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    I watched it in 2001 but the movie was 60s, 70s or early 80s. I remember seeing a film about time travel, Agroup of scientists use a "claw" or "footprint" of a "lizard like" humanoid that lived among dinosaurs to fix the "position in time" and go back in that time... After some time there they kill a Tryranosaur Rex (don't remember if it was and accident or not), they try to come back and the Present is ruled by those "lizard" creatures... Quickly they defeat it and they manage to go back to the T-Rex time and kill the humanoid-lizard (or not kill the Trex, can't remember), in the end they come back to their original time and everything is fine.

    It's "vibe" is like 'The Time Travellers' but it is NOT, nor 'A Sound of Thunder', 'Journey to the Center of Time', any 'The Land That Time Forgot',

    Thanks for any clues! Reply
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    I know this is going to sound like it could be Night of the Living Dead or one of its remakes, but it is not. I'm not even sure if the film I'm thinking of has zombies in it or something like giant bugs.

    I saw it on the SyFy channel several years ago. It is in color. The scenes I remember are of a small group of people who barricade themselves in a farmhouse against... something... My memories aren't clear enough to know if it was zombies. Could have been some kind of giant bug.

    I know this movie is not Night of the Living Dead, Arachnia, Infestation, or Eight-Legged Freaks. This would have come out probably within the last 10 years or so.

    I know it's not much to go on, but who knows? Maybe someone will be able to figure it out. Reply

      The film wasn't in color, but the first thing I thought of was perhaps The Giant Gila Monster? There is a scene where they hide in a barn/dance against it and it breaks its head through the window.

      Thanks for the reply, but no. This was a modern movie.

      Almost sounds like it could be Tremors. There are structures kinda like farmhouses in that one, and the slug monsters do sort of resemble giant bugs. It's also fairly recent and the kinda thing SyFy airs a lot.

      plus it has two sequels, so it could be tremors 2 or 3.

      No, not Tremors or any sequels. Sorry.

      Do any The Day of the Triffids adaptations match?

      My first thought was Mosquito with Gunnar Hansen, but that's from 1995. At one point, they bar themselves in a farm house to get away from a swarm of giant mosquitos, and Gunnar Hansen's character finds a large chainsaw in the place, smiling as he picks it up and saying "It's been a while since I held one of these, but it feels right."

      It sounds kind of like "The Happening."

      No, none of those, sorry. I'd have remembered if it were any of them. I'm sorry I just don't have enough detail in what little I can remember to be much help. Thanks to those who tried, though.

      Are you sure it isn't 'Signs' or 'War of the worlds' (2005) ??

      It sounds like the near end of the South Park Ginger Kids episode when Stan and Kyle were in the barn. They were parodying a zombie movie called Zombi 2 I think. When I look it up online, everyone says they are parodying Night of the Living Dead - but I thought when the episode first came out Zombi 2 was mentioned.

      No, it's not any of those. I'd have recognized those. Sorry.

      Pumpkinhead? its older but seem to recall the final showdown happened on a farm..

      You said wasn't NOTLD because it was in color... but there is a 1990 remake of Night of the living dead, and is pretty much what you described anyways... and in my opinion, is better than the original! (of course, made by the best people, 22 years later, it better be)

      If no more details are given, will be impossible to guess.

      Looking in IMDB I found this, the description matches: The Day (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1756799 The Pack (2015) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4167720 Critters (1986) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090887 Night of the Living Dead (1990) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0100258 Inbred (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1723124 The Dead Outside (2008) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1206082

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    ...with some Mel Brooks-esque humour like random anachronisms and homages to films like Titanic, such as in one scene when a female character used an axe to free the male protagonist off a post which he was tied on. Another scene had an attractive woman being filmed on by a bunch of males, with one brandishing what appears to be a modern camcorder. A dubbed version of it was aired on GMA News TV in the Philippines some time ago. Reply
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    I'm not entirely sure if this is a film or a TV show, but I remember channel surfing one evening and found this scene: A man is outside, perhaps in someone's rather large backyard. He is seated on a bench in front of a piano. There are lots of people watching him. The scene takes place at night, and there are tiki torches (?) lit around the backyard/courtyard. Everything is going well, until suddenly, the man's right hand freezes, and a Scare Chord is emitted (I think). The camera is now close up on the stiff right hand, where the viewer can see a ring on the man's finger. The ring has a dark, possibly black, gemstone in the center of it. It could be possible that the ring is causing his hand to freeze. It looked like the scene was slowly fading to another scene or a flashback or something, but about that time is when I changed the channel. The movie looked pretty old, probably from the 60's or 70's, and was in full color. What is this movie/show? Reply

      The Mephisto Waltz, maybe?

      Hmmm...it looks like it could be, but I couldn't find a ring on the guy's finger in the trailer. Do you know if that scene occurs in the movie?

      It’s been a long time since I watched it. I barely remember most of it (I kind of got bored with it). The main thing I remember is a masquerade party scene in which someone’s walking a dog with a human-faced mask on it. But the “demonically possessed pianist” trope has been done a bunch of times. The Mephisto Waltz was probably the most high-profile from that era.



      Gettin' bumpy over here.

      Bump. If anyone can actually confirm that it is indeed The Mephisto Waltz, then I may close this once and for all.

      Two thoughts, both very tentative as I haven't seen either one of the films in its entirety.

      It looks like it might not be The Mephisto Waltz. I scanned through the film, and it doesn't look like a scene like that occurs. During the masquerade party scene Bananaquit mentions, there are basically no shots of the main character's hands on the piano, and no freezing hand as in the OP. There's an outdoor party scene later, but without any piano at all. I didn't notice a ring at any point.

      I have another suggestion that's an even greater stretch: the 1960 version of The Hands of Orlac has a concert scene in which the performer stops playing after he hallucinates that he is wearing gloves. What's interesting is that there's a different scene with a black ring (the character tries his old ring on after a hand transplant, and is upset that it no longer fits). Both of these are rather off from the situation in the OP — but whatever the real answer is, I wonder if it might have been influenced by Orlac. The 1960 film is the third of three versions, but all of them are in black-and-white.

      Thanks for the suggestion, Maso Tey! I don't think it's The Hands of Orlac, though. This was definitely in color, and the concert was outdoors.






      Savages? Or the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby?
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    I so vividly remember the very smallest bits of a movie whose name nor premise I am hopeless to remember... All I remember about it, is that it was an adventure film, and it was entirely CG animated, and had a lot of colorful characters, the main character being a shaggy, dog-like creature with hair all over his body, and, another character being a train, which was red, and had eyes. I remember it from my childhood. Reply

      What decade or even better year did you watch this movie?

      Sounds a lot like The Magic Roundabout, but the actually "old" one was a stop-motion series, the CG movie is rather new.

      Edit: And it turns out the movie is ten years old. Damn I feel old now.


      The magic roundabout or Doogal, same film, different names—it that possibly it?
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    When I was a kid, born 1994 so like early 2000's, there were these tapes I used to watch that would teach you different life lessons. Like there was this one about table manners where someone was eating corn really weird. And one that was basically the Gift of the Magi story. Sometimes it was animals and sometimes it was people, definitely animated though. Reply
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    the show with the slime Reply
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    I have very little information to offer. It was a VHS tape which featured a cluttered room full of books sort of suspended in space, live action, with a presenter woman, youngish and dark haired, searching through various books for stories she was going to "tell" to the viewer. She found two books and it then went to animation or showing the illustrations for the stories. I have no memory of what the stories were except that I keep thinking of the Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. It is possible that one of them featured a similar character to the fat, mustached Mr. Greg from MF as that is the only image i can think of.

    The second is a cartoon that was posted about before in which a boy's older sister invites her friends, "a bunch of crazy girls" over and he asks his dad to help him "block the invasion". there was also the line, "he'll be my Romeo and I'll be his Juliet", spoken by the sister about her crush. Curious to know what happened in the end although I don't remember the name of the show - it wasn't Dexter's Lab or Phineas. Reply

      The first one sounds like Shelly Duvall's Bedtime Stories. There were several different episodes/VHS tapes of this (my family had two or three different ones), so even though I don't remember your stories in particular, they could definitely be out there. Here's an episode on Youtube. You can pretty clearly see her book-filled space room about 28 seconds in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05adfxrRV-Q
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    I think this was the beginning, a young woman visits her parents with her husband or finance, who looked like Joaquin Phoenix, can't remember what she looked like. The father was mad about something and started beating the young husband or finance's car like crazy, and his daughter pleaded him to stop, I can't remember if the mother did anything. I think this was the Hunt for Red October, but maybe it wasn't. It was in color. I think I saw it around the late 00s on TV. Can anyone please help? Thanks. Reply

      Bump. No one?

      Someone on another site suggested The Great Santini or Buffalo Soldiers. I have not watched them, but I will check to see. It has to be something. I saw this in 2001-2002, if I remember correctly, it was a film but I saw it on TV, it was not the Hunt for Red October, but I saw that around the same time, so my mind is probably playing tricks on me. Anyway, does anyone have any ideas? We can get this.


      The Notebook maybe? I think someone beats on a car in that, but I've only seen it once. Sorry I can't be more help.

      Seems familiar. I will check that one out.
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    I remember watching a film on Polish TV (most probably it was one of the TVP channels) sometime during the early 00s (might have been late 90s but I doubt it) about an illegal immigrant from Romania. The plot was as follows: the film began with the main protagonist, the kid named Petru Milanieu (as Ive heard it) riding a Dacia 1310 (or similar) together with his father, then they skidded and ended up somewhat blocked on a bridge. The father was some kind of a scientist and then some bad Ceausescu guys came to interrogate them, asking about the stuff the father allegedly poisoned the sheep with and they all decided to leave Romania. Then they traveled to the West, crossing some border hidden among the crates in a semi-trailer attached to a Volvo FH tractor (I remember that one guy in the semi-trailer told his son to shut up or hell kill him), then they arrived in West Germany, some older told the protagonist the sausage doesnt grow on trees there and you dont find stereos on the street (Tutaj kiełbasa nie rośnie na drzewach, a wież Hi-Fi nie znajduje się na ulicy). Then the kid rode somewhere on a backseat of a Mercedes W124 (might have been a W201, I wasnt distinguishing them yet) drinking Coke from a can and chatting with some girl telling her he wanna be the next Beckenbauer. I forgot the title, perhaps somebody recognizes the movie? Reply
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    It was around 2012 when I seen this film. The film was from China, and it had a premise of this girl that worked in the countryside during the 60s or 70s. The girl become wheelchair bound, and that the plot was told through flashback. Reply
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    This is a tough one and I wouldn't be surprised if nobody here can find it, especially since I didn't actually watch the movie, I just remember seeing it in a video-renting store. This would be around the late 90s/very early 2000s - almost certainly between 1996 and 2001. I'll always remember the cover; there was a side-view of a young woman's (I think) face leaning in towards a macaw. I think it was one of the red ones but I can't remember for sure. The background was kind of yellowish, probably a sunset. It was called something like "The Secret/Promise/Legend of the Macaw" or "The Macaw's Secret/Promise/Legend" but I haven't been able to find anything by searching those up. This has been driving me crazy because I'm certain I didn't imagine this, but it must be really obscure since I've never found so much as a trace of it. I remember thinking I would have really liked it, since I was really into birds as a little kid. Reply

      I'm pretty sure it's called "The Real Macaw"; it has the cover you describe and is from 1998. Here is the IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0166321/

      Oh wow, thanks so much!!! I can't believe you found it so quickly! That's definitely it. Looks like I was wrong about the gender of the main character and the color of the macaw. Man, I remember thinking it looked so cool, like an epic magical fantasy adventure ... now it just seems like a typical 90s 'talking animal meets kid' film. Ah well, thanks so much!
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    I'm trying to remember this movie I watched years ago which I'm pretty sure was CGI. There was an alien invasion with giant robots and people were hiding underground and for a while we followed this kid with a small yellow robot. And one of the aliens made a Heel-Face Turn because I think their leader was possessed by some sort of Eldritch Abomination or something Reply
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    Trying to find a TV series. I watched it like a 15 years ago or even 20.

    First scene I remember: a girl is standing in some cave and talking to a voice from somewhere. Shortly after the voice says that she is in his mouth and she really is.

    Next thing I remember: something about... getting sword from a tree? This one maybe from a different show.

    And there were some witchcraft like one bad witch was attacking a good character with a flying auto-aiming dagger. Reply

      Long shot, could the cave scene be from Fantaghiro?

      jormis29, you're a wizard! This is exactly the show I was looking for. I wouldn't even suspect that it's Italian series. Thank you very much!
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    I live in Australia and there was this kid/teen show in the 90's/2000's about a teenage girl who I think, from memory, had a cockney accent. She had blonde hair and I think her name was "Precious" or another "P" name similar to that. She was pretty rude and gave her mum a hard time, dressing in less clothing than her mum liked and was always complaining. I can not remember the name of the show. I thought it was Precious but nothing comes up. She lived in a terrace house from memory. The animation style was different. More roughly drawn than your typical clean line animation style. I think it aired on ABC after school and didn't run for years and years. Any ideas? Reply


      THANK YOU. I'm not sure where I got Precious from now. It was funny, my brother thought of Precious as well.

      Treasure. That's the one.
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    I have seen a movie in 2012 who looks like "the world's end" of Edgar Wright. So the movie was made before 2012. The main characters are a group of normal mens between 15 and 25 years old. They have to fight a lot of strange things (whose aliens or robots maybe both) in a house party. They can open a portal between dimensions. i'ts both funny and parody. I think the director and the entire movie are scandinaves but i'm not sure. I wish I could see that movie again, if anyone has an idea of his title, thank you for prevent me !

  • 1 Apr 11th, 2016 at 6:06AM
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    Okay so there's this movie where the girl slides down her playground in her backyard and then two bear-like human creatures bring her through a vortex sort of thing. They eventually end up in another world- where it's all pretty and pastel- colored. All the trees have candy instead of fruit, and as she picks one, it automatically grows back. I vaguely remember the creatures she meets warning her not to take any for some reason. Please, if you could help me find the title of this movie- it would be wonderful! I watched this in 2004, if that helps. Reply
  • 7 Apr 12th, 2015 at 4:04PM
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    There was this movie I never actually saw but read about. All I remember reading is there was this scene where the main character (who's name was Sarah something) masturbates while someone else secretly watches. Also for some reason I think the movie might have had something to do with a ship but can't remember. Reply
  • 1 Apr 17th, 2016 at 4:04PM
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    I remember somtime in The '90s my dad was watching some old movie in black and white. Itt showed some slaves rowing on a ship but then one of them gets a hammer some how (?) and knocks out the captain. I stopped watching after that. I assume it's a movie but could be a show Reply

      This may be a bit of a stretch, since it's a silent movie and probably not often televised, but this scene from the 1924 The Sea Hawk seems to fit the bill (though with a chain instead of a hammer). The escape begins a bit after the 3-minute mark.
  • 2 Apr 16th, 2016 at 9:09AM
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    I remember hearing a story about a Japanese film from the 20's that was linked to suicides/mass suicides. I believe I remember hearing that the final scene had a couple jumping into a volcano. Reply


      This sounds like it has something to do with Mt. Mihara, though I haven't been able to turn up anything about a film.
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    So I'm looking for the name of a TV show I used to watch as a little girl. Around 2003-2005 maybe. I don't remember much about it other than one episode even though I used to watch it all the time. There were 2 characters. I can only remember a white creature that sort of looked like the abominable snowman and didn't talk but it mumbled. The other character I believe was smaller but I'm trying to remember them living on some sort of i don't know if it's a different planet or some undergroud place. There was a traintrack and they would get on it to go places. The show was sort of clay-animated like Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer movies but it wasn't anything close to Christmas. If anyone may know it please let me know, I've been trying to find it forever. And I believe the title is the name of the 2 characters but i don't remember. Thank you Reply

      Tiny Planets.

      (There seems to be something in the air: you're the second person who's asked about it in the last week.)
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    This is a pretty old movie probably made for tv, it's where there is this country club and the main character is a girl who is a new employee there and she has to deal with the popular boy liking her when the clubs owners daughter, the princess actually has laid claim to him. so this country club princess fakes nice with the employee girl but she secretly sabotages her the employee girl realizes this and figures out that the princess chic is crazy and someone in the club shows her an old picture where it is revealed that actually this princess girl was actually the ugly duckling once and that her sister was actually the more liked popular one who actually bears a great physical resemblance to this new employee girl. It also turns out that the older sister one day mysteriously disappeared leaving her perfect life and perfect boyfriend behind and now only sends generic postcards to the family and or boyfriend saying that she is okay. Then the main character suspecting that princess did all this and murdered her sister she decides to pretend to haunt her as she looks like the sister and she manages to spook her, but then there is this big showdown where princess tries to murder the main character viciously attacking her but then they are caught and she is sent to like a mental asylum where she is seen to look still like a psycho continuing her nervous habit of applying lip balm ominously. Reply
  • 1 Apr 4th, 2016 at 6:06PM
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    A movie from circa '70s-early 80's where this town had a supposed monster in the woods that was eating people and was like brown and stuff (though that could be wrong) and the big plot twist in the movie was that the monster wasn't actually a MONSTER, but actually the town was a bunch of cannibals that would kill and eat outsiders. Reply

      This is too much generic as I think is half dozen times I've seen this kind of thing in movies or tv shows like Twilight Z One for example...
  • 8 May 17th, 2015 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 12th Apr, 2016 06:19:17 PM
    There was this live action movie I only saw the first 10 minutes or so of on TV circa 1994. I only remember 2 details: 1. At one point it shows this guy on fire running and screaming 2. At another point it shows this computer with this message saying "black pearls suck". I tried searching for that phrase but Google turns up nothing. Reply



      I'm not 100 percent sure it was a movie could have been a tv show but pretty sure it was a movie. I didn't see the title or opening credits but I think it was near the beginning when I started watching. I was watching with my dad but he changed the channel after only 10 minutes or so (perhaps because he thought it was too violent for a 10 year old)

      Someone on another site said it was a movie called Fearless Tiger. Can anyone confirm or deny?



      I can confirm that it is Fearless Tiger, a.k.a. Black Pearls. The scenes you describe occur near the end of the film.

      thank you
  • 3 Apr 8th, 2016 at 11:11PM
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    I've been trying for a while to remember this dang show, but with no success. It was on VHS and had a brother and a sister that ventured up in to their (grandparents?) attic. Up there they discovered a talking stuffed animal (a rabbit I believe) that would show them cartoons (I remember one being the 1930s Jack Frost) and teach them life lessons. There were also sock puppets. A barbershop quartet and some female singing and dancing ones. I was born in '92 but my grandmother owned these so I'm not too sure what time they were actually released. Reply

      This sounds SUPER familiar... I think I saw one of these around 2000.

      Ugh right? I've been looking for a long time, but with no luck. I had to be about 4-8 years old so maybe it was released around, or was semi-popular around 2000?

      I found it! It's the Timeless Tales series published by Hallmark. They're all on YouTube. I can't find Jack Frost, but I'm pretty sure this is where you remember the kids going into the attic from. The only one I ever remember seeing is the Ugly Duckling episode; my grandma probably picked it up at a garage scale. Just a warning, some of the episodes have two intros - one with the kids going into the attic, and one at the very beginning of the tape featuring Olivia Newton-John (!).