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    OK, there was an American comedy on a cruiser ship. I don't remember specifics except... two scenes. In one scene two - a passenger and a waiter argue about a dress code for a ship restaurant and the waiter says that for a dinner he should wear "only a tie" (as opposed to bow tie)... and the passenger (he was a rather fat guy...) comes to a dinner later wearing only a tie... and nothing else (he was naked, much to everyone's confusion). Another scene, it was the same passenger, had him whining that a washing machine in his cabin is broken (while in fact he threw his clothes out through the cabin window...)... I know it's a long shot to ask about the movie title while this is all I can provide... Reply

      National Lampoon's Dorm Daze 2?
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    I need to find the name of a film that my partner's daughter has been watching at school - I only have the details she gave me so I am sorry there isn't much to go on. I think it is rated 15, and it isn't animated. A girl lives in a haunted house. When she goes into the bathroom and turns on the bath taps blood comes out of the taps into the bath. She described dead bodies covered in blood rising out of the floor of the house. Ghosts. She also described a dark hairy hand looming over the girl. The girl wants to move house but they cannot afford to. I really hope you can help me! Reply

      Is it an older film or a newer one?

      I think it could be Crimson Peak. It isn't blood in the water or on the bodies though, it's red clay - the house was built on a massive clay deposit and it provides the film with a visual punch as it does often look like blood, especially against the snowy and bleak scenery. The bodies were of dead brides buried below he house in the clay.

      Thank you for your help! I have just watched the trailer to Crimson Peak and it does look like exactly what she described so I will check with her tomorrow. I can see why it is a 15 and from the bit I saw I do think it was a bit irresponsible of the school to let 12 and 13 year olds watch it in English! Thanks again!
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    I don't remember much about this movie other than the fact that it was a bunch of guys inside of a truck, driving, and at (what I think was) the end, the truck didn't have the back-rack anymore. If I recall correctly, there was fighting on the road. Reply

      Was it live action? Also when did you see this?

      It was live action, yes, and I saw it when I was waaaaay younger. Let's say 2006-7 the latest.
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    It was around 2012 when I seen this film. The film was from China, and it had a premise of this girl that worked in the countryside during the 60s or 70s. The girl become wheelchair bound, and that the plot was told through flashback. Reply





      Sure it wasn't Japanese? The doctor didn't have white hair perchance (Mushishi)?

      Definitely the Chinese countryside, with Chinese people speaking Mandarin and all. I also remember a scene where the girl, by an open fire, treating her own hemorrhoids.

      Another hint, it played in a theater in Chicago's North Side in the winter months.

      Could it have been Chunmiao (1975)? http://asianwiki.com/Chunmiao

      The film wasn't made in the 70s, and that when we see the girl in the present day, she is driving a car from the 2000s.

      Ah, I see. Could it have been Under The Hawthorn Tree?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Under_the_Hawthorn_Tree_(film)

      Nope, I don't believe there was a romance in the film, just her going into the village, going back to the village, and remembering it while driving.


      "Not one less" by Zhang yimou?

      Not that film either.







      Stop saying "bump". It annoys me.

      People are allowed to bump their posts, bud, and seeing as notahandle's only bumped twice this entire month, that's pretty reasonable.
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    The basic premise is of the little mermaid story, but the drawings, though very simple, looked slightly anime-ish. The mermaid was called Freida (? unsure of the spelling) and she had these two little sidekicks. One was pink with a oval round nose and sounded like he had a cold when it spoke. The other sidekick was a female and drawn larger than the pink sidekick. I think she was white. The one scene I remember was of the prince riding through the forest, then next he was on the grass on his back, laughing with the girl he chose to marry. Freida and her sidekicks were in the distance watching them while Freida does a voice-over. She does a lot of voice over. Freida hiding behind a blue-sh white curtain, pulling it aside and another voice-over debating whether she can do it (kill the prince) or not. A scene showing her hand holding a thin knife, trembling. An anguished Freida wailing silently, voice over saying she can't do it. In the end, she flings herself to the sea. The scene ends with her two sidekicks pink and white lamenting her turning to sea foam and the sun dawning as the ending notes start.

    This show was aired maybe around 1990, maybe earlier or just after. Thank you for any suggestions Reply

      Is it Adventures of the Little Mermaid?
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    I've been looking for this show or movie or documentary that I watched as a kid (early 2000s). I can't remember the title or any names but can recall some parts of the plot. I am pretty sure it is a Korean film/show but not 100% certain.

    The story is about a woman who may have had a family and definitely had a dog (light golden-colored?). One day (at a birthday party?) the dog was running around and happened to knock over a (helium?) tank. As the woman tried to pick the tank up, it exploded and shot pressurized material into her eyes and blinded her. Infuriated, she got rid of her dog and spent a lot of time depressed. The dog somehow got trained as a seeing-eye dog and somehow made its way back to the woman as her guide dog. I remember one pivotal scene where the woman begins learning how to read braille and it becomes a turning point from depression to hope for the future.

    This has been bothering me for a while and nobody around me seems to remember or have heard of such a story. It would be really appreciated if someone could help me out, thanks!! Reply
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    Central plot was about some imperial family and an upcoming festival. Lots of backstabbing and plotting. Im pretty sure it ended with the dad killing the rest of the family. I also remember a scene with wire fu in a mountain pass. Came out late 2000s early 10s. For some reason im pretty sure curse of the golden something was in the title but that may be completely wrong since IMDB didn't turn up anything that looked familiar.

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    trying to find the name of a nature program, about insects, almost certainly saw it on pbs ... was hosted by a man with a strong french accent. he usually wore a safari-type outfit and when he took his hat off you could see he was quite bald. anbody ? Reply

      What decade did you see it?

      Yeah that's it thank you!!

      Huh did you even read my reply?

      ^ It looks like kaepea meant to reply to this query and responded to this one by mistake

      was probably early 2000's when i saw it.
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    A story about three dog friends who go through hardship. One dog was red. One was scruffy with hair over the eyes. One was a poodle called Mimi. Under a large pine tree, they decided they couldn't stay together, so decided to go their separate ways and promised to meet each other in the first snow. Mimi the poodle got captured by a circus like ringmaster character and forced to perform. The ringmaster treated her very badly. The scruffy poodle was taken in by a homeless man with a white beard. He was treated well. The big dog somehow was around a school playground, I think. The red dog eventually finds mimi the poodle performing and sets her free. The three dog friends eventually find each other again at the first snow. The scruffy dog takes them back to the homeless man, who decides to take them all in. They stay together until the ending.

    This show was aired possibly in 1990 but no later than 1995 to my recollection. The drawings were simple. Thanks in advance. Reply
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    I remember watching a Japanese film at a friend's house that involved a samurai (or samurai-esque) character who was half dog/wolf spirit and could transform. This was live-action, NOT anime. It featured other creatures from Japanese folklore. I don't think this was any sort of big-budget film, maybe like the Japanese equivalent of a B-movie. Reply
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    I think it's an espionage thriller and it's The Expendables meets Person of Interest featuring various cast members from a popular children's action-adventure TV franchise that most people know. Reply
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    I remember watching this kiddie VHS with puppets that taught the viewers about safety (you know, "stranger danger," that kind of thing). It's NOT Safe-Side Super Chick, though. It looked like it came out in the 90's or early 2000's. It was made up like a radio show, with musical segments and whatnot. I only remember two of them:

    One featured this girl (puppet) who just stared out of a window, singing about something like "don't talk to strangers/don't answer the door," then there was one kinda towards the end where a boy (also a puppet) rapped about tv and what to watch and not watch (he mentions not to watch scary movies/shows).

    In between each segment was the radio disc jockey guy (again, a puppet) who would announce the tracks/artists he was going to play. I distinctly remember whenever he would come on, he would always talk about dialing 911 when there was an emergency (every time he said it, "911" in white would appear onscreen).

    P.S. For future reference, should straight-to-VHS things like this be listed as "Film," or "Live-Action TV?" While it probably never aired on TV, it isn't exactly the quality of a movie. Reply


      Bump, and some extra details:

      The radio DJ guy has green skin (he's not Kermit, though), and he talks with a kinda Gilbert Godfrey-ish voice.

      I remember sometimes the DJ would get calls from people asking him what to do in an emergency. He would tell them to dial 911. I think this happens more than once, and it may explain why he goes over it so many times.

      The DJ would always be standing to the left of the screen, for some reason.




      Calling All Safety Scouts?

      I don't think that's it. The puppets were less realistic-looking than that.


      This must be pretty obscure. I mean, yeah, this was most likely a one-off, but still...



      Bump. I can't possibly be the only person who has seen this! Can I?

      Bump. Okay, maybe I'm not the only person who's seen this, but chances are I'm the only person who remembers it. Spooky.

      Bump. :(

      One more hopeless bump.

      Is it About Safety with Clyde the Frog?

      Good guess, but no. This puppet was definitely not a frog (and come to think of it, his skin was a darker green). I think this was something that came out in the 90's or early 2000's.


      Bump (I think we're getting somewhere).



      There's a lot of videos that match the description. Welcome to the Streets with Lenny The Lion: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Tu3DuOq2XwU could be it.

      Nope, it's not Lenny. There were no animals, only humans.

      Please stop with the bumping. There is such a thing as too much.

      The thing about what not to watch on TV is probably the most unusual part of the video. I haven't been able to find any safety videos that covered that, in part because I can't figure out what to search for. The VHS must have been a musical because of all the songs.
      • The other unusual thing is that most videos of this type focus in only 1 safety tip (the whole video would be about fires), but yours was about all kinds of things. Perhaps it was a series that was edited together?

      Try the IMDB, you might have better luck there.
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    Can someone help me with this title please? Am looking for the title of a movie I once watched from a VHS tape but it was recorded from BBC TV so it could be a TV series. Itís black and white. Itís a musical comedy. In the story, a show director (or producer, am not sure) has gout. He together with his actors find themselves fighting over a beautiful woman (widow I think). Also there is a part where the actors hit the head of a famous boxer who had come to see their show with French bread. Reply
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    I remember this indie / art film from the late Eighties to early Nineties about this hotel in London or thereabouts, which had this one room where a murder / suicide occurred. It was closed off afterward, and became a kind of legend among the hotel staff. The hotel also has this one morose chef who goes on a drug binge every month or so, and creates oodles of elaborate desserts, far beyond what the guests and staff can possibly consume. Anyone remember this peculiar but nondescript film? Reply
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    I watched a terrifying clippet of a film as a kid, and am trying to find it for closure.

    There was a young woman with brown hair and a white jacket. (My child mind identified her as Lindsay Lohan, but that may not be right) She went into a garage looking for somebody. She slipped on blood and found the person she was looking for suspended above her. A zombie stands up and uses a garage door closer to close the door behind her. She is stuck with him in there. I believe the scene switches, and when it returns she is cowering in a corner while the zombie is holding a fire extinguisher or flame thrower. She shouts, "No, NO!" and screams as he sprays her with it. The cinematography reminded me of a movie, but it may have been a tv show in the same style of CSI.

    EDIT: The face and hand of the zombie bear a close resemblance to The Fisherman from the I Know series, but the zombie's skin was just a bit darker.

    EDIT: The actress in question was not Lindsay Lohan, though she did resemble her appearance from Herbie Fully Loaded. I will, check out the I Know movies to see if they are in fact what I'm looking for. Reply

      Not an exact match but is it this scene from Scream (1996)?

      No, but I think I can use it to provide a clearer example.

      The girl had brown hair and a white jacket and entered through the large door, not the small one. There wasn't a cat, and there was a car or table in the way middle of them. The killer wasn't Ghostface, but it was a humanoid figure with rotting grey flesh. I was too scared to look at his face, so I don't remember the features there, but he either didn't change his face shape or kept the same look throughout. It was also a lot darker than this, in terms of lighting.

      Thank you very much for the attempt, though! It should help to paint a better image.

      • EDIT* The girl's jacket had a thin red stripe up the side of the arms.

      • Bump*

      Come on, guys! I can feel it! Let's keep trying!


      Was it I Know What You Did Last Summer?

      I did some research and The Fisherman fits your description pretty well.

      Maybe. Do any of the movies have scenes that take place in a garage I might be able to look through?

      I'm not sure, I've never seen it. The villain just looked like what you were describing.


      I've read up on the character a bit more, and a lot of things add up. His face is close to what I remember, and there were a couple of death scenes I could have easily mistaken for a garage. However, what doesn't make sense is the choice of weapon. The Fisherman uses his hook, while the zombie I remember used a fire extinguisher. Thanks for the help, though! I'll update the main post.


      how would you kill someone with a fire extinguisher?

      I figure it could be used as a makeshift and inefficient club

      He just kinda... Sprayed her with it. That's why I also suggested it may be a flamethrower. Maybe it didn't kill her, but that's the conclusion I came to. I left the room before I could see anything else.


      Bump. Maybe I should watch some of the I Know movies and see if it is the Fisherman I'm thinking of...

      What year did you see it approx?

      Around the early 2000's, probably around 2004-07. I live in Canada, if that helps, though it might not have been a Canada-made program.

      is it i know what you did last summer

      You said you thought the girl might be Lindsey Lohan. Did you try looking through her filmography to see if anything looks like it might be it?

      Looking through her filmography, I can confirm it wasn't Lindsay Lohan. I will check out I Know What You Did, because it seems to be a popular choice.

      Bump. I haven't gotten around to watching the movies yet, but if anybody could link me scenes where the characters are in large areas being chased would help out a ton.
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    Name of the movie where the opening shows the world as a flat disk and is on the back of four hogs and which are on the back of a turtle and the main character is the niece of death and has a white streak of hair which normally is brown and the general theme of the movie is christmasy and the holiday they are celebrating has the word hog in it somehow. I also believe they were all british. Reply
  • 2 Sep 13th, 2016 at 3:03PM
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    I never watched this movie, but remember seeing the cover of the VHS in video-rental stores when I was a kid - probably mid-late 90s, 2000/2001 at the most recent. It looked a lot like the cover of Jaws, except with a T-Rex or similar monster's jaws coming upwards through the ground and some people standing at the top. It scared the crap out of 6-year-old me and I'd like to know what it is just for curiosity's sake. (I always thought it was a T-rex or other dinosaur as a kid, but seeing as Google's giving me nothing for that, I'm starting to think it was something else. Anything about "movie cover with jaws" is just giving me various Jaws posters.) Reply

      Could it have been 'Tremors'? One of the movie posters looks like that. Although the monster in the movie didn't have teeth like that.

      Oh my gosh, that's it! I recognized the poster immediately. I don't know how I confused that for a T-rex ... but I was pretty young. Thanks a bunch!
  • 8 Jan 24th, 2015 at 7:07AM
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    A movie or Made for TV movie about a hispanic(?) migrant worker teen, who moves around with his family as the crops are needed to be picked and such. A white man takes a liking to him and tries to help him improve himself & get out of that life; but I think at the end of the film the white man goes to the teen's place and discovers that the family has moved away.

    I think the white man was played by Brian Dennehy. At one point he has a monologue about how he escaped his own family destiny of working in the mines all his life like his father & father's father, etc. Reply

      9 month bump.

      Unlikely, but there are a few elements shared with your description and the miniseries Centennial, in which the family of Nacho the cook moves to town from Mexico and is hired by "Potatoes" Brumbaugh (played by Alex Karras) to work on his farm.

      Thanks but no.



      That kind of sounds like the short story The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez. I don't know if it ever got a film, though.

      Doesn't sound familiar, but I would suggest you check Wikipedia's list of movies and TV programs Brian Dennehy was in. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Dennehy

      It sounds similar to 'The Young Loner', but I don't recall much else about it, so might not be what you're looking for.
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    I've been trying for a while to remember this dang show, but with no success. It was on VHS and had a brother and a sister that ventured up in to their (grandparents?) attic. Up there they discovered a talking stuffed animal (a rabbit I believe) that would show them cartoons (I remember one being the 1930s Jack Frost) and teach them life lessons. There were also sock puppets. A barbershop quartet and some female singing and dancing ones. I was born in '92 but my grandmother owned these so I'm not too sure what time they were actually released. Reply

      This sounds SUPER familiar... I think I saw one of these around 2000.

      Ugh right? I've been looking for a long time, but with no luck. I had to be about 4-8 years old so maybe it was released around, or was semi-popular around 2000?

      I found it! It's the Timeless Tales series published by Hallmark. They're all on YouTube. I can't find Jack Frost, but I'm pretty sure this is where you remember the kids going into the attic from. The only one I ever remember seeing is the Ugly Duckling episode; my grandma probably picked it up at a garage scale. Just a warning, some of the episodes have two intros - one with the kids going into the attic, and one at the very beginning of the tape featuring Olivia Newton-John (!).

      The Dust Bunny Chronicles?
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    Lastest Reply: 8th Sep, 2016 04:03:22 AM
    I'm looking for a vaguely-recalled film I watched as a kid, probably sometime in the '90s. I believe we had it on VHS, so I think it was a movie rather than a TV show (although it may not have been feature length).

    It was live-action, featuring a pre-teen or teen boy as the main character. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the overall plot was. I only remember a shorter sequence that involved the boy drawing a cartoon character, which then becomes animated and is involved in a retelling of "The Good Samaritan," narrated by the boy. I think the cartoon character was male, blond, and colored with colored pencil—I want to say he was wearing something resembling a blue tracksuit and maybe had a skateboard...although that doesn't seem to make a lot of sense with the Good Samaritan storyline. Despite the Bible story retelling, I don't think the overall film was overtly a collection of Bible stories or a religious education film, because I don't recall us having any such tapes in our collection. I think the Good Samaritan interlude was instead related to something analogous in the boy's live-action storyline?

    If that vague sequence happens to be familiar to anyone, I'd appreciate any ideas or additional details you remember! I don't know why this suddenly popped into my head, but it's bugging me that I can't remember what it is. Reply
  • 0 Sep 6th, 2016 at 5:05PM
    I can't remember the name of a tv show about several high school age kids who had a black, gothic looking canvas book that brought to life any creatures the kids drew on the pages. I really don't even remember the year I saw it, but I think the 90's. Reply
  • 4 Aug 28th, 2016 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 6th Sep, 2016 01:12:37 AM
    It's About a girl and a boy, in Their 20's I think, and they meet at a wedding. And he falls for her and wants her to stay, but she says that she's only in town for 2 weeks, and then she has to go Back where she lives. And they post dare, and they are sitting on The floor, a little hidden from everyone and one of them dares The other to steal some of The wedding cake before The ceremony and they do. Reply

      Please bump your existing query instead of posting it again as a separate thread. Having multiple copies of the same query floating around can get very confusing.

      How do i do that?

      Any time someone replies to a query, it gets bumped back to the top of the page. You are allowed to reply to your own query to bump it if it would disappear off the first page otherwise. Some people like to come up with clever comments, but a lot of people just say "bump".

      honestly sounds like How I Met Your Mother, but only if you've got a few details wrong
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    This is a movie I saw a brief amount of back in the early 1990s. One scene has a bunch of people holding up rabbits and pretending the rabbits are killing them, with lots of fake blood. They cop to the joke and spend a long while still in the dirty clothes.

    (Bonus question because I don't know where else to find this out succinctly: the first two episodes of the series H2O: Just Add Water seems to be that generic "young people with magic powers hide them from normies with the help of one Secret Keeper". Without spoiling much, does it stick with that formula of hiding from everybody or does it expand into something more interesting such as having the community at large discover it and deal with the implications?) Reply
  • 0 Sep 3rd, 2016 at 10:10AM
    I'm trying to find out the title of an old black-and-white movie about two men plotting the perfect murder, as a purely intellectual exercise — or so it seems. It turns out that one man intends to employ the scenario on the other, in revenge for the death of a woman he loved.

    It takes place in an isolated mansion, and at the climax the victim finds himself locked inside, while a recording of his own description of the perfect murder plays over and over. ("He is told he is going to die. He is told why he is going to die..." etc.) Finally, he breaks out and begins driving away at top speed, thrilled at the prospect of escaping and surviving (which was part of the plan — allow the victim hope, then kill him.) The other man appears on the road with a rifle, intending to shoot the victim as he rounds a bend, but has second thoughts and doesn't go through with it. However, the victim loses control of the car and crashes, dying anyway.

    I keep thinking this might be one of Alfred Hitchcock's movies, or maybe an episode from his TV series, but I can't find anything that matches it in his filmography. Reply
  • 0 Aug 31st, 2016 at 10:10PM
    It's a movie/TV show that includes a wedding. Two people meet, a boy and a girl, and he wants her to stay so they can be together, but she explains that she has to go Back home. And they are a little bored, so they play dare and without knowing, he dares her to kiss her uncle. And steal wedding cake. Reply