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    A film revolving around a miller's daughter being courted by three suitors. One of them was a water spirit that gifted her an item (possibly a fish scale) that would let her walk on water and even visit him in his home. She ended up using the gift, but did NOT end up with the water spirit. Reply
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    I'm trying to find this film that I rented and only bothered to skim through because I found it so boring. It was back in the 2000s, pretty sure it was before the 2010s, and I think it was a film adaptation of The Mysterious Island. I remember it involved a band of characters being stranded on an island that a Mad Scientist had populated with various giant versions of normal animals, and there was a climatic scene where a bunch of soldiers or pirates or something armed with guns were swarmed by various giant animals, including a giant snake and a giant chameleon (or maybe it was a lizard, but I know it did the tongue-grab thing) and many of them were Swallowed Whole on-screen.

    This ring any bells for anybody? Might have been the 2005 film for Mysterious Island. Reply

      Anybody? I don't like bumping this, but I really thought somebody would know this one.

      Spy Kids 2?
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    In (I believe) the 80's, there was a live-action movie with a set-up that sounds serious, but it was a comedy and everything was played for laughs.

    A white boy from the suburbs travels with his father into a big city, but somehow gets separated from his father and meets up with a street-smart black boy. They become friends and decide to become criminals and steal cars, even though they're both too young to drive. Somehow, they end up in some kind of competition with a gang of adults (Mafia?) and of course the plot follows the standard "kids are better than adults" formula (only here, the thing they're better at is stealing cars). In the end, the white boy's father shows up and he returns home.

    I really don't know the details. The crime they were committing might not have been stealing cars. The video box art was the two boys looking "cool" and wearing sunglasses while leaning against a car, so that image may be tainting my memory. The movie itself might not have featured cars that prominently.

    The one scene I remember with absolute clarity is the opening scene: The white boy and his father are on a fishing trip, and the dad decides to give the kid the birds and the bees talk, only for the kid to interrupt him and tell him they already learned all that in health class. Because of this, the first word spoken on-screen in the movie is "Sperm". Reply

      The Outsiders ?

      It's definitely not that. I'm sorry.

      Hawk Jones?

      Interesting. But in "Hawk Jones" they cast child actors as adult characters. The movie I'm looking for had children as actual children.
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    noo one will probably be able to tell me but there was a series i watched about two gay men summering in a fancy house and it had amazing piano music but i c an't find it anywhere please help. Reply
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    It was a 2D animated cartoon video that seemed like several stories were somehow related. I don't think they were all part of a greater linear story. I think it was just about several animals and how they were included in certain stories. I don't remember how many stories there were.

    There was, I believe, a bear who would talk to the viewer as a narrator/introduce the story that was about to come up. And I think he was also involved in some of the stories as well. Somehow I think his eyes were covered by his fur? He had a rough, old man's voice.

    I only barely remember 2 stories from the anthology:
    • One I'm not as sure about: I think it involved a race between the different animal characters that was underwater or just in the water at the beach? If underwater, I think it's possible that non-aquatic animals were underwater too.
    • I remember this one more clearly: One of the animal characters was, for some reason, building a very tall house. It was as if she/he kept getting told to make the house bigger or knew that more characters would be living in the house so she/he had to make it bigger to fit them. Or that there were more animals who would be living with her and making all of these demands for how their room in the house should be designed.

    The animal characters were all about the same size to each other, i.e. a mouse character would be the same size as a bear. Reply
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    I saw the beginning of this movie while travelling on a Royal Carribean cruise. The movie was about an afterlife world for good people. For every good/bad deed that people did in their life, they got a corresponding positive/negative score. The people with top highest score are put into a special afterlife world together. However, a bad girl was mistakenly placed there. Every time she did something bad, weird things happened to the world. Can somebody help me with the name of this movie please? Thank you so much in advance Reply

      Could it have beeen the start of The Good Place?

      That's it. Thank you so much for your help jormis29 !!!!
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    There's this movie about Boys kidnapping girls to be there wives and the dads of these girls are trying to get them back..does anybody know the title of the movie? Reply
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    I remember watching a typical zombie apocalypse film many years ago, but the name eludes me. The one scene I remember clearly is a propeller-powered plane crash landing onto the roof of a mall or some other sort-of tall building. The main characters were trapped there, as the building in question was completely surrounded by tens of thousands of zombies. I'm pretty sure the survivors eventually repaired the plane and escaped. Reply
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    A movie I saw as a child, only thing I remember is a creepy eye moving around the walls inside the ship and a boy, I found a "Flight of the Navigator" but I don't recognize it, the eye in it isn't creepy enough, but if that is the only movie with these things then I guess that's it Reply

      Might be 'Explorers'?

      Just in case it is Explorers here is a trailer from an old Rugrats VHS tape with clips from the movie on it (clip begins at 1:25)
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    Okay, I remember a movie about this girl on an island with her lizard(?), I watched it in like 2010ish, It also had a person who was afraid of leaving her house. That person thought the girl needed help so she went to the island and the girl didn't want to leave or have people there so she slingshoted lizards(?) so the people would get scared and leave Reply
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    Okay this is a long shot because the film was pretty old and I don’t remember much but it’s been bugging me for years so I thought I’d give it a shot. I used to watch this live-action video when I was young where a kid or maybe two kids, went to bed and entered this other world (obviously a set) kinda looked like a park. There were creatures there but I can’t remember at all what they looked like except that they were people in bad consumes. Can’t remember if they were animals or not... if someone remembers and says one I would probably remember. Also I think on the same video at the end there were magicians doing magic and then a puppet teaching how to make bubbles with water and dish soap, kind of like a cheap knock off of Sesame Street. Sorry I know this is all jumbled but I thought might as well see if anyone else recognizes it. Reply

      From the mention of the puppet showing how to make bubbles, Peppermint Park? It definitely was a cheap Sesame Street knockoff, and I believe one of the main puppet characters was even named Ernie.
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    There's this movie about this boy who moved from Chicago to a new town does anybody know the title? Reply
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    There's this movie about a ventriloquist on a Ferris wheel when the Japanese were invading, do you know that film? Reply
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    Pre-2005/6 kids show/movie. It opened with live action kids reading a book about a lady. Then they got sucked into the book. The world was pretty pink and live action but kind of fake. She had hair that changed to be in pigtails (not Loonette the clown, but similar). I was a little kid, so I didn’t really follow it that well. She was guiding the kids or trying to get rid of them by getting them back home or dumping them elsewhere, and they had to hide sometimes. There was a bit I really remember where she approached some men who were singing a never ending song where every verse ended with “begin again.”

    I was pretty sure this was a dream, but then it turned out Pete’s Dragon was a thing, too, so I figured I’d give it a shot. Reply

      Well, there's a 99% chance you're thinking of the campfire/children's song "Michael Finnegan," there, but as for live action children's films that feature it, my Google-Fu is drawing a blank. Too much of a glut of children's YouTube programming, and all. Hope that can start your search though.

      This is definitely “Wee Sing in Sillyville”, which has come up on this forum a few times! I think this is the song you’re looking for. https://youtu.be/XlzMSBDsZFs
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    I remember a comedy where 3 friends were lost in a forest and met 2 girls who lived in a tree, and the short blond friend fell in love with the blond girl. Then I think they found a kind of treasure or something and there were guys that wanted to kill them or throw them into a sort of pit/cellar (I'm not so sure about this) and in the end the blond guy goes to live in the forest with his girlfriend and another of the friends became a scoutmaster. Thanks in advance! Reply
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    As a kid I saw a documentary about a famous rock star. Now that I'm grown up and know who rock stars are, I'd love to know which one it was. Could have been anyone from a Rolling Stone to Lou Reed to Cobain, although I'm pretty sure he was American (definitely not a Beatle because I knew them too well). I think he had a fairly rough life, probably did drugs and the aesthetic I am picturing in the documentary is a run-down house with graffiti on the walls and a fire. The only scene I remember is him talking about a band he was in in High School who called themselves "the Vultures" and he showed an animation he did as a teenager of someone being captured by vultures and made to listen to their music. Reply
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    I am slightly inclined it's a tv series.NOT SURE THOUGH. It starts with a drone strike in a family wedding of a terrorist. His nephew, X, is a medical student, he films the air strike in his phone. This guy survives and comes back to college. His roommate uploads the video to the internet saying the world needs to know. After uploading the videos, someone comes and threatens him not to talk to the press about this. from there the story starts. X steals medicines from the hospital to for the terrorist who apparently survives the air strike which was intended for. X gives a bag full of medicines to his girlfriend which her father finds out and throws it out. He now doesn't have the medicines. A spy comes in as journalist to find out about the air strike offers him money for the medicines in exchange for information about the air strike. She has to get the information in 3 or so days which he is not interested to give. So she seduces him and sleeps with him for the information. That's all I can remember. Does this ring a bell to anyone.? Somewhere i remember English (British) accent in this. Reply

      Sounds like season 4 of Homeland

      Woooow!!! That is it. Thank you so much.! How did you find out? O.o

      eh, general knowledge

      Anyway your welcome
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    A group of hikers spill some ancient blood and the sin doesn't come up after that . They draw sticks to see who they sacrifice then the sun comes back up but only for a day

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    Okay... here's what I know! I viewed this movie (or possibly an episode of a show) during the 2000s (2004 to 2012). All that I recall is that there were two main characters being followed throughout the film. One being a boy/guy and the other being a human-sized robot (who would later reveal herself to be a girl/woman after removing the robot head/helmet). I believe they were both on some sort of quest, but that is all that comes to mind. Also, I think that they kissed after he finds out that she's a girl. And it was not a cartoon! Thanks for the help in advance!!! :) Reply
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    There's a TV show that I used to watch when I was younger but I can't remember what it's called. The opening was the main characters standing on clouds and at the top there were wings. It was about two teen male friends, one of them was magic. In one of the episodes, one of the friends' were doing a burger eating competition with another guy. The magician made his friend throw burgers everywhere. Reply

      Im fairly sure youre thinking of a show called 'wingin it' its about an angel in training calle porter(as far as i can remember) who help a guy called carl . In the later series there is a raccoon like puppet. The intro has the character up in the clouds
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    It's an animates show where the guitars talked, it was a Christian show. The acoustic guitar got famous and started being a dick and then he was sad because he didn't have any friends and then he stopped being famous and got with his friends. Reply
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    film or drama, but I remember it s gay themed, a rich man falls in love with an indian butler/bartender in a hotel...its full of intrigue and suspense Reply

      It sounds a little like the Grand Budapest Hotel, but I'm probably wrong.

  • 6 Jan 28th, 2018 at 11:11PM
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    I am not able to remember a movie name. I remember it is a horror movie in which protagonist's heart is removed by the evil villain. But hero will not die because heroine draws a heart shape on his chest which keeps him alive. In the climax the villain is able to call monster like creatures with help of hero's heart. But those creatures will listen to only those who have that heart and hero manages to get his heart back and the creatures kill the villain. This is the plot I could remember can any one find the movie name.(I remember something like while removing heart some insects (like cockroaches) are placed on his chest) Reply

      Guys please can any one remember this plot from any movie

      Can you remember anything else? That does sound familiar. I was thinking Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but I do not know if that is what you are looking for.

      And Show It to You, or maybe Beat Still, My Heart, are the tropes you're looking for, but I can't find anything on those pages similar to what you're describing.

      sorry guys these are not what i'm looking for. It is not related to forests or caves. I remember that it happens in normal cities itself. Any way thanks for the response.

      By any chance, are there any vampires or zombies?

      No there are no zombies. The monster like creatures are like ghosts. And one more thing I remember is protagonists brother was killed earlier.
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    k, this is really driving me bonkers, people.

    I'm looking to find an old show - I was sure it was Hitchcock - one of his black & white 30 minute shows, but I can't seem to find it anywhere and i need help.

    Here goes.

    It starts off - a woman finds a pair of shoes whilst working in a second hand store as a clerk and comments, "oh, what lovely shoes".

    She tries on the shoes - all of a sudden she turns into the woman who was murdered in those shoes, by her husband.

    She immediately calls the husband who murdered her and says, "I'm not dead and I'm coming for you" - hangs up and goes to the guys house!

    She gets to the house - maid opens the door - she marches past the maid - goes upstairs, disrobes and climbs into a hot bath.

    Now, having taken off her shoes at this point, she switches back to the person she was before she put the shoes on, she gets paranoid, climbs out of the bath, puts her cloths and shoes back on, only to hear a man knocking loudly at the door, demanding to know who she is and what she's doing in his house.

    Fear stricken, she opens the door, runs past him - out the main door and out onto the street.

    As she's running down the street, one of her shoes falls off.

    She then takes the other off and placed them in a garbage can and continues running.

    Then a maid from this house, where she put the shoes in the garbage can, opens the can lid -sees the shows and comments, "oh, what lovely shoes".

    Does AN Yone know what show this is??? Thanks for your help! Reply
  • 2 Feb 1st, 2018 at 5:05PM
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    It's a movie I saw on TV some years ago. I remember very little about it, but I'll try my best to describe it. It's about some teenagers that have some kind of magic powers. In the beginning of the movie they are in a car doing some crazy stunt and one of them say something like "Harry Potter has nothing on us" (however I'm not sure if that line is really part of the movie, as I was watching the Brazilian dub of it). And then the rest of the movie is like, they're in this place with other sorcerers, the main guy meets a girl and they fall in love, that usual trope. I believe something happens to the girl involving spiders. And then he takes her to a very old country house claiming that it belongs to his family, and there they meet an old housekeeper as well. Then a lot of stuff that I don't remember happens, but I think it centers around the old house quite some more. Sadly I don't remember who the villains are, but they end up there as well. By the end of the movie, some kind of prophecy is fulfilled and the main guy becomes more powerful or whatever. It's a very cliche and unoriginal story, but I really want to remember its name. Reply

      Sounds like The Covenant.

      Yes, that's it! Thank you!