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    In the desert there's a warehouse where a black lady is an sorta oracle and a red head girl lost her brother but works the she was brought in by the head guy. What show is this Reply
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    So there was this cartoon show when I was like 4-8 (posting this as a 12 year old), and I was positive it was Mission Impossible, but I can't find any trace of it? So pretty much there were these two people, a guy and a girl, the girl had like orange/red hair. (I forgot entirely about the guy's appearance). But I do know that one of them had like a ferret thing? This probably isn't enough information but if anyone knows, thanks! Reply
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    That claymation show witht the creepy circus/clowns aired in the early 2000s. Mightve been a Canadian show. Reply
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    This is a movie i never actually saw but overheard this scene when my brother was watching. From what I remember there was this guy (possibly the protagonist) who had taken drugs accidently (not sure what kind) and for some reason when a cop pulls him over he starts cracking up about how pullover is also a kind of sweater. Reply

      I think that's in Dumb and Dumber. Just search the pull over scene on youtube

      I'd guess Dumb and Dumber or possibly Up In Smoke.

      It's not dumb and dumber. I'm sure as I have seen it many times. also now I'm thinking the guy might have been played by Steve Martin?


      If anyone can confirm this scene is in Up In Smoke I can put this to rest.
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    A non-English slasher movie set at a university (I think I watched it on SBS so Iím not sure what the original language was). Some of the parts of the movie:
    • Movie starts with a girl coming in late to test in morgue and there are cheat notes written on the underside of the cadaver she is dissecting. Killer comes in a black cloak and dragging a knife along the metal dissection tables then kills her
    • One of the characters is captured by the killer in an ally and tied to stake and set on fire. The other characters find her but due to the fire are unable to get close enough to rescue her.
    • At the end, the murderer is revealed to the main character/Final Girl who enrolled in university to kill students who cheat on tests.



      Bump agian


      Ooh, I know this! Give me a few moments, I know it, I know it....

      I don't know if this is your film, but it sounds like "The Cut", a South Korean film from 2007:


      No it wasn't Asian

      The killer considered herself a successor to a group called the black (black as in they wore black not race) troubadours or mandolin players or something
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    Some years ago, it might be 10 or 15, I saw a foreign film which I'm positive was Scandinavian where a father takes his children to the movies. However, they go into the wrong movie and see a film where a couple is walking down the beach with their dog. It played out normally until suddenly the woman turns to the man and says " let's eat the dog". The next scene in the movie being watched is the couple sitting or dancing around a fire. The father then takes his children out and demands a refund. It's unlikely but perhaps the encompassing film is famous enough in whichever Scandinavian country it was for someone to recognise it. I'd like to add it to the Art house film as an example of satire. Reply
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    Its a pretty long running show, but i have only seen 1 episode. It started out like most crime series with some case that they solve that episode. However t he thing that caught my attention was that at the end of the episode there is a sub plot about theprotagonists partners ex-wifes husband being murderd. And some muddy boots tie the murder to said partner. Thats pretty much all i remember. I will be very impressed if anyone figures this one out. Reply
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    I saw the movie when I was a kid, sometime around 2001-2005ish on TV with my parents. I don't know how old it was, but it was in color and the overall quality makes me guess it was made withing the last couple decades (quite good bracketting, I know). What I remember of the plot centered around this fairly standard 'town with a secret', that a group of cowboys had just rode into, and the one scene I clearly remember was a man in a western barber outfit (black vest, white button down shirt, those black strips on the elbows to keep them tight) hitting a man in the face with a shovel. Right affter that, a mysterious Native American showed up on a bison, and led him away. Later, he took two of the cowboys, unconscious for some reason, away as well, though I don't remember why, and threw them, into this random canyon full of lava. Both got shots superman-cam style as the fell down, showing their face, and them waking up and screaming right before they hit the surface. Weird as hell movie, be awesome if someone knew what it was. T Hanks! Reply

      I think this is probably Purgatory. I haven't seen it myself, but coincidentally somebody described it to me a few days ago, and there's unlikely to be two films from that period featuring a mysterious Native American dragging people away and throwing them into a canyon.
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    When I was a kid I saw a science fiction horror movie on TV. It was almost certainly of European - perhaps Italian - origin, dating from around the early 1960's. One of the characters was a cyborg or a flesh-covered robot or somesuch. In one scene he's feeling rather ill. There's a close-up of his midsection as he pulls the front of his costume open, and the flesh falls off the blinking mechanical innards like so much rotten hamburger meat. (I believe it was a crude but effective stop-motion sequence.)

    I want to say the title was something like War of the Satellites or Battle of the Planets or something similar, but there are several movies with that title formula.

    If anyone can definitively identify the movie, I'd be forever grateful. Reply

      It may take some searching, but it might be here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_science_fiction_films_of_the_1960s

      A few stand out as possibilities: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Creation_of_the_Humanoids https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Human_Duplicators

      Thank you Erica B. I have tried that angle and it really wore me out. I should say the film in question involved space travel (as I remember). Not either of these, as I know Creation of the Humanoids, and would have certainly remembered Richard Kiel.

      Update 1/17/17: It seems the movie I've been thinking of is Mario Bava's "Planet Of The Vampires" (1965) - although it's all not as I remember. It was an alien-posessed reanimated corpse, there were no blinking robot innards (only rotting flesh and bone), and it wasn't animated, only a rubber chest piece. I seem to have conflated the rotting chest with some wiring in an equipment panel in another part of the movie. Somehow, the image of hamburger falling off electronics is still in my mind -whether I made it up or it's in some other film I can't remember will now bug the hell out of me.
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    I only remember two sequences. One is where the main character's dad is driving, but his brakes were cut and hijinks ensue until he crashes safely. The other is where the dad is hiding from some assassins in the wild and trying to suppress a sneeze, but his son (who seems to have become some kind of one with nature hunter or something) is standing behind him and says "geshundheit/bless you". Reply
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    1) It's an action/espionage thriller directed by Danny Boyle

    2) This movie stars various actors from a popular live-action children's action-adventure TV franchise

    3) The logo is a circle inside a triangle below three lines

    4) It was seen at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

    5) It's from TriStar Pictures and GK Films Reply

      Are you actually asking for help, or are you mistaking this page for a quiz game? Since you appear to already know who the director and producers are, I'm tending towards the latter.

      well, in either case it's T2 Trainspotting

      I have no idea why this guy keeps making these inane threads, especially the part about "a popular live-action children's action-adventure TV franchise", which I believe is complete bullshit (possibly to throw us off the scent). Perhaps he thinks he's being clever, or less likely, maybe he's being paid by TIFF to shill their movies on Internet forums.
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    Don't remember a lot about them, but what I do know:
    • Made in the 70s-80s
    • Stars a guy like Rambo, but not him. Neither is Chuck Norris
    • All 3 take place in Vietnam
    • 1st I don't remember. 2nd is a prequel to the 1st and has the hero shot down during the Vietnam War and taken to a POW camp. He eventually breaks out. 3rd is after the Vietnam War where the hero goes after his girlfriend; climax end in the bad guy's chopper destroyed

      Are you sure it's not Chuck Norris? What you've described is pretty much the progression of the Missing in Action movies.

      Probably is after all. Wasn't sure if it's some 3rd guy like Norris/Rambo or it was Norris

      I second the Mission in Action series of movies. The 2nd one is the prequel.
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    I remember seeing this one scene from a movie on tv before I left or changed the channel. It showed this bad guy in a car about to run over this guy on foot (who I assume was the good guy) but the good guy jumps out of the way in time and the bad guy can't stop in time and drives off the cliff. It was NOT For Your Eyes Only. For one, the scene was during the day Reply

      Are you sure it was a cliff? From memory All the Little Animals (With John Hurt and Christian Bale) has this exact thing but with a sort of pit instead of a cliff.

      It might have been the movie "Duel." Was the bad guy driving a semi-truck?

      not Duel. You could see the bad guy's face.
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    I only watched the last third of the movie, but it involves a girl saving her city inside an At-at thingy from an Evil Chancellor who tried to execute her father with spinning spikes. Then in that ruckus, some guy assassinated an empress and chaos ensued inside the city in th At-at thingy as the girl and the chancellor in his One-Winged Angel form fight. Reply
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    Hey tropers, I remember watching a live-action movie at my friend's house sometime in the early 2000s, probably 2002-2004, in which the main character's parents (?) were killed at a dance when they fell off a stage (?) and were trampled underneath the other dancers. I remember you just see some blood spurting up across the dancer's clothes. The main plot was something to do with a young woman who wanted to be a dancer/singer. I also remember a scene where she was cupping her breasts in front of a mirror. I remember thinking it was pretty stupid and kind of inappropriate (I was a sheltered kid) so it was probably a more teen-oriented movie than something for little kids. I kinda want to find out what it was just out of sheer morbid curiosity. Reply
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    I remember only two things about this movie, one of them is not that much of a spoiler since it's what makes the story goes forward, and the second is a major ending-plot-twist-spoiler:

    1 - A woman, the main character, is invited to participate in a festival (I don't recall what kind of festival it was. I take it was a festival for the departed/deceased) and as everyone is taking their seats to watch a certain presentation, she sits on the front row. Everyone looks at her as if she was a spawn from Hell, and she looks around her and see a lot of people that weren't there. The front row is reserved for the spirits of those that have departed, and by sitting on that row, she has angered them.


    We find out (probably on the last minutes of the movie) that the man that have been accompanying her all this time has been dead, which explains many situations when people act rude to him, as in walking straight at him without apologizing or cleaning a table and throwing the scraps at him. Since the main character sat on the front row on the movie's beggining, she saw the man, whereas everyone else not.

    I'd be very grateful if anyone could help me find the name of the movie, I've been, sincerely, looking out for it for a few years. Reply

      Perhaps you could try the "Dead all Along" trope page? I hope you find it because it sounds interesting!

      The front row of seats tradition is done during the Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore and Malaysia so presumably the movie is based in one of those locations

      The Maid has a scene like the first part you desribed, could that be it?

      Thank you, jormis29! "The Maid" is definitely the movie I was looking for! It seems I might have misremembered some details (it has been many years since I've watched it) on the overall, but that scene you linked is exactly how I remember it. Again, thank you.

      Your welcome and if you you want to make a page for the film and need help there is the How to Create a Works Page

      Thank you. I will read that page and try, on my small spare time, to build a page for the movie.
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    Probably a movie, possibly French; I only remember a couple of scenes that were apparently two Imagine Spots:
    • In the first one, a surgeon arrives drunk for an operation, and even drinks from the medical alcohol bottle.
    • Cut to two characters (one of them being the "surgeon") and the other (apparently the Straight Man) berating him and telling him a drunk surgeon would not do.
    • The Straight Man's Imagine Spot: After opening up the patient (the first guy), he orders his assistants to wake him up (which they do by slapping him). He proceeds to tell him that his liver is completely ruined by alcohol (helpfully pulling it out to show him), and tells him something like:
      "When I see a liver like this, I take it, I cut it (cuts a pair of blood vessels linking it to the rest of the body) and I throw it in the trash!" (does so)



      Let's give this one a near-anniversary bump.

      Yearly bump.
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    One line in a book I'm reading (Into the Dark, to be exact) mentions "an old movie" that the protagonist apparently saw. Here's the full line:
    "The windshield wipers went back and forth, back and forth, reminding her of this old movie she'd seen, featuring a metronome and someone locked in a closet."

    That sounds too specific to be something that the author just made up. Does anyone know what movie this is a reference to? Reply

      Was it maybe "The man who knew too much"? I can't remember if there's a metronome or not.

      I don't think that's it. Bump.


      Are you sure it's not a Show Within a Show?

      It could be. I don't know.
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    I remember starting this film a few years back, but never finishing it. It was starred by the director of the film, whom, if I remember correctly, is bisexual, as is his character. It won a Quebec Film Award or something of the like.

    I only watched the first few minutes or so, but I remember the main character fighting with his mom about little things, on the drive to school, and I'm pretty sure the fight escalated to the point where he jumped out of the car during a red light to walk to school. And I was thinking, "Wow! No wonder his film won the award, the director portrays a high-school student's life perfectly."

    So yeah, does anyone remember watching this? Thanks! Reply
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    A one off drama about two men collecting protection racket money in the North of England, enter an Indian restaurant demanding protection money. After some months or years of this, the owner has had enough and kills one of the men and puts him in a curry, the other gangster arrives and is looking for the other gangster, the owner offers him a free curry, but the gangster is really eating his friend in crime. Probably a BBC one off drama between 1995 and 2005. Any ideas?

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    I saw this old movie back in Elementary school, but we never finished wathcing it. It was live action and told the story of a girl whose brother was killed by wolves. She lives alone, and one day a wolf came into her home. She didn't trust it at first, but eventually warmed up to it. If I remember correctly, she named the wolf Rantu. Reply
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    I don't remember if it was a movie or tv show but basically two men where released naked in a city and had to make the most money possible. They stole stuff like clothing and like I remember a scene where one of the guys dirties a jacket of a stranger and says that he will clean it and give it back (to use it). And basically at the end who had the most money (or object value) won. I remember that like at the end both guys had the same but one won because of a coin the other gave him at some point. Idk if I'm making sense. Reply

      Pretty sure you are talking about the "Albert's Challenge" episode of Hustle
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    does anyone know the name of a movie about a guy who was divorced because his wife couldn't stand the fact he didn't want to have sex with her, and then he like falls in love with a teacher after he hears her talking with her students about how romantic love wasn't real but an invention of recnt times? and then they get married but he can't have sex with her either, and at first she thinks it's fine, that they can be happy only talking and spending time together but then her mother/friend (i don't remember) convince her that thats not right so she leaves him, but then he goes and puts a song in the radio for her in front of her appartment and they get back together?

    I think they from the start decided to have a relationship without romance, but the woman didn't know it was also going to be a relationship without sex, in one part the were having a dinner and he got drunk, and the woman tried to romance him into bed, I dunno if he got drunk so it would be easier, but in the end it didn't work and he asked her to stop wich hurt her feelings Reply

      uhh, nevermind, I found it, it's called The Mirror Has Two Faces all I had to do was search movie about platonic marriage in google, the term was too silly for me so it never ocurred to me search for it that way.
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    In an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch about Star Trek Into Darkness, David Letterman plays a clip of some unknown old black and white sci fi movie (maybe Japanese) where the hero fights three mooks (who look somewhat like Robby the Robot), hitting two of them with a mid-air split kick. Does anyone know what movie that clip is from?

    EDIT - https://youtu.be/JFle8UgqzdI?t=7m21s Reply
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    The fim (Asian, color, dubbed into English) starts off with a guy doing what a narrator calls 'cooking kung fu' around a bunch of pots with stuff cooking in them. Later in the film., the guy's silly friend says he does exercise also and starts winking and blinking. The hero asks "What's that?", the friend replies "Eyelid kung fu!", and the hero answers "That's not kung fu!" That's SILLY!". Reply