here are my descriptions of an episode for these two shows:

    1) A 2001 short-lived kid's TV show somewhat similar to Sesame Street (I think it was on either PBS, Nickelodeon) with hand puppets and mascot costumes and 2D animation. One episode includes kids (in pajamas, I think) dance-sitting holding a toy (possibly teddy bears) in a classroom, while two life-size puppets in front of a blue tarp or sheet. NOTE: the whole song is played the first time; the second time is the same thing, but the video quickly fades to black and the credits roll while the song is still playing. Does anyone know what the show is? And if so, what episode was I referring to?

    2) I remember an older aged woman who was dressed in blue who was pushed in a water fountain one night. The next day, the same woman appeared again with a man (don't know who he is) and was asked for questioning. After checking through the footage, it was NOT from Dynasty. It had to have been from an older TV show.

    If anyone has a clear idea as to what any of these shows are, please let me know. Thank you. Reply
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    I think the character I'm picturing was a puppet. Either that or animated. He was purple, had a big mouth, his head was bigger around his mouth, and he had a tuft of green hair. That's all I got. Reply

      He had green horns, not hair. However, is it possible you're thinking of Mot?

      [1] This character from The Hoobs maybe?

      Jeff Dunham... Peanut!
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    While watching the new episodes of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD; the craft they go out on reminded me of something from the 90s or early 2000s. The show it sparked up had 3 teens I believe whom each had their own space craft each with a different colored stripe. 1 was red, 1 blue, and 1 yellow. Sadly that is all I can really recall Reply
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    it was some tv show only a couple seasons max, i can't remember if it was real or actors, i think it was actors though, like a mockumentary, it was like a small town, think of it as if every character / actor was nick offerman, that type of comedy. either very late 2000's like 08/09 to about 2015 at the newest, i can't remember, i know my clues have been useless i apologize but i NEED to see whatever this show was again, or i'm checking myself in. Reply

      come on, nobody knows? maybe it wasn't actors, maybe it was regular people. but i don't think so. and maybe it was just funny like in a stupid way and not in a dry way, i don't remember, Could have been either way. and i still don't know what they were, park rangers, cops, sheriff? something else? pretty positive it was a small town

      Probably not it, but when I think of shows set in small towns I think of Corner Gas. That had 6 seasons though

      I know it's a bit recent, and it has no cops, but could it possibly be Letterkenny?

      Neither of those are it, I still need help desperately

      please help

      I have no idea how well this fits (I've never seen it, I literally just came across it in on a trope page tonight and remembered this query). It's set in Dallas, so probably fails the town size requirement but it was a short-lived show about cops that fits the year so I thought I might as well suggest it. Could it be The Good Guys?

      Such a long shot but, trailer park boys?

      no success yet, i was really hoping this site would finally give me my answer, i have spent sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much time on google, its insane


      bump / please help. thanks

      Just guessing: Killinaskully?

      still no luck. i keep trying to remember but i can't. pretty positive it was a small town, the more i think, it seems to come back as regular people and not actors. kind of every day people being interviewed almost, but maybe not, so possibly not limited to police but also townspeople, but for the life of me i can't come up with more details. it was american television.
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    There was a show where this man traveled around the world (? or just united states??) with a very restricted budget, and in one episode he made money in a California city by charging people to push them up the hill. The show came out at least 7-10 years ago.
    • Also looking for the clip of him pushing people up the hill, but cannot find.

    • Also, it's not Madventures. Watched the California episode but the show I'm thinking of was more centered around his travel budget. Like the money he made pushing them up the hill was deducted from the travel balance. More family friendly than Madventures
    • There was an episode where he was in Hawaii and lived off the land (I think??)
    HELP!!! PLEASE! TIA Reply

      I've literally spent at least an hour trying to find this.. :(
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    O-k, this one is much easier. I just saw this on You-tube few hours ago and dumb me had to delete my history and cannot remember the episode name. I can provide more info than the other one that I am still looking for, a man is in a house and talks to I think his son, Rudy if I remember right. He asks him why he is not at the school dance or something similar. The young boy's mother (the young boy is a teen) is sitting beside him on the couch, she starts yelling at the man (I do not know if it is her husband, but I think so), the woman has long brownish hair, the man has black hair (I think), nearly bald, he had a walking cane. The woman started going ballistic and accusing the man of pornography, child porn I think. The boy tried to stop her, but she kept pushing him aside. The man was leaving and the woman started shouting and shouting at him. Can anyone please help me? Thanks. This was not a flashback scene if I remember right. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    I'm putting this in live action because I believe it was made using puppets, not stop-motion, but I'm not sure. The main characters were all cars, with a gas pump serving as an older mentor figure. I saw a few episodes in the very early 2000s, and it looks like it might have been made any time from the late 70s to the early 90s. Reply

      The Big Garage?

      Oh, God! I forgot all about that show! Yes, it has to be that one.

      I'm gonna say it's The Big Garage, too. It was a British puppet show that aired from the late 90's to the early 2000's (I think).

      I've also been trying to remember the name of this for... years
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    Live Action TV
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    There was a show that was on VHS tapes when I was growing up, in the early 2000's.

    It was about this monster family (a dad, mom, son, and a baby) that was in a sort of claymation or puppet style. They looked like turtle people and lived in a cave with stalactites overhead.

    Another note is that the baby sat on a high chair all the time and would throw it's bowl of food Reply

      It's not an exact fit (and it's a bit older, though certainly it's possible a VHS of the show could have been something you would have watched in the early 2000s) but that sort of reminds me of Dinosaurs.