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    Possibly a show, could have been a film either. From about 2000 onwards?

    There were these two friends living in a flat together, one either faked his death or (unlikely I think) died and came back, and the other was hiding it for him.

    It was sort of a lighthearted drama/comedy, in the vein of Peep Show


      What country was it from (UK, US...)
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    The fact that the people in this circus thing (carnival/circus, I think?) just up and disappear at the end was always unsettling to me. They magicall appeared and then disappear at the end of the show. I don't know if if was a series...I don't think so? But j always HATED that they just freaking went away. I remember no other part of the plot. I believe it's live action? Reply

      Possible has something to do with them being asleep like Sleeping beauty style? But could be a different show. Ugh!

      Could it be the movie adaptation of Something Wicked This Way Comes

      There were two versions shown on tv. One was a full-length feature, and another was a half hour show as part of the anthology series Ray Bradbury Theater.
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    I remember this show being on channel 5's milkshake in the UK roughly around the late 90's to the early 2000's. Basically there were two puppets a male and a female who lives on like a ship deck or a boat of some kind and they had a real female girl who I vaguely remember dancing and possibly singing while brushing a broom around the deck. I remember I used to love this show and it would be great if I could find out what it was called! Reply

      Were those the only characters on the show? If not, could it be LazyTown? EDIT: Oh wait, you said late 90's to early 2000's....

      Hi, no it definitely wasn't Lazytown, I think Lazytown was a bit after this show. I can't remember if there were other characters, they possibly could have been but I know the teenage girl was the only human in the show. Thanks for the suggestion though!

      This is probably wrong as there's no human girl, but Pirates (1999)?
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    got a tv in 1954... Hamilton, Ontario. there was a show about a store clerk who had a robot that came to assist whenever there was a problem. Anyone remember it? Reply
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    There was a series of episodes on Once Upon a Classic or some other Masterpiece Theater-like show, in the 1970s that was about a little girl who keeps seeing this strange man, but he disappears before she can find him. There was a mystery surrounding the man. These are the only two characters I can remember in the show, a little girl and a man, but I am almost positive that it ran on PBS. It also may have been a brief mystery series for children. I know this is very vague in detail, but it is all that I can recall about it. It's been over 35 years, but I would love to know the name of the episode(s).

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    that's pretty much it....shes warned in a way to put her seatbelt on even though the man says it's not time yet and one of the stewardesses shakes her head when the man offers her the window seat

    i feel it might have been an urban legend show ...

    it was in color Reply
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    I remember a show about a female lead. The game would switch between live action and the main character going into a video game through some kind of portal. She eventually gained help from friends she made in the real world. I also remember that between the first and second season she beat the "game" and came out in the real world in a whole new location without her friends, so she made new friends to help her best the next level. I think the show had at least 3 seasons. If it helps I believe it aired on YTV. I think it was early 2000's. It's been a long time since I've seen this show. Reply
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    I saw a clip of it once on a Youtube Poop, where Morgan hits her dress with an umbrella, but I am not sure as to what episode was it from. Reply
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    OK so this family moves into a weird town where people are to scared to talk about what's going on. The mom starts poking around and finds a hatch in this abandoned lot. I'm not sure if this next scene is part of the same show but at one point someone traps this little boy in a room where there's a set time to take him out before the gas is turned on and he dies. Just when the mom thought it was over this man breaks in and manages to get him out. Reply

      That first part sounds very similar to Wayward pines, however as far as I remember there was no part in the show where a kid gets trapped in a room about to be filled with gas.

      Thx ^.^ I'll look into it
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    I'm looking for a currently airing TV show; it had to do with a smallish group of people catching serial killers. They would always fly in a plane to get to the crime scenes, and there was an incredibly smart guy in it who constantly spouted statistics. Reply
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    Someone posted on this on the amazingly embarrassing parents trope page, and it looks interesting to me. Unfortunately, I have not watched much British TV or film to know this, but I noticed (and I saw this when I happened to edit the page, because I was temporary going to provide an example, but forgot what it was) that it was posted in 2008):

    "Many years ago there was a one-off British TV play, not played for laughs, about a boy who is so embarrassed by his mother's erratic hyperactive behavior that eventually he can't even bring himself to tell people she's his mother and calls her "a sort of aunt"."

    I asked this on the IMDB and one person responded with "Travels with my aunt", but they were not entirely sure. Does this seem familiar to anyone? Please help, thanks. Reply

      I'm confident that it isn't "Travels With My Aunt" — the main characters in that are an adult man and his actual aunt, who he reconnects with after they both attend his mother's funeral.

      I don't know what it really is, though.

      Thank you for replying, but that is very disappointing to hear. Does anyone have any ideas at all?!


      Bump again

      Bump (once again) no guesses?


      Bump. No guesses? Please help.

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    Two things from my childhood:

    This was a sci-fi show (I think) that aired in Canada in the early 90s. A guy was running through a forest and fell into a hidden pit that was disguised as part of the forest floor (my dad called it a tiger trap). I think it was a Hunting the Most Dangerous Game plot of some kind.

    The second was a kids' show that aired on YTV, I think, again in the early to mid 90s. It was also sci-fi. The protagonist was a young girl, or one of them was. I remember one scene where they were in the villain's lair or something and they pulled these huge cables out of a machine to sabotage it. Unfortunately that's all I have to go on. Reply

      Is the second ReBoot?

      i'm not well versed in sliders but scifi show + canada + live action... sliders? stargate sg1? outer limits?

      It wasn't ReBoot because it was live-action (although it was geared towards children). I did watch ReBoot as a kid, though. I'll look at past shows that have aired on YTV.

      I'm thinking the first show may have been Sliders, which I remember watching now and then. I'm pretty sure it was not any iteration of Stargate. I have no idea if it was The Outer Limits, because I never watched that show, but I'll give that a try.

      just throwing this out there... did you watch Deepwater Black at all? it only hits on YTV, science fiction, kid protagonists and early 90's. it wasn't aimed at children, more like 13-17 yr olds...

      Don't know if this is useful to ANYONE, but there is an episode of 'Star Trek the Animated Series' called 'The Practical Joker' which does the tiger trap as you describe. Notable because it was the first occurrence of the 'holodeck'. Mc Coy, Uhura, and Sulu are on the 'recreation deck' and fall into one. (1973-74)

      I don't remember a show by the name of Deepwater Black, and I don't think the episode in question was in space. That's the best lead I've gotten so far though, so thanks.

      That bit of trivia about TAS is interesting, although the show was definitely not animated. Maybe this is a trope unto itself?

      After doing some more research, I now think the second show I'm looking for was in fact The Outer Limits, specifically an episode called "The Hunt". I haven't watched it yet, though, but the synopsis sounds right (Hunting the Most Dangerous Game in a forest). Also, I know my dad liked the original Outer Limits series, so it's not surprising he would be watching the remake.

      I found an Australian cyberpunk-ish show (think Hackers for preteens) called Crash Zone which may have been the first show, but I'm getting increasingly doubtful I'll ever find it, since I've looked over all the sci-fi shows broadcast on YTV and haven't found anything that sounds right. It's possible it was on a different network, but I'm 99% sure it was YTV.

      Wait, did the first and second show somehow get swapped? Anyway, the Australian one with teens could be Mission Top Secret.

      Cyberchase? Not sure about YTV, but it is a kids' show and there would definitely be some cables in there. Plus I feel like it was relatively obscure, so maybe that explains why you wouldn't see it again?

      Sorry for the extremely late reply and for any confusion. I meant the second show was the one about cables and computers or something, and I didn't say it was Australian - in fact, it was more likely Canadian - but I said I did find an Australian show which may have been it. I hope this clears up any confusion.

      As for Cyberchase, I've never heard of it, but I'll look it up.

      Could it be Zixx Level One? The second Sci Fi Show I mean? It's have live action, half CGI though
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    I used to watch a show on tv it had a woman who had a bracelet on her right wrist that was silver with a green stone in it I believe and it could be turned into gauntlet full body armor or a sword but every time she used it it would take another part of her life what was the name of this show and where can I watch it Reply
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    I've been searching all over for this TV show. I feel like it was on Cartoon Network but may have well been Nickelodeon, since that was the most watched channel for myself growing up.

    It starred a girl protagonist, who lived in a suburban area. What I remember the most was the style, which very well may have been collage. I believe the girl had freckles. Most of the show was monochromatic, except for random items within the show such as the girl's hair (could have been green or blue) and someone's shirt. Maybe the grass. I see a fence, her freckles, green or blue tinted hair, and horizontally striped shirt. Reply
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    I'm looking for the name of an old kid's show that ran on PBS stations in Utah during the 90s. The show featured a person in a really weird looking robot costume and a early CG sidekick character that floated around the screen as a pink blob. The show was mainly focused on educational entertainment about space exploration and related topics. Reply
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    I am looking for two shows:

    1) An American sitcom (sometime between the 1960s and 1990s) with one episode involving a woman in a blue dress accidentally falls in water (possibly a fountain) indoors at a mall or at a party somewhere. UPDATE (thanks to Eastopatra): two women friends at a party with a snobby woman and then they 'accidentally' push her into the fountain (which was in a courtyard in the middle of a house, so it was a patio type area), it was at nighttime but really bright as if lit by moonlight as well as the lights of the house.

    2) A 2001 short-lived kid's TV show somewhat similar to Sesame Street (I think it was on either PBS, Nickelodeon) with puppets (both hand puppets and life-size puppets) and 2D animation. One episode includes kids (in pajamas, I think) dance-sitting holding a toy (possibly teddy bears) in a classroom, while two life-size puppets in front of a blue tarp or sheet. NOTE: the whole song is played the first time; the second time is the same thing, but the video quickly fades to black and the credits roll while the song is still playing.

    I have been searching for these topics for my entire life, and I still can not find anything. I remember watching them when I was in Gadsden. This is bugging me ever since, and I want to know what these two shows are. Reply

      Number 1 has been asked before, though no one's had any luck finding it. I wish you luck!

      Regarding number 1, are you certain it was a sitcom, and not a movie from around that time?

      I ask this because there is a movie which does have the sort of scene you've described in your inquiry. The movie is called "License to Kill" and it was made in '89.

      In it, Carey Lowell ends up in an indoor pool/fountain at some sort swank function. I think she may have been wearing a blue dress as well, but I wouldn't swear to that.

      That's not it. I think the water was shallow, not deep. Number one could probably be a soap opera, not a sitcom.

      Could it have been this scene from Dynasty?

      I watched a lot of PBS around that time and I can't seem to recall any shows like the one you mentioned in #2. So Nickelodeon might be your best bet.

      I think during that time, I have watched some shows on Nickelodeon also. So, that may be a possibility.

      Also, that fight in Dynasty was outdoors not indoors.


      Is number 2 Tweenies or Bananas in Pajamas?

      Is #2 Elliot Moose from the PBS block the bookworm bunch?

      The kids I mentioned earlier are real, as in human.

      if the woman going into the water was the result of a klutz bumping her in there, i have an impression of something like that happening in a movie "the party" with peter sellers. it may even have been a pond/water fountain deal.

      Bump. Also, someone questioned the woman after the incident. Therefore it was not The Party. Good try though.




      Also if I remember, the puppets are a combination of both traditional puppets and life size walk-around puppets.

      re: the puppet show - can you eliminate the shows in this list?


      several there I totally forgot about… eureeka's castle for one...

      I saw it in 2001, but I'm not sure what season it was.



      Maybe wait a couple weeks (or months) before bumping again?

      Bump. I know it's early, but I can't handle the wait.

      If you know it's early, don't bump. It will actually end up driving people away from your query. The more you tell people to do something, the less they will be willing to do it.





      Bump once again.

      Bump. It's been so long since this trope was up, and I still can't find answers. Either that, or I was imagining things the whole time. If anyone can help me out, that would be great. Thank you.



      can't help dude

      could the first one possibly be Sabrina the teenage witch? because I believe libby falls into a fountain in a courtyard wearing a blue ball gown during the episode where everyone is so dramatic that it's kinda like a soap opera


      Bump. I know it's been a really long time, but I still need to know these two shows.

      Priscella, do you remember what episode of Sabrina it is?

      Priscella is talking about the "As Westbridge Turns" episode

      I just checked it out. Unfortunately, that's not it.


      Bump. After many years, I'm still trying to remember these two shows and it still bugs me. Can anyone help he out please? Thank you.




      While searching for another lost work, I came across a movie called Picture This. It definitely does not fall within the dates you described, but I read that there was a scene where the main character falls into a fountain.


      I think I know the water fountain one, but also cannot remember it. I can remember a sitcom, two women friends at a party with a snobby woman and then they 'accidentally' push her into the fountain (which was in a courtyard in the middle of a house, so it was a patio type area), it was at nighttime but really bright as if lit by moonlight as well as the lights of the house.

      Sorry if that sounds weirdly detailed but now that will bug me till I find it.

      I think that's the one! Thanks Eastopatra.

      One question. Did the snobby woman dress in a blue dress and a blue hat?


      My apologies for bumping twice the same day.


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    There was this show I think from the 90's about this prison in space not far from earth. I remember the first episode where two of the jailers were eating and picking up transmissions from earth watching soap opera's. Anyway this big bad shapeshifting alien prisoner escapes then kills everyone but a female jailer who tracks the alien to earth where she teams up with this male officer who thinks she's crazy and doesn't believe in aliens only to find out it's all true. I only think this lasted a few episodes on either NBC or ABC. Does anybody know this show? Reply
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    I'm looking for a 2000's show (i think it was british or Australian) it was about a group of teenagers encountering supernatural/scary creatures. There was a black girl and one episode dealt with fairies. One episode had a train in it (a weird thing to remember i know)It had a lot of halloween-y characteristics. I remember it played on encore wam but i DONT think it was one of their original programs. I've been searching for years so it would be nice if anyone could help. Reply
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    There was a tv show on bbc I don't know which one it was about a group of friends I think about 4 of them they bought a slushy machine which they used to kill old people with for cash I think it was a comedy I think it was before or after 2010 if you have a clue email me at Joshua.haigh.huddersfield@gmail.com thx for the help Reply

      Man thing

      Joshua, posting your email address publicly like that is a very bad idea - there are bots that crawl websites, find email addresses, and bombard them with spam.
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    I remember watching this show or movie when I was younger, maybe about four or something. Where there was this kid, who read this magic book from this old man who I think had this antique shop I think and the kid would read the book in his shop all day. The only thing I remember from the it is the scene where the warrior guy in the book is traveling with his horse. He passes by this fountain and his horses goes to take a drink of the water. But the water like freezes him forever and the warrior guy is all sad. So they boy gets sad to and tries to skip a page to skip the sad part. But it was the same and the old man says that the only way to progress the story is to read it all. Even the sad parts so he kept reading it all and it was sad.

    I have been trying to find this thing forever and I can't remember the name. Please help me I want to watch it again. Reply
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    There was a show I remember seeing as kid/pre-teen (so it was probably early to mid 2000s) that was in a similar format to The Twilight Zone. There would be a different sci-fi story ever episode and a narrator explaining the moral at the end. One episode had a man and a woman in an enclosed area being taken care of by aliens, thinking they were prisoners and knowing nothing of previous human life. When they escaped they discovered that humanity had ended itself, but they decided to live without the aliens' help. Another episode had a man who slowly went crazy (dont remember why) and kill his wife, but he went back in time with a time machine and killed himself before he even met his future wife, and then he disintegrated. Another episode had a man who would switch between two realities (I don't remember much about this one). I really want to find out what this show was! It might have even been a 90s show and I was watching reruns idk, but I'd really like someone's help! Reply

      There is nothing wrong with your television. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now controlling the transmission. You are about to experience the awe and the mystery which reaches from the deepest inner minds to...... The Outer Limits
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    I've been looking for this show for awhile. I think it might have been called strange tv or trash tv but I can't find anything for it online. I don't remember too many specifics other than it had 3-5 minute long random skits but one reoccurring puppet character that lived in a junk yard, would eat a piece of garbage and then throw up. There as another short skit mockumentary of guys who travelled through the states lifting up the beds in seedy motels and finding strange things hidden under the mattress. I'd love to find a clip someday . Thanks! Reply
  • 0 Jul 15th, 2016 at 9:09PM
    Live Action TV
    I've been looking for this show for awhile. I think it might have been called strange tv or trash tv but I can't find anything for it online. I don't remember too many specifics other than it had 3-5 minute long random skits but one reoccurring puppet character that lived in a junk yard, would eat a piece of garbage and then throw up. There as another short skit mockumentary of guys who travelled through the states lifting up the beds in seedy motels and finding strange things hidden under the mattress. I'd love to find a clip someday . Thanks! Reply
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    This show was maybe from the 80s. It had a kid detective (about 12ish) who had been ill and read a lot until he was like encyclopedia Brown. He wanted to use his knowledge but no one would hire a kid so he hires an out of work actor to be the "detective" for the clients. It was maybe Canadian or British, but I'm not at all sure. Reply
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    mom over doses first episode male kid moves with sister, who is involved in illegal activity Reply