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    I saw this around 2010 on Hallmark, it was an original movie (I think), colorized. It was about a woman who dated this man in this small town who took care of horses. She had two children, if I remember correctly, a son and a daughter. In one scene, the boy (I think it was the boy) saw the man in a room looking back at him with a slightly sinister smile. He saw the devil's tail appearing from the back of the man. I think the end had the woman finding out who the man actually was and he was jeered out of town. It has been a while since I last saw it, so I am probably not getting all the details right, but this is all I can remember, please help, thanks. Reply
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    The only thing i remember is that it started in a car. It was driving through a tunnel and there were lights flashing on both sides, then it drove out of the tunnel and turned to the left. On the right there were barriers and behind them a forest i think. You could not see them but in the car there was a child and his parent(s), they were talking and the parent(s) started to tell the kid a story when they got out of the tunnel. Please, if anyone has any suggestions, write them! Thank you. Reply


      Please, I really need to know!


      Sounds like the beginning of Spirited Away.

      Was going to say Spirited Away also.

      Thank you very much for trying, but sadly, thats not it. Im sure that it was not an anime. But please keep trying, because I really want to know.




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    Not sure if this is a movie or show, I just remember watching it on vhs tapes. It involved a club of kids that met in a tree house or clubhouse and they had certain problems like getting along with siblings or something. For example, the one I remember is this little brother went camping and took and picture of his sister squatting (it was a children's show so it didn't show anything graphic at all) and he was gonna put the slide of the picture in during a school dance or something and they end up making up or something like that. Another storyline ended with them writing thank you notes for cookies or something. I want to say the name has something to do with humanity society or tree house society but I've Google all variations of that.

    Thanks in advance, new to this site and this is awesome! Reply
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    Hi there. This time around I'm trying to find the name of a live action horror film. In it a nanny is tasked with caring for a boy named Eric Keys. We don't see much of the child and everytime the nanny approaches his door there is a noticeable growling sound. Though when he talks, he sounds like a normal little boy. At one point in the movie, the Nanny tries to bring him some lunch only to hear the same growling noises. She slips the tray through the door only for it to come sliding back very quickly almost as if it were thrown at her. The little boy screams "I don't like tunafish!" At another point, she reads a poem written by the little boy. The last line is "Ended up dead" it's complete with a drawing of the nanny and Eric hanging by their necks. Needless to say, she didn't take that well. Google turned up nothing but I distinctly remember scenes from this film or show or whatever it was. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. Reply


      What year did you see it, approx, and do you remember anything else (plot, names, actors, etc)?

      I don't know the year. It looked pretty old to me even then The style and feel was similar to Tales From the darkside. There's also a scene where we see the little boy playing with blocks and laughing but only his back is visible. His hair may have been yellow.

      I also remember pieces of the poem, namely "Crossed the seas to take care of a boy named Eric Keys." That line gets nothing from google either though.

      Found it! it was from a VHS tape called Ghost Stories: Graveyard Thriller. The story is The New Nanny. I even saw that the episode was online. Now I'll get to see the ending.

      So glad you found it. I managed to buy the VHS tape on E-Bay, because I want to check this out, but I read reviews from the IMDB and three were downright negative.
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    This was a short film circa 80s-90s that I think I saw as filler on HBO. In it, there's a dinner party somewhere in France, and this pretentious American lady goes on and on about how she loves it in France because everyone's so progressive, not like those backward, Puritanical Americans, etc. etc.

    Then she excuses herself to use the bathroom, which is just a toilet with a big, transparent glass door. The rest of the short is just her trying to devise a way of using the bathroom without anyone seeing her, trying and failing to cover the glass. Meanwhile the dinner party goes on, and nobody pays any attention to what is going on right behind them.

    Anyone else know this one? Reply
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    Is there any other DCOM about a kid whose uncle is younger than them? I could only find Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board but I thought there was an earlier film like that too from 2002-2005. Reply
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    I watched half of it on Netflix several years ago. I remember reading on Wikipedia that it's an adaptation of a play, or something to that effect.

    I think it was about a baby being the Sole Survivor of a royal family and being raised to kill his parents murderer. All I clearly remember was this scene where a guy kills a newborn by throwing him on the floor. Reply
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    ı cant remember the name of a sitcom which contains an old mom and dad and their 2 daughters one is blonde one is brunette and their husbands. Please help if you know this show!! Reply

      Do you have any other details that might help? Any names or storylines or things that might have happened them?
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    I saw a movie a couple of months ago and went to show my mum and can't for the life of me remember it, hoping you guys can help.

    I'd say it was made it the 80s but was set way before then in America at a time that getting a job was difficult. A guy is sent to this prison and befriends one of the new guards. The new guard enters his cell and drops his baton but the inmate doesn't attack him, he just hands it back to him. The inmate befriends an older guy at the prison and also gets friendly with the head of the prison who is trying out a new rehabilitation technique of sending prisoners out to town for good behavior and trusting them to come back. So the prisoner is allowed to go to the library everyday and in civillian clothes but he ends up sexually assaulting the lady he met at the library and isn't allowed out anymore. The head of the Prison lost his job because of this and was really angry.

    I remember the prisoners beat a guard to death in the laundry room and I remember the prisoner ended up asking for the death penalty and talking to a priest a lot.

    I know it sounds depressing as hell but it's really really annoying me and the only similar movie I can find is the Shawshank Redemption which it isn't. Please Help! Reply

      Do you remember if any of these prisoners you described were in a gang? Did the sexual assault prisoner survive the money? Is sexual assault guy the main character in this movie? These 3 items will help my google search a little more.

      None of the prisoners were in a gang but they all helped murder the prison guard in the laundry room. The sexual assault prisoner was the main character along with an older prisoner he befriended and the guard he befriended. It would often show the prison guards life outside the prison with his wife who didn't like his new job in the prison. I can't remember if the library girl survived the sexual assault but I'm pretty sure she did. I remember she'd meet the prisoner in the library most days and I remember telling him he could get a library card, he just needed to give her his address which he didn't because it was the prison. They got close and she invited him to her house one day in town. As part of the rehab program he was only meant to go straight from the prison to library and back so he broke the rules leaving the library. The sexual assault happened in her house but I can't remember for definite if she survived or not.
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    12-ish years ago I watched a movie with my family, it may have been foreign (I live in the U.S.). It was probably rented from the library or blockbuster, so I don't know when it would've actually come out. It was either oddly animated 2D or cel-shaded 3D animation. I don't remember much about the plot, but it had a steampunk aesthetic that reminds me of the non-atlantean tech from Disney's Atlantis. People lived in the sky, on floating islands and in airships. There was a war, or an attack or something. The story was a little intense, too; there was some death, and some blood. The main characters were a boy and a girl, one of them loses their father. The boy had to use a turret on a ship at some point. I'm thinking it was probably an anime movie, but I don't remember enough about it to confirm.

    EDIT: It was Aero-Troopers and even though it was steampunk, it wasn't like Atlantis much at all so I don't know why I thought that. Reply

      Could it be Castle in the Sky? I know the main characters are a boy and a girl, and there's both airships and a floating island. I don't remember if it has death or blood because I haven't seen it in years.

      Definitely sounds like castle in the sky! It includes pretty much all those elements.

      Castle in the Sky does seem like the story fits, but it doesn't look quite right... I'll have to find the full movie and watch it to see, but in the meantime, if anyone has any other guesses?

      Maybe Steamboy?


      That's definately Castle in the sky/Laputa. Disney's Atantis totally ripped off the design LOL!

      Oh my god it was Aero-Troopers. I was just going to revive this because I saw Laputa again recently and it definitely wasn't it. It looks much more horrible than I remember, and not at all like Atlantis, but it's definitely Aero-Troopers. Thank you.
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    This is probably super obvious but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. It's a German language film, a secret police guy crushes on the girlfriend of a guy he's spying on so he tries to get rid of the guy somehow. Reply
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    You know the movie "In Time", with Justin Timberlake? When I first saw the trailer my first thought was "sweet, they're doing a remake". I distinctly remember watching (on Eurochannel, so it's probably European) a short movie (half-hour-ish) with pretty much the exact same premise - time is a currency, the wealthiest people have centuries of years' worth (and regularly do live for centuries), people whose time ran out are shown dying suddenly, and so on. The main differences (other than it being old, i.e. 90s at most, possibly earlier) is that people have a card with their time account (rather than it being on the forearm), and it shows the ceremony all newborns go through where they get 30 years to start with. There's also a sad scene with a young woman at a bar where she keeps swiping her card to hear her balance, which is ticking ever closer to zero.

    I can't find any information about it ANYWHERE (starting with In Time's IMDB page of course), and nobody else seems to have heard about it. Anyone know what I'm talking about and can verify I'm not *completely* crazy? :-P Reply

      The Price of Life (1987) or Logan's Run (1976)?

      Yes, that's The Price of Life. You can watch it here.
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    I will be amazed if anyone knows what I am talking about. My mum bought me a VHS from a kida soft play thing in what was probably 1992ish. It had a weird name and had a few short films/animations on it. All I can remember is the first 'film' being an animated tiger and the one that really stands out is non animation with a boy and a witch? And he ends up in the witches house in the woods? It used to scare me to death. Thats all I can really remember, very obscure indeed.

    the front of the vhs might have had a moon on it. id know it if i saw it. im sure the vhs haa a very strange title

    thanks Reply
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    I remember them glowing green in the film and something to do with fireflies. Maybe they rubbed the glowing substance from the bugs on themselves or ate them. It was slightly scary of I remember right. Can anyone help? Reply
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    In the late 80's or early 90's, my mother recorded an episode of something off Channel 2, the public station in Minnesota. It involved George Melies' films and the groundbreaking special-effects technology he used. Most of the commentary was in French, with a delayed English voice-over. Several of Melies' films were shown, including 'A trip to the Moon' and 'One-man band', but there were modern films made in tribute to his work as well. My favorite was one about the Devil trying to lure an older gentleman to Hell using the Seven Deadly Sins and mostly failing; the main music used was a brassy, loud classical piece that I simply cannot find the name of, but very fitting for the action. In the end, Satan caught the old guy with Lust, dragged him to Hell, and made some very tasty soup out of him. It was hilarious. Reply
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    Idk if its a movie or tv showor if its a kids movie but its animated and me and my bf remember in great detail a scene where someones getting married and they like shove their hand into someones belly button amd yank out their imtestines through their belly button (it pulls slightly then snaps) and they hold it as a bouquet and it looks like pink cauliflower with cords hanging like stems. What is this movie my god 😂 Reply
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    Okay, so I understand this may be a pointless endeavor as I don't have a lot of details on this movie but here it goes... It's similar to the Tom Hanks/ Meg Ryan movie "you've got mail". From what I remember, a guy is in an outdoor cafe with a friend, he hears a girl he likes give an email to a friend of hers. He writes down the email and starts messaging it. But it wasn't her email it was her bosses. The guy and boss start instant messaging back and forth about their days and their lives and end up falling in love. Someone please please PLEASE help, I would be indebted to you. If I had to take a wild guess I'd say somewhere between 2007-2011. Reply
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    I remember this trailer for a Christmas movie involving vegetables (?). It was a CGI film from 1998-2001 and I think it was on a Stuart Little VHS tape. Reply

      Oh gosh, that's probably The Nuttiest Nutcracker...

      Yup, that's it. Thanks. It always seemed like a mediocre film yet I could never get its trailer out of my head.
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    Does anyone remember the name of this film? Based on what i remember of the grain of the picture, I guess it was made between the 70's and 90's. ...So, there's this kid on the "wrong side of the tracks" getting chased by gang members and he runs into a store at one of the corners. (Which didn't match the rest of the building, that store alone looked like a warehouse, anyway). "Mr. Miyagi", asks him what he's doing and then the gang members burst through the door, shooting at "Mr. Miyagi" to get to the kid. (Plot-Wise, I think that's a little overkill. I can see gangsters beating up a random kid, but not shooting a random kid. Unless he stole something from them. Anyway's, besides the point) "Mr. Miyagi" dodges all the bullets, disarms them and scares them off. Shazam, that happened! The kid asks him how he did that and if "Mr. Miyagi" would teach him how to dodge bullets. As the movie continues, "Mr. Miyagi" is teaching the kid the composition of gun-fu and the secret to dodging bullets. And at the end, "Mr. Miyagi" is ambushed by multiple gangsters, (which now seem more like mafioso, whatever) and they all unload clip after clip trying to shoot "Mr. Miyagi". The kid is going to "Mr. Miyagi's" workshop where he's been learning from "Mr. Miyagi" and hears gunfire, then looks around the corner and runs towards "Mr. Miyagi", together both dodging bullets. The movie ends with the Big-Bad getting shot by one of the bullets from one of his own guys. Anyway's, the movie was somthing like that, but i cant remember the name of it. I checked IMDB, Mr. Miyagi, Filmography and didn't recognize the film I was looking for. Does anyone remember the name of this film? Thanks! Reply

      Heads-Up, it's not "The Matrix", "Equilibrium" or "Ultraviolet", which all have bullet-dodging gun-fu. And it's not "Chocolate", which has bullet-dodging parkour. Also, I'm not sure it was Mr. Miyagi, that's why I used quotation marks, but in hindsight realized that may not of been obvious. ...If you can think of anything, let me know. Thanks!

      Sounds vaguely like the fictional martial art of Sinanju, from Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, but the plots have almost nothing in common beyond teaching how to dodge bullets...
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    Does anybody remember the name of this film? It starts out, (obviously) in the future (although, the film itself looks like it was made in the 70's). There's spacesuit looking clothes, mechs are the main choice of vehicles, etc. The main characters are running an obstacle course as part of they're military-mech training, (that looks strikingly like the metal geometric half sphere, made from smaller triangles they had at recess when i was a kid), but room by room going down. Designed to help them get into there mechs as quicky as possible. The next day, the main characters (a male and a female) are running late for training, because they making-out! Meanwhile they're base get's hit and they get separated from the rest of they're team. The Big-Bad destroy's that base and every other base and the result is: post-apocalyptic world. Fast-Foreward, the main characters are still together, but struggling to survive. The guy remembers where a mech is (from before the apocalypse), that fell into a sinkhole and convinces her to go with him. They pack-up splunking gear and the equivalent of a mechanic's tools, but for mech's and head-out. They finally get there and spulunk into the sinkhole, but they have to leave some of the tools up-top, because they can't fit. They reach the mech and nearly fix-it-up, she splunks up to the surface to get something they need to finish fixing the mech just as the same Big-Bad (in his mech) is walking by. The Big-Bad see's her and tries to step on her. She does everything she can to dodge him from stepping on her, while staying beneath his mech to prevent him from shooting her. She manages to get the tool needed to fix they're mech and splunks back down, landing on top of they're mech and finishes fixing they're mech. He starts it up and I forget how he gets it out from the sinkhole to the surface of the desert, but he does and the old mech beats the new mech. The End. Anyway's, I can't remember the name of this film and hoped someone else does. Thanks! Reply

      Well, that sounds something like Robot Jox, but it's complicated because the whole "recover lost mech" plot sounds like the plot of Robot Wars, a different movie though billed as a Robot Jox sequel. I doubt it's what you're looking for because the training stuff takes place in Jox and the apocalyptic wasteland takes place in Wars... I'd say you conflated the two films, perhaps watching them back-to-back, but the climax in Wars is nothing like what you described, and takes place with an entirely different cast of characters anyway...???

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    It was a film; on British television in the late 90s or early 2000s. It was about a woman who had a thing for her boss(?). Only he was married. And was having an affair with one of her co-workers. So she hatched a plan to murder the woman he was having an affair with and frame the wife. Reply

      Also, I think the first and last scenes of the movie were the same. It involved a woman slamming into a roof, having jumped/fallen from the building above. I think the roof was glass or something, 'cos I seem to recall people hearing a thud, looking up and freaking out as they saw her body there. However, my memory of it's pretty hazy, so I might have mixed up some details.
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    Hey guys. My mom was reading the paper, the NY times, and mentioned a film she read about that she thought she might enjoy. But my dad threw out the paper and she can't recall the title, and well, here we are. This was about a week ago in the Friday paper, if it helps. My mom said the film was live action, based on a manga or anime (she can't recall which) and featured a young girl or boy befriending a "large Michelin-Man type creature." That's all I got. Hope this helps! Thanks. Reply

      It's not based on a manga, but could it be Okja?

      Death Note? I mean, it's a well-known manga/anime-derived film that's come out recently. It does involve a young(ish) boy and a young(ish) girl, each "befrending" large, abnormal-looking creatures. I guess Rem looks a little Michelin-Man-esque? Sort of? I guess?

      I mean, it kinda sounds like "Big Hero 6" to me. It was a marvel comic, not a straight up manga, but Baymax is pretty Michelin-Man-y.

      I also though of big hero 6 but the film was apparently live action

      I think it's Okja. Thanks, guys.
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    This movie was made in the late sixties or possibly in the seventies. The movie starts with a male actor in a courtroom in some small town courtroom which I think is in Florida. He's found guilty and escapes from the courtroom. There's then a five or ten minute car chase through roads and bayous (?), at least it looks like them. He manages to escape from the police. Later in the film he pilots a submarine with some criminals to find something. I believe the trial and chase were all a setup to get to the criminals. Would appreciate anyone with a good memory. Reply
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    What is the name of a movie which begins with a well dressed man walking into an office building, entering an elevator where he instructs the operator "Down. All the way down." He then enters an office where a woman dressed as the moon goddess or some such thing is lounging on a desk. The man reprimands the woman instructing her with words to the effect "we don't do that any more". The distinguished looking man turns out to be the devil and the office is apparently his center of operations. Reply
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    I'm looking for an old movie from around the timespan stated above. All I remember is a woman is the main character, and two scenes.

    First scene is about the lead woman as a child looking at a flower vase. The vase burst into flames several seconds later, and an older woman asks someone else "You believe that's a set up, didn't you?" (Paraphrased)

    The second scene is set as a huge fire is about to reach a male character (I think). The lead female then approached the fire and the fire retreated. At the end of that scene, the woman disappeared, presumably dead, and leaving a memento I cannot really recall. I remember the memento is a jewelry, though. What kind, I'm unsure. Reply

      Never watched it, but the time matches Firestarter: Rekindled.

      Pretty sure that's not it. The girl from the movie you mentioned is different from what I remember.



      Bump. Update, the woman has short hair, and I saw it on either Celestial Movies or Thrill channel.


      Bumping up

      Bump. This is kinda haunting me for some time ><

      Have you checked the Live Action Film section of the Playing with Fire page?

      The ending sounds like Pyrokinesis. Also known as Crossfire. Also also known as Kurosafaia.

      Yes, that's it! Thank you :o