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    Live action show about a high school or middle school student that keeps having sci-fi scenarios happen to him. Probably from the late 90's or early 2000's. Aired in Canada. Here are some episodes I remember.

    1) He orders a machine from a newspaper. When he gets the machine it is just a decorated cardboard box. He goes to the newspaper office and complains. The newspaper employee shows him that the fine print of the ad says that the machine may not look as advertised or do the things the ad saids it can. The employee then smugly saids that everything that their paper saids is true (turns out the newspaper makes things that are written in it true somehow). Some time later they are asking the protagonist how many people should die in a story they are writing. The employee thinks it should be eight because it sounds sadder to him. He asks the protagonist the question like this "what do you think sounds sadder, fourteeen or eiiiight."

    2) The protagonist's older sister meets a woman that makes beauty products. At some point the sister willingly allows herself to have a plastic mask affixed to her face (she also wears a blonde wig, and maybe a pink dress that matches the woman's aswell). She looks like she is in a Halloween costume. The brother narrates "when some one loves you they'll sometimes call you a doll, but now I'm afraid that [woman's name] is trying to make my sister into her plaything." The mask will break if the sister thinks too hard. The brother decides to give her a math problem to solve (as she has a love for math). She does the math problem, the mask cracks and she peels it off. Reply
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    I watched a lot of stuff on ABC/BBC as a kid back in the late 90's, but no one but me seems to know of this show. I remember watching a show done with puppets like The Muppets that had a few characters that were animals like dogs or cats that lived in a forest I think. The big defining detail about this show was the main character (who i am pretty sure was a white wolf or something) that had the ability to remove his eyes and send them off like a bird into the sky, and they would show him stuff from really far away. It was used to help his friends get out of danger and the like, and I think later in the series he was able to do the same with his hands. It never really bothered me as a kid, but when I got a bit older I really started to wonder how something like that was approved for a kid's series. It has been bugging me for years that I can't remember the name, especially since I would actually like to watch it again (believe it or not, but the show was actually quite calming and pleasant for the most part). Is there at least someone out there who knows what the hell I'm talking about? It would be really nice to know that at least one other person came across this strange show. Reply

      Might you be thinking of The Longhouse Tales? It was a character from the stories being told, and I believe a Cayote, but I know that was one of his powers
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    I remembered this series earlier today, I thought the series was called "Sheppards" or "Shepherds" and the tag-line was "what goes around comes around", but I can't find it anywhere, I think it aired on Space channel and had multiple seasons.

    The series took place in our world with the supernatural element being that people could achieve a type of immortality by focusing on an object as they died, being placed in a new body and then the object being used to bring their consciousness back in the new body (I thought the people that were hired to make this happen were called shepherds and that's where the title came from).

    I know she wasn't the main most character, but one of the major characters was a little girl who was sharing her body with the spirit of a man who had gone through the process multiple times with her parents becoming concerned by some of the resulting behaviour. In one of the final episodes she convinces a classmate to skip school with her, but the classmate gets scared off after a while and the girl ends up comatose with the two consciousnesses meeting on a beach in the girl's mind; the man thinks he's won control of the body and the girl's personality will die, but the girl tells him she's won because of her strong desire to stay with her parents and wakes up in the hospital as the only person in her body and seems to have a fairly normal life afterwards.

    I know there was also a scene with a couple where the man was dying of an injury and his wife/girlfriend hurried to get an object that could be used to bring him back

    I tried checking trope pages and thought the series might be "Dollhouse", but looking at it I'm pretty sure it wasn't Reply
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    I know I've been asking here before, but I have still not found any answers as to what these two shows I am referring to. For those who are unaware, here are my descriptions of an episode for these two shows:

    1) A 2001 short-lived kid's TV show somewhat similar to Sesame Street (I think it was on either PBS, Nickelodeon) with hand puppets and mascot costumes and 2D animation. One episode includes kids (in pajamas, I think) dance-sitting holding a toy (possibly teddy bears) in a classroom, while two life-size puppets in front of a blue tarp or sheet. NOTE: the whole song is played the first time; the second time is the same thing, but the video quickly fades to black and the credits roll while the song is still playing. Does anyone know what the show is? And if so, what episode was I referring to?

    2) I remember an older aged woman who was dressed in blue who was pushed in a water fountain one night. The next day, the same woman appeared again with a man (don't know who he is) and was asked for questioning. After checking through the footage, it was NOT from Dynasty. It had to have been from an older TV show.

    If anyone has a clear idea as to what any of these shows are, please let me know. Thank you. Reply
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    What I'm looking for is which episode of this show has a scene I remember: Buck and a friend crash their fighters in a desert planet. They survive unhurt, look around and the friend says there's no civilization around and if they can't call help fast they'll starve. Buck points at a small animal and says "no we won't". The friend is horrified that people used to eat animals in the 20th century but ends up eating the meat along with Buck out of necessity. This scene estaablishes that 25th century society is vegetarian. Which episode is this from? Reply

      "Journey to Oasis"?

      Doesn't look like it. In that episode's ship crash, there were more characters involved. Besides, I believe it was from season 1.
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    It was a TV show about two best friends (maybe even brothers?) who would dare each other to do stuff. Early 2000's, probably on MTV. They were either American or Canada. Live action. Reply
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    I remember a scene where a woman has a man at gunpoint and they exchange a few words and she pulls the trigger multiple times but the gun wasn't loaded, he then ties her to a chair and leaves. Later on, a different guy shows up to rescue her and she throws a thumbs up sign Reply
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    The show was either live action or animated. It aired during either the late 90's or the early 2000's. The main character was a boy. I don't remember much about the show, but I know that the toys had removable arms, heads, and legs that could be swapped between different toys. The toys included, a human boy, a human girl, a robot, a green alien, an orange alien, and a lot more. I think the main character had the ability to turn his body parts into other people's body parts or something. I remember that some knockoff versions of the toys were released as happy meals. The robot only had one eye. I can't remember much else.

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    So I really can only remember one episode, and vaguely at that. It had a very animorphs feel to it, and it was set in some kind of dystopian land. These kids have some kind of power I think, and are wandering/running away from a villain in the desert, when they meet this hermit like man, and he teaches them how to keep a part of their mind if the villian takes it. I'm pretty sure it was a form of psychic lobotomy or something. I think there was narrating at the end of the episode. It aired in the US sometime in the late 90s early 2000s. Vague I know, but it's driven me crazy for years so any help would be great. Reply
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    I am desperately trying to identify something I saw as a kid. This is everything I remember. This would have aired on local TV (not cable/satellite) in either the late 80s, or early 90s (not after fall of 1992). A man is near or at a railroad. He's offered a place to stay for the night and is taken to a house. In front of the house are three crosses, one smaller than the other two, I believe it is said a family was killed there. While the man is staying there overnight (I think I remember a deck of playing cards for some reason?), two ghosts, possibly one white and one red, appear and fly towards the screen. This is all I remember. Scared the shit out of me, and I would kill to find out what this is. Major thanks in advance. I listed it as "live action TV" but I can't rule out it was a movie. I know it was on at least twice. Reply

      Bump (if that's allowed). Desperately trying to identify this... never got to see the end.

      Not exactly what you described, but there could be a slight chance that it was "The House of No Return" from Goosebumps.

      Not Goosebumps, sorry. This was before that. Thanks though.


      Bump again...




      shit wrong ask sorry XD


      Bump yet again.


      Star fleet

      Sorry wrong post lol


      Can you remember anything else? Right post.

      I have been trying to find out what this is for years! I can't believe that someone else is too. I remember the cards, because I believe he was trying to make a deal with them for his life. I also remember another show (that I think is part of the same series, maybe?), where a man is trying to win the heart of a rich man's daughter, but the father says no, so he performs magic or tricks to win her over. I remember it having an all black cast. I watched both of these around 96-97. Believe it or not, I watched this in school, so it had a vhs release
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    I remember watching a show in school involving a girl that was friends with a rabbit, and there was a witch involved. I'm pretty sure it had some sort of the mathematics focus. If anyone has any idea what the show was called, or what it might be called it would be much appreciated :) Reply
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    When I was between the ages of 6 and 14 (so 1989 to 1997) I used to go over to my neighbor's house and she had this funny skit thing on video. It was in the style of Weinerville with the human head with the puppet body, and the character was named George "Junior" Mc Gee. He was talking about baby food and a hand would come in and feed him pureed fruit, which he liked, then he'd get pureed vegetables, which he hated. I tried Googling the name but came up empty. I don't remember if it was part of Weinerville or maybe one of Mark Weiner's old shorts? Does this ring any bells for anyone? Reply

      That sounds like Weinerville, but I think the baby on Weinerville was named Jeffery.

      I am almost positive that's from Weinerville.

      It could also be from the old Comedy Central (originating on the HA! network) show Random Acts of Variety, on which Marc Weiner made frequent guest appearances.

      It ma be from Random Acts of Variety because I think it was part of a sequence of funny skits. Thanks everyone!
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    Robot with a Hawaiian shirt and cassette tape for hair. I can't find a trace of this show existing at all Reply

      Was this robot named Max and features a boy friend and monster cartoons?

      I know the kid was human and it was live action and there was lots of yellow?

      Ccould you be thinking of Wake, Rattle & Roll?

      THAT'S IT! Why did I think it was Stop Radical Roll?

      That is the show I was thinking of! I do not know why I thought the robot was named Max. Sorry I could not remember the title, but I knew what you were talking about.

      Was the robot's name actually Dex? I have vague memories of this show being on the Disney channel in early 90's.

      D.E.C.K.S. not Max, I do not know why I thought it was Max, but it was definitely the same show as asked.
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    what was the name of the show that had a talking blanket and accordion puppet and took place in a nursery type room? I seem to remember the name of the blanket being Boofie or something like that.


      "Accordion puppet makes me think of Johnson and Friends

      the one I'm thinking of kinda looks similar to that, but is a bit smaller and is a girl. I think she had arms.
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    I slept at a hotel once and found this late show where they were very sexy girls living together and modeling and traveling, and they had there own comic magazine? Reply

      Was the "comic magazine" In-Universe or i published in real life?

      I don't think it was in universe it was a comic I think specifically for those women and they were pretty well known but they didn't just do comics they did sexy photo shoots with each other as well
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    a man in a desert city with robots and a giant white globe or sphere (there may have been an element of mind erasing; also, possibly a BBC series) Reply
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    Live Action TV
    I'm trying to remember a TV show that I saw a few times from my youth in the evening on PBS in Phoenix AZ. The host was a guy who was probably in his 30s or 40s, and it had the feel of a sort of hip Mr. Rogers. I don't remember having the impression that it was a locally produced program, but I guess it is possible.

    I thought maybe I'd imagined it or something, but found somebody else on another site that posted a question describing the same ting. That description is better than mine can be, so I pasted below, along with replies:

    The show aired in the mid 1990's on PBS (Arizona's Public Broadcast Channel 8) It was an improvisational/rhythm TV show, largely a one-man show of rhythm and musical improvisation with objects at hand. The intro I remember was a Subterranean Homesick Blues/Don't Look Back riff. The show's format was the main character would come into his Apartment address the audience in the style of Gary Shandling or Mr Rogers, and in the course of doing something mundane, sorting the mail or getting ready to make a meal, he'd find something that made a musical noise when he hit it, like the dish rack dings when he hits it with a ladle. He'd begin to add in other noises, reaching back to add a mixing bowl drum on, a colander to scrape across for a washboard noise. Then the phone would ring and he'd answer it and the scene/song would break. Other segments I remember were him wearing a large baby mask and drumming on a full drum kit, somebody delivering him a box of horns, and not-necessarly-the-blue-man-group but a group of blue painted men who arrive and do rhythm play with the main character. There was very little narrative episodic progress that I can recall.

    Is it possible that this was a segment in a different show, like Sesame Street?

    Almost certainly "Ear-Responsibility" by the legendary downtown NYC percussionist/composer David Van Tieghem.

    This was a standalone multi-episode program at least 3 separate episodes I recall. It aired late at night and while not necessarily adult themed it was not a kids show.

    Ear-Responsibility is remarkably close in format, and I'm checking to see if this Van Tieghem leads me to it, but this show was much more like a conventional sitcom in presentation.

    The main character would address the audience, upon arrival. "Oh hey you guys pfff, bills bills bills am I right" then he'd get a package from "old uncle victor" that had a musical instrument in it, and instead of a long running song like this it was a series of shorter 1-2 minute improvised bits carried by interruptions breaking in, a doorbell, a phone call.

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    I recall when I was 6 or 7 (about 2003 or 2004 probably, but I may be wrong) there was a live action show I watched with my father one night and one night only about a yellow car (might have been a dune buggy if I remember correctly) which was sentient and had eyes. This is literally all I remember and I hope someone knows, I've been trying to find it since that day. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    I remember an episode of Hey Dude! where someone says "I resent that remark" and the person insulting them says "no, you resemble it". This would seem to be the trope namer for I Resemble That Remark!, yet I can't find anything about it on that page nor the Hey Dude! page. Can anyone name the episode as I would like to put it as an example Reply
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    I remember a specific scene where her love interest falls off a mountain while video chatting and then comes back later in the season Reply

      Was it possibly an episode of Black Mirror called 'Be Right Back'? It's not comedy but it seems somewhat familiar to the episode.
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    I'm trying to remember the name of a show that was late 90s early 2000s. It involved two muppet style puppets who traveled through a "warp" type worm hole and go to different places around the world. They have a human female that they talk to through her watch. Teenage girl who went by the name of "charlie (Charly)". The one episode i saw had them go to some kind of imagineering location to see some stuff. This has been bugging me for years because i have not been able to find any information. Reply

      Field Trip also known as The Adventures of Pug and Zero [1]?

      Thank you Jormis 29 that is the exact show. Wow i cant believe its that old. haha thank you again for the help.
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    Live Action TV
    It was a live action TV show, possibly a special. I think it was named after a town (fictional or otherwise) and it centered around a man who was very average. It was narrated(?) rather than having any real dialogue. The town's people are gradually being body-snatched including the mayor and this ordinary man attempts to stop it. Reply
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    Idk if it was a tv show, a movie, or a made for tv movie...hell it may have been a vhs special... All i know is...it had a talking egg...a PUPPET egg My memory says it had a little suit on and little arms and legs..it may have spoke in rhymes..at one point it gets stuck in the mud and says a muddy puddle rhyme. i think it was lost and trying to find its way home.. It def has an 80s Barney vibe I think the kids are out looking for him and he keeps getting lost idk...its been bugging me for 20 years Reply
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    I remember a show from the early '80s in Australia where a spaceship lands in suburbia and turns into a house. The pilot or occupant was a robot who usually looked like a big human. I think he was called Rufus. There was a human who ended up living in the spaceship/house, called Ron i think ( or maybe that was his actor. The actor ,by the way, played Bob Hawke, or some politician, in a miniseries about the labor party i think). Does anyone know what the name of the show was, or where I could find out more about it?

    Solved: Having remembered their names bit by bit I reached the stage where I could Google it. It was a short series called Watch this Space. Reply
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    Okay, so I just remembered this older cartoon tv show that involved a cat. It was black and white I'm pretty sure and didn't speak. It had friends but I can't remember what they were. In one episode the cat finds a flea and it later turns into a flea circus or something. Another episode the character gets a bird that is rather destructive. That last thing I remember is that another episode was heavily focused and a clock for some reason. All I know is it's not Felix the Cat. Reply


      Sadly I feel like this is an impossible show to get.


      I watched it on DVD so I don't actually know if it was a tv show at some point

      Maybe James the Cat?

      Sadly, no. But thank you for helping!

      I feel like I remember another episode of the cat and his friend on a hill and it might've been raining and I think one of the characters was in a stroller.

      There might have also been a little kitten involved ?

      sounds like Felix the cat

      I don't know. I did use to watch it but it's not the one. Maybe it's a lost cause. It had a newer animation style than Felix the cat.

      Bump *sad face*

      Another suggestion: Doris?

      Sadly once again not it. Thank you guys for the help but it may be time to give up lol