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    6th Feb, 2016 05:59:16 PM
    (this is going to be very vague sorry) Does anyone remember this live action kids tv show? It's Australian and it was probably on in the mid to late 2000's. I can't remember a lot of specifics but there was an episode where a boy got turned into a dummy, and another were a brother and sister were washing the dishes and the sister ended up being a robot or something. I'm pretty sure there was also an episode where these boys found like a glowing thing that helped them with their maths test or something then one boys parents used it for the lottery and then they died or something. Any help would be really appreciated because it's been annoying me for so long.(I'm also pretty sure it's not Goosebumps) Thanks Reply
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    Live Action TV
    6th Feb, 2016 03:12:26 PM
    So this was a live action TV show from the 80's. It involved some kids and an adult. Not sure, but I think the adult was a kindly, gray-haired guy with a mustache.

    Anyway, it was spooooooky, and I remember being scared of it as a kid. I want to say it aired during the Children's Television Workshop block on PBS, with 3-2-1 Contact and the Electric Company. I want to say 3-2-1 Contact would alternate between this story and The Bloodhound Gang.

    The stories were always mysteries that would be solved by the kids with the help of a mysterious typewriter that is implied is haunted. It always took place on one set which had brick walls and was a shop(?) where the kids hung out. The kids knew about the typewriter...or ghost... but hid it from everyone else.

    I remember the show had spooky music that really created the ambiance, but they also hid a lot of the story elements and drew out the backstory, so you didn't know for sure what was happening.

    In googling it, I kept coming across Ghostwriter, which was quite a ways after this show I'm thinking about aired (Ghostwriter first aired in 1992), but I watched a couple episodes on You Tube and the music was similar. They were so similar, I thought the 90's version might be some kind of reboot, but I couldn't find anything that said it was an update. Reply
    • 6th Feb, 2016 05:26:03 PM
      The only 80s show that I can think of with kids and a typewriter is Read All About It!
    • 11th Feb, 2016 11:36:41 AM
      Since it appeared the typewriter was haunted it could be Ghostwriter, note I have never seen the show myself so I could be wrong

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    6th Feb, 2016 08:51:13 AM

    I hope someone can help as this is really bugging me.I am trying to find a tv programme or episode of a tv programme shown in the UK from the mid-late 90's/early 00's.

    I think it was a crime or thriller and I can only remember the very end where 2 girls in their late teens are revealed to be the people behind the murders of the programme. I think they are sisters or posing as sisters and possibly have a lesbian relationship. I think they are desperate to stay together which is what causes one, if not both to commit murder. One drinks poison and dies and I think the other then jumps of a roof.

    I thought it was a Morse episode and one of the girls was played by Jodhi May, but I haven't found anything that matches.

    It's not much to go on but perhaps someone out there saw it too!

    Thanks to anyone who reads this and a bigger thanks to anyone who can solve this. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    2nd Feb, 2016 04:12:23 AM
    A film with the not-so-original theme of people being replaced by androids, but with the twist that the androids keep some traits of their "original", even if it hinders them. I remember a scene in which the hero goes to ask a professor for help, only to find out that the professor is also an android who then tries to kill the hero (glowing red eye(s) included). The hero escapes by stalling the professor with questions, causing the android to interrupt his kill program to deliver a lenghty answer.

    This little scene has been floating around in my memory for some time now, and I would love to put it to rest :-)

    As for the timeframe: not sure; I think I saw it on German TV in the late 90s or early 2000s

    Any help appreciated!

    • 9th Feb, 2016 01:57:03 PM
      Found it: Annihilator, intended to be the pilot of a series which did not get produced
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    Live Action TV
    28th Jan, 2016 04:48:39 AM
    I am looking for an old documentary I once watched that was about a hypothetical manned journey around the solar system. The thing I remembered about it where the spaceship they used was very long and had this giant disc in the far end of it where the thrusters are. I also remember two events in it. The first was a swing-by close to the sun where the crew used that giant disc as a shield to protect themselves from the sun. The second and more memorable scene happens later in it when they are next to Saturn. One of the crew ended up with cancer due to radiation exposure, and died as a result of it. The last we see of him alive is him being in the observation deck to get a close view of Saturn's rings. The crew then enter radio silence and hold a Burial In Space, allowing him to become a part of the rings he so adored. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    26th Jan, 2016 03:53:11 AM
    This is a bit of a long shot, but it's been bugging me for years. Thankfully I remember it well enough, I'm just guessing it wasn't terribly popular.

    It was an english language show subbed in portuguese that ran in the early 2000's in Portugal. I'm guessing it was either UK or Aussie, but I could be wrong. I'm willing to bed Aussie because I remember it had some sort of non American accent but didn't look like britain. Then again, I was in grade school, so I'm probably wrong. At the time, the local cable kids channel bought a lot of cheap live action kids shows to fill in the night slots. I've tried to ask my peers but it's useless because no one else stayed up that late (Whoops)

    I remember thinking the title was an odd/non-direct translation. It was something like "the wizards" or "the magicians" in portuguese

    The first season(?) was about a boy in summer camp that due to a chemical reaction in a cave with sulfur and lightning(??) gets sent to another world where the people have like this dark ages style of living while there are these "wizard" ruling class people that use "magic" but it's actually science and the boy realizes it

    the second season(?) is about the girl the boy meets in the first season (i think) being sent to our earth and getting all fucked up because technology

    specifics i remember:

    - the main villain is one of the wizards. she's a woman who takes great interest in keeping technology away from the working class. in the second season she also comes to our earth

    - there's one scene where the boy is trying to explain to the girl and a bunch of kids how the earth revolves around the sun and how planets work. the wizards show up and the parents tell them that he's their weird cousin doing a traditional dance from his village

    - in another scene, the boy is trying to explain cars. "Could a car drive us through this forest?" "Well, no, there's no road." "Then it's useless."

    - the girl is at a hospital(?) in our world after she's found wandering around. she sees a young woman walk into an elevator. elevator goes up. elevator goes down. out comes old lady. nurse tries to lead girl into elevator. shit ensues.

    - this might be a different show entirely, because, again, there were a bunch of these shows on at the time, but i think it's this one. the girl meets a trio(?) of homeless teen siblings. there's something about chalk drawings, busking and the police

    I think that's all I remember. It's been bugging me since 2010

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    Live Action TV
    25th Jan, 2016 06:09:36 PM
    This occurred in the late 80s or early 90s. I recall it being a 3d show on tv. I don't know if it was a once off or a reoccurring series but you didn't need the blue/red 3d glasses but grey polarizers. Or you could look through one lens of a pair of sunglasses.

    There was an intro, possibly by a bearded man, who possibly was a magician. I recall a sword being thrust toward the camera to test the 3d capabilities of your glasses. It could have been a movie on tv as well.

    I hope someone can help. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    22nd Jan, 2016 08:25:50 PM
    I remember only one episode I think it was a spooky tv show in the 1990's and it was a kind of R.L Stine show. A teenager is forced to wear a metallic bracelet around his arm and is haunted by a man with a green face that only him can see. Then, bad things would happen to him like he was doing a oral presentation and suddenly appeared naked in front of everyone in the class. Please help it's been bugging me for years! Reply
    • 31st Jan, 2016 07:27:09 PM
      Are you Canadian? It's possible it was Are You Afraid Of The Dark. There's an episode list somewhere on Wikipedia that might help you track it down, if that's the show it was from.
    • 4th Feb, 2016 09:45:17 PM
      I believe that was Are You Afraid Of The Dark and the episode was called "The Tale Of The Renegade Virus"
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    Live Action TV
    21st Jan, 2016 12:46:30 PM
    Ok I have no idea where this came from but it scared the crap out of me as a kid. I only saw the first 3 mins and this guy is on the beach at night and a lump raises out of the sand like a mole and it chases him and sucks him down and then it cuts to opening credits. It's like Tremors, but not? And it was on basic cable.

    For the longest time I thought this was from X-Files Reply
    • 21st Jan, 2016 03:59:59 PM
      Possibly Blood Beach?
    • 21st Jan, 2016 10:10:35 PM
      You guys it was Sliders.... I need to go light myself on fire I am so angry. Kangaroo Jack and Sallah scared me off the beach as a child. It has literally been 20 years and it was Sliders this whole time...s3.15 Paradise Lost. I'm going to go end my entire existence
    • 22nd Jan, 2016 04:57:38 PM
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    Live Action TV
    21st Jan, 2016 06:50:23 AM
    Anyone remember a show where two boys, possibly brothers, travel to another world inhabited by Muppets or at least muppet-like creatures? from what I can remember, I think they travel back and forth by turning a dial on a medallion. I remember one of the reoccurring character is just a head living with a witch (both are muppets). as for how old it is, it should be around early 90s or earlier. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    19th Jan, 2016 02:07:34 PM
    This was a live action kids show I watched sometime during the early 2000s. I remember it had to do with a young boy, who I think was some type of cyborg. And one of his arms (or maybe both) was robotic and I think he would often remove it and switch it for different types of robotic arms for various different purposes. The only other thing I remember is one episode specifically, where this cyborg boy was with a young girl and they're outside somewhere, it's snowing and everything's covered in snow. They find some big structure in the middle of all this, walk a round a bit inside it, not really sure what it is. Then somehow some bad guy kidnaps the girl and gets away, but the cyborg boy realizes that the structure they found is some type of time machine. So he keeps going back in time, trying to do something different to save this girl, but the same thing keeps happening and the bad guy keeps getting away with the girl. Then the episode ends with him saying something like "if I can't change the past, then I'll change the future."

    This has been bugging me for a really long time, and at this point I don't even care if the show was actually garbage and I couldn't tell cause I was a kid. I just want to find this show so I know it actually exists. Any help would be much appreciated. Reply
    • 21st Jan, 2016 04:23:41 PM
    • 22nd Jan, 2016 05:00:00 PM
      Yep, that's it. Totally not what I remembered, but you got it! Thanks so much!
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    Live Action TV
    19th Jan, 2016 01:42:57 PM
    Never mind. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    17th Jan, 2016 06:29:25 PM
    CAN ANYONE HELP WITH THIS KIDS SHOW?! It's been driving me insane. I was born in 1995 so it had to be from the 90's or early 2000's.

    It began with an intro going into a chest through the keyhole, there was a pair of floating hands wearing white gloves in front of a stage with red curtains. There was also a scene with talking stuffed animals/toys. Also a part with a painter who was silly and would do artsy stuff. The whole show had different parts to it. I cannot figure out what it is.... Reply
    • 18th Jan, 2016 08:45:13 AM
      Maybe Zoobilee Zoo?
    • 18th Jan, 2016 11:21:05 AM
      Sounds like Itsy Bitsy Time. The hands were The Handymen, the silly painter was Smart Arty, and the stuffed animals was The Animal Shelf. There were other parts too.

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roWAoukP3cw - this is the intro
    • 22nd Jan, 2016 07:03:15 PM
      Sounds kind of like Art Attack, also like Itsy Bitsy Time.
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    Live Action TV
    12th Jan, 2016 10:00:38 PM
    This one show is driving me nuts: It was a kids anthology series from the 90's. It started off live action, then transitioned into cartoon and finished in live action. I remember it being kind of grim/horror-esque, and you never found out how each episode ended, which as a kid, drove me absolutely insane.

    The only episode I remember was about a girl who was hanging out with some friends at the mall, I think I remember them pressuring her to smoke. In the cartoon part she was travelling through her own decomposing body, with certain body parts telling her she should've taken better care of herself. She attends her own funeral (still within her own body) and learns she has to ring a bell inside her lungs in order to live, while an antagonist tries to stop her. The cartoon part ends with the girl attempting to ring the bell, and the antagonist just about to jump on her. The antagonist was non-human.

    Any ideas? I've done many, many searches with no results. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    12th Jan, 2016 03:18:02 PM
    There was this Live Action Tv show about this group of kids who went on magical learning adventures inside this old abandoned lot that was completely surrounded by a wood fence so that you couldn’t see inside. Inside was a portal to another dimension or something with all sorts of stuff that changed from episode to episode. I recall it being the first time I ever heard of the Knights And Knaves puzzle and it was played pretty straight here. If I recall correctly every episode was filled with logic puzzles very similar to that one. I remember one episode ended with another kid outside the main group looking through a hole in the fence and seeing some magic stuff and there was, I think, a story arc about adults wanting to build something on the empty lot. I’d say it was on tv in the last 80’s or early 90’s. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    9th Jan, 2016 02:06:12 PM
    So there's this show me & my family used to watch on PBS's website in like, 2006. There was this whole town(colonial/Victorian era. No one's made up their minds), and officials were mining to build a railroad track. And there were these doctors, and a girl was dying, and there was this rich family with this old lady who carried around perfume(seriously, one of the only things I remember about her). And there was this poor family and this boy who stole milk from someone's cow, and the cow ended up getting hit by the train. Thinking about now ten years later, my immediate thought was Downton Abbey, but upon discovering it started in 2010, I just think that's too late. Plus, The Other Wiki doesn't say anything about a train, and that was a major plot point.

    Anything? Thanks. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    8th Jan, 2016 08:10:27 AM
    The first time I posted this query I didn't check "Live Action TV" because I thought it literally meant "live television." Anyway, I've been trying to find this TV episode for years. I think this was an episode on a TV show with a different story every week, like Alfred Hitchcock, Thriller, or one of the many others like Kraft Television Theatre, etc. It takes place in contemporary times (1950s or early 1960s). An older man with an automatic pistol (probably a .45) is holding a woman captive in a what I believe is a castle. A younger man is trying to rescue her. First the young man tries dropping a cannon ball on the older man's head, rolling it in a gutter or something so it will drop through a hole, but he misses. Next, he fills an atomizer (like for spraying perfume) with pepper, or maybe pepper and water. When the old man comes to the door, he sprays the pepper in his face and rescues the girl. I remember my dad saying "the old man is holding the gun wrong!" because his thumb is wrapped around the curved part in the back of the slide, which would have bolted backwards when he fired pistol and injured his thumb. My dad always picked out these little errors. Can someone please help me remember the name of this show? I saw it on TV in the early 1960s but it may have been made earlier. Reply
    • 13th Jan, 2016 04:30:11 PM
      I found it! It was an episode of Kraft Mystery Theatre, season 1, called "The Desperate Man." The bad guy was played by William Hartnell, who went on to portray the first Dr. Who is the British Dr. Who series!
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    Live Action TV
    7th Jan, 2016 08:00:28 AM
    now here's a hard one for you, in the mid to late nineties I used to watch a gameshow probably on bbc2 or channel 4 in which the contestants acted like the government cabinet against an unfolding scenario and made decisions that the government would or would not make in a critical situation 'like a major flood in london' all against the clock. It had quite good visuals and video feeds making it look like you were 'skype-ing' the emergency services. It was broadcasted on sunday evening about an hour long , was I really the only nerd who watched and really enjoyed it Reply
  • 1 Jan 6th, 2016 at 1:01PM
    Live Action TV
    6th Jan, 2016 01:22:59 PM
    Young adult live action TV show, made in Canada. I watched it around 2006 on a public access channel (PBS) here in the states. It featured a boy who had a time machine in his basement that brought back various historical figures. (I remember an episode where Casanova is brought to the modern day and all the local housewives fall in love with him) I also remember an episode featuring Passover and how Jewish people set a spot for Elijah for Passover. This is driving me crazy! Reply
    • 6th Jan, 2016 01:58:20 PM
      Just found it after about two hours of looking. It's called "Mentors"
  • 1 Jan 5th, 2016 at 1:01PM
    Live Action TV
    5th Jan, 2016 01:42:05 PM
    Children's TV series from the 1990s, probably British.

    A family's electricity gets shut off and, trying to get it turned back on, they uncover a weird conspiracy between different people running different parts of the city.

    The father is a writer who had previously been suffering from writer's block. The man in charge of the city's utilities had suggested a cure: write a passage every day, about anything, and send it to him. He's been accepting these writings in lieu of payment for years. More recently the father felt he no longer needed to follow this regime, and stopped - hence the power cut-off. But it turns out his writings have been providing some kind of power or influence for the head of the utilities.

    It was a bit like Neverwhere, with a kind of alternate city existing behind the scenes, and mysterious characters in charge of different fiefdoms, such as utilities, finance, and so on. But it wasn't Neverwhere. Reply
  • 3 Jan 2nd, 2016 at 7:07AM
    Live Action TV
    2nd Jan, 2016 07:22:16 AM
    Sometime during the 1990s Channel 4 here in the UK had a night of Japanese themed programming hosted, I think, by well known Japanophile Jonathan Ross. One of the programmes shown was an anthology show that was described as Japan's answer to The Twilight Zone.

    It was a half hour long and consisted of two 10-15 minute segments.

    From the episode shown, the first segment was based on the the old urban legend about a female driver being chased by a man in another car, only for it to turn out to be a police officer trying to warn her about the psycho killer hiding on the back seat. (I've checked the Danger Takes A Back Seat trope with no joy).

    The second (and IMO much better)segment was a rather creepy tale about a mother who discovers that her young daughter has befriended a child ghost - who wants the daughter to become her playmate for ever. The last shot is of one seat of a playground swingset starting to swing by itself, followed by a second seat next to it (the daughter whose death the child ghost has engineered).

    I'm pretty sure the show was made no more than a few years before it was shown on British TV; it seemed pretty modern at the time. Does anyone know what it is? Reply
    • 2nd Jan, 2016 10:51:04 AM
      One of the things I can find is Japanorama, but it was on TV later than the time span you gave. It was hosted by Jonathan Ross, though. Something closer to the time frame is something called Manga!

      Either of these help?
    • 18th Jan, 2016 02:49:45 PM
      Sorry about the delay in replying to this. Thanks for the suggestions The Unsquished, but I actually came across it on one of my old VHS tapes!

      The theme night was broadcast in 1991 and was called "A Night in Japan". It was connected with that year's 'Japan Festival' which took place in London. The programmes were introduced by a middle age presenter I did not recognise. I'd probably assumed that anything Japan related would be presented by Jonathan Ross, especially on Channel 4.

      The programme was called Mystery Tales. There was an introductory prologue hosted by a man standing next to a copy of Edvard Munch's "The Scream".

      The first segment was called "The Touch of Horror" and wasn't as straight a telling of the Danger Takes A Back Seat myth as I'd remembered - the protaganist has psychic powers that can detect the past of an object. She thinks the man who has given her a ride from her broken down car is a serial killer after touching a pendant belonging to a murder victim she finds in his car. She forces him off the road and flags down another car and gets into it. She then has another vision from the pendant and this time she sees the murderer's face. Of course, the driver of the car she had flagged down is the murderer. And it turns out the man she had been with earlier is a police officer hunting him.

      The second segment was called "The Makio Rumour" and again wasn't quite how I remembered.

      Rumours and urban myths are all the rage at school. A schoolgirl finds that her younger brother has been compiling a list of these rumours on his computer. She decides to add one of her own and concocts a story about "Makio", a boy who haunts the playground at night. If he asks to play with you, you are never heard from again.

      She is surprised to hear the rumour at school the next day - her brother denies having read it. The rumour receives embellishments, and then children start to disappear, including eventually her brother. She goes to look for him, only to encounter "Makio" at the playground, who asks to play.

      The final shot is of the playground at night, with the swingset seat swinging, followed by another.

      "The Touch of Horror" was even worse than I remember (the 'policeman' acted so suspiciously that anyone would have fled from his car), but "The Makio Rumour" was even better than I'd remembered.

    • 24th Jan, 2016 05:51:37 AM
      I'm glad you found what you were looking for. :)
  • 6 Jan 1st, 2016 at 7:07PM
    Live Action TV
    1st Jan, 2016 07:13:40 PM
    Caught this on TV years ago. I used to think this scene was from Sliders, but I saw the whole show on Netflix and the scene never appeared. I do know it's Sci-fi however, based solely on the dialogue.

    Two characters are having a tense conversation. One is a younger man (the protagonist, I’m assuming) and the other is an older gentleman (seemingly the mentor character). Based on the setup, I think the older guy has been with the hero for at least part of his journey, and trust has been established. But now that trust is in question. The older man asks the younger one for something, to which he replies “Sure, just… let me read your mind” as he reaches out his hand to him. The older man responds with a big “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” As he holds a hand over his forehead, as if he is trying to keep the kid out of his head.

    I know it’s an older show (probably 90’s or early 2000’s).

    • 1st Jan, 2016 10:27:06 PM
      What do the characters/actors look like? Race, age, Celebrity Resemblance, etc. might help to narrow it down.
    • 4th Jan, 2016 03:13:09 AM
      might be Babylon 5, I don't remember this specific scene, but it's the right timeframe, and there's definitely some mind reading...
    • 4th Jan, 2016 10:23:15 AM
      I only caught the first couple of seasons of Babylon 5, but the only mind reading (non-antagonistic) characters I remember from that show were female. Maybe I didn't watch enough of the series...
    • 4th Jan, 2016 05:45:28 PM
      B5 has at least one male telepath, but that would be Bester, who tends not to be liked by anyone and is also played by Walter Koenig of Star Trek fame. You might try the re-whatevered version of The Outer Limits.
    • 6th Jan, 2016 02:36:39 PM
      It is Jack Kirby: Time Warrior. The line is "Let me read your time memory".
    • 23rd Jan, 2016 09:36:07 PM
      Thank you! I was finally able to rent "Josh Kriby", the final episode of the TV series being "Last Battle for the Universe". The exact line is "Let me probe your time memory". And the mentor/villain says "Never!" instead of "No!" Amazing how time can alter one's memory.

  • 0 Jan 1st, 2016 at 11:11AM
    Live Action TV
    1st Jan, 2016 11:26:31 AM
    Basically from what I got from the brief explanation : a woman gets pregnant by her boyfriend/husband(?)'s son.

    I wanted to make researches to see if it was any good, but I forgot the name:( Reply
  • 2 Dec 30th, 2015 at 3:03PM
    Live Action TV
    30th Dec, 2015 03:40:57 PM
    Episode of ER. Favorite child lays in hospital for something the unfavorite supposedly did but actually didn't. Title please. Reply
  • 1 Dec 23rd, 2015 at 7:07AM
    Live Action TV
    23rd Dec, 2015 07:00:29 AM
    Hi, I need some help in finding a tv series (I've only seen an episode):

    - it is a spanish speaking series (possible produced in Spain) - It is a horror series (a newer one, poss. from 2000~)

    The episode: it was about a single mother who has a young daughter that has some paranormal powers. The little girl (10 years old ?) is able to bring into the real world fictional/mythic monsters from fairy tales/ moveis, etc, that help her to deal with real life issues.

    In this episode, the girl brought into the real world Leatherface (from Texas chainsaw massacre - I think it was him, with a mask and a chainsaw) in order to protect her. It is also possible that she is imagining all of this, the show is fairly complex

    Also, the father seems to be one of the main antagonists (who is trying to ge the girl ?)

    does anybody know the title of this tv series ? Thank you

    PS: sorry for my language, i'm not an english speaker Reply