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    This show is about a girl who was born on a certain day and she was like the Devils something after her birthday? I remember her being taken away in a white van? Reply
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    It was a show about a website that people would go on and post murders. There was a woman whose apartment kept getting broken into and the person was leaving the toilet seat up. She was a nurse and ended up murdering someone at the end and left his head in a bag under a bridge for someone to find she posted about it on the website Reply
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    I watched a terrifying clippet of a film as a kid, and am trying to find it for closure.

    There was a young woman with brown hair and a white jacket. (My child mind identified her as Lindsey Lohan, but that may not be right) She went into a garage looking for somebody. She slipped on blood and found the person she was looking for suspended above her. A zombie stands up and uses a garage door closer to close the door behind her. She is stuck with him in there. I believe the scene switches, and when it returns she is cowering in a corner while the zombie is holding a fire extinguisher or flame thrower. She shouts, "No, NO!" and screams as he sprays her with it. The cinematography reminded me of a movie, but it may have been a tv show in the same style of CSI.

    EDIT: The face and hand of the zombie bear a close resemblance to The Fisherman from the I Know series, but the zombie's skin was just a bit darker. Reply

      Not an exact match but is it this scene from Scream (1996)?

      No, but I think I can use it to provide a clearer example.

      The girl had brown hair and a white jacket and entered through the large door, not the small one. There wasn't a cat, and there was a car or table in the way middle of them. The killer wasn't Ghostface, but it was a humanoid figure with rotting grey flesh. I was too scared to look at his face, so I don't remember the features there, but he either didn't change his face shape or kept the same look throughout. It was also a lot darker than this, in terms of lighting.

      Thank you very much for the attempt, though! It should help to paint a better image.

      • EDIT* The girl's jacket had a thin red stripe up the side of the arms.

      • Bump*

      Come on, guys! I can feel it! Let's keep trying!


      Was it I Know What You Did Last Summer?

      I did some research and The Fisherman fits your description pretty well.

      Maybe. Do any of the movies have scenes that take place in a garage I might be able to look through?

      I'm not sure, I've never seen it. The villain just looked like what you were describing.


      I've read up on the character a bit more, and a lot of things add up. His face is close to what I remember, and there were a couple of death scenes I could have easily mistaken for a garage. However, what doesn't make sense is the choice of weapon. The Fisherman uses his hook, while the zombie I remember used a fire extinguisher. Thanks for the help, though! I'll update the main post.

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    Hello, I am looking for an old Sci-Fi movie/Tv show. All i remember is a desert setting(planet?) and a protagonist in a red space jump suit meeting The Big Bad who turned out to be his thought dead brother/friend. The Big Bad had black hair and a silver jump suit. Don't recall what exactly transpired between them, just some blaster action, but in the end the big bad realised his mistakes and did something heroic(possibly sacrificed himself) to save the day. I think he survived and after a heartfelt conversation with the protagonist flew away in an old-school little space ship. I probably got some facts mixed up, so even if you know of something even a little simmilar, i would still apreciate it.

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    When I was around 4 or 5 years old, the family had some movies on VHS tapes that I would watch over and over and over (and drive everyone else insane), but there were 2 related ones that I remember the most.

    One was about two kids who drew a picture together whose dog chases a stick into the painting and ends up putting the kids through a colorful adventure with silly songs and a surprising amount of Fantastic Racism (the only person who loves every color is the one who has none on her, and every time she suggests a duet between two-different colored folks, they always respond with an I Need to Go Iron My Dog excuse). It also serves as an aesop that everyone is beautiful no matter what color they are, which they only learn after the aforementioned colorless person gets injured. A few of the characters from that I can remember are...
    • The green teens who always speak in unison
    • Their friends the frogs who have seen strange things or so they sing down by the bay.
    • The blue trio who never stop singing "Poor Old Michael Finnigan" solely because the song's chorus always states "Begin again."
    • The talking tree who introduces the kids to the world
    • And the colorless person who wishes everyone would sing together regardless of preference.

    The other one involves a trio (I think) of kids who go into their grandparents' (or at least I think it's their grandparents, I'm a little foggy on that one) and somehow shrink down to play with the toys that are hiding around there. The toys' idea of playing seem to be a bunch of loosely-connected musical numbers, which the kids are happy to participate in. The toys I can remember are... ...and that's about it. Apparently, the toys weren't as memorable as the singing colorful folk.

    I think they were made by the same studio, and/or shared some cast and crew members, hence why I've grouped them both together. Reply
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    I saw this film around 2005 or so. It was part of a horror movie series, and there was a lot gore and swearing. There were 8 people in a house, including this kid, and his dad wanted to find him before the house killed him. Reply
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    This is a scene I remember from an old martial arts film my brother and I saw on "Kung Fu Theater" probably in the late 70s or very early 80s. A big hulking brute of a guy, completely bald except for a pony tail, is one of the villains. In one scene, some kids use (I think) a slingshot to knock a bee's nest out of a tree. It lands on the guy's head and when he pulls it off his face is comically swollen and disfigured. One of the heroes fights him and in the course of the fight he flips over the big bad guy and rips off his pony tail.

    That's really about all I remember. Anyone know what movie this might be? Reply

      If it was live-action then it might have been 3 Ninjas if not then that's all I've got.
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    Okay, so there was this movie I remember watching. It starts with this boy crashing his motorcycle into someone's pool and getting into trouble, and his stepdad comes to save him (may or may not be from the same movie now that I think about it, idk). Basically, he decides to start looking for his dad and him and his stepdad team up with this crazy guy and his daughter and use a helicopter (I think) to search for him. They get caught in a storm and end up on a strange island where really big animals are small and small animals are big. They get in trouble with an animal and the guy's dad they've been searching for comes to save them or something. They reunite, find out the island is going to flood, and take a route to get to the boat and escape. They run into a whole lot of trouble along the way (I seem to remember the mc getting a dislocated leg or something) but they finally make it. Then they find out the boat has no power so they charge it using cables and the giant electric eel and escape. Anyone got any clue what it is??? Reply

      Journey 2: The Mysterious Island?
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    I remember when I was younger I watched some old VHS about farming. It had a main character that could do magic and it had a music video in it set to the song "Down on the Farm" from this album. http://us.napster.com/artist/larry-siegel/album/real-songs-for-real-kids-vol-1/track/down-on-the-farm What was the name of that VHS tape? Reply
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    This is a horror movie i remember sneaking a peek of. There was a clown or carnival element to it. I just remember the scene of a woman's car being pulled and the door open and she is clearly a corpse and pregnant. As a kid i was bothered, but now i love horror and need to find this understand the plot. Thanks! Reply
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    Im trying to remember this weird cg animated movie i used to watch, it was about this dumb Asian-looking warrior guy, his friend that liked to take advantage of his strength, and a blue monster thing. The only quote i can remember is, "what does credible mean?" "you see (enter name of the blue monster) he is credible", and the only other scene i can remember is of the Warrior guy running around a very small planet. Any ideas? Reply
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    i try to find out the titel of a movie from ww2, in the begining you hear the sound of a helicopter comming from a side of the screen, followed by the helicopter flying acros the screen, the main caracter wake up in a room going too the window and looking out, later we get his history Reply
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    It was around 2012 when I seen this film. The film was from China, and it had a premise of this girl that worked in the countryside during the 60s or 70s. The girl become wheelchair bound, and that the plot was told through flashback. Reply





      Sure it wasn't Japanese? The doctor didn't have white hair perchance (Mushishi)?

      Definitely the Chinese countryside, with Chinese people speaking Mandarin and all. I also remember a scene where the girl, by an open fire, treating her own hemorrhoids.

      Another hint, it played in a theater in Chicago's North Side in the winter months.

      Could it have been Chunmiao (1975)? http://asianwiki.com/Chunmiao

      The film wasn't made in the 70s, and that when we see the girl in the present day, she is driving a car from the 2000s.

      Ah, I see. Could it have been Under The Hawthorn Tree?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Under_the_Hawthorn_Tree_(film)

      Nope, I don't believe there was a romance in the film, just her going into the village, going back to the village, and remembering it while driving.
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    This has been on my mind for sometime now. I saw it once on HBO or some other channel like that, but I'm not sure. It's about this woman who finds out that there's guy who lives near her/lives to the apartment room next to hers (or something like that if I remember) who's covered in hair. I also really remember this scene where he's in a bathtub and the woman shaves all his hair off and he kinda has blood on him (again IIRC). Later (or previously in the movie, IDK) there's this whole talk about more "weird people" like him living in the apartment building?

    My memory about this movie's kind of unclear, so that's probably the best explanation I can describe. Reply
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    I've seen clips and the end of this film around 2007. This is a Hong Kong made film, but it had an "exotic" look. I don't remember if it was supposed to be "1001 nights" or "Bollywood" style. I remember a character saying that when he is dreaming he thinks he is awake, and when he is awake he thinks he is dreaming. The only part of the end I remember was someone philosophizing the nature of mankind, and how man lived in peace with the dinosaurs. The dinos themselves were computer generated, so this film might have been made after 1993. Reply
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    Trying to identify a movie set in the days of Wooden Ships and Iron Men. It's in colour, but not recent: certainly older than 1980, probably quite a bit older.

    What I remember about it is that there's a scene quite late in the movie where one of the characters has to have his leg amputated at sea, and there's some fuss about it because the only person available to do the amputation has never done one before. There's a subsequent scene where he walks out to show off his new wooden leg, and it's the leg of a table that was in the cabin where the amputation was done. Reply


      Carry On Jack

      Yes, that seems plausible. Thanks.
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    I watched it in 2001 but the movie was 60s, 70s or early 80s. I remember seeing a film about time travel, Agroup of scientists use a "claw" or "footprint" of a "lizard like" humanoid that lived among dinosaurs to fix the "position in time" and go back in that time... After some time there they kill a Tryranosaur Rex (don't remember if it was and accident or not), they try to come back and the Present is ruled by those "lizard" creatures... Quickly they defeat it and they manage to go back to the T-Rex time and kill the humanoid-lizard (or not kill the Trex, can't remember), in the end they come back to their original time and everything is fine.

    It's "vibe" is like 'The Time Travellers' but it is NOT, nor 'A Sound of Thunder', 'Journey to the Center of Time', any 'The Land That Time Forgot',

    Thanks for any clues! Reply

      As I'm searching, I'm starting to think it could be a episode of a show (like twilight zone or something like it)

      bump My post in IMDB has more information: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000001/flat/256058596?d=256058596#256058596

      I believe this is what you're looking for: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0318081/ Not as old as you would think, only didn't have that great of a budget

      No, i'ts not... Has to be older than 2001 (the year I watched it, and the channel only had older movies)

      Look at the post at IMDB page, much more details and movies that are not...

      Any help?

      Do you even bump?

      Time Tracers (1997)
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    I'm looking for a film that probably came out about a decade ago. I never watched it, but the poster had a very dismal colour scheme (I think it featured a mostly-empty room) and the tagline was 'control. alter. delete.' (Or at least the poster made it seem like it was.) Reply
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    My girlfriend swears she saw a movie where some kids were skateboarding and jumped over a crocodile. Does anyone knows what movie this could be? It is probably from the 90's. Reply
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    Two moments of nightmare fuel from my childhood. I saw both of these on British TV somewhere between the late 70s to mid 80s.

    1) A World War II film, in colour, probably from the 1960s or early 1970s. A group of German or Italian Prisoners of War are being marched along a road escorted by Allied soldiers (I can't remember whether they were British or American). I remember trees on the far side of the road. They come across a group of children playing with a grenade. One of the POWs breaks out of the ranks, picks up the grenade, runs out of frame and you hear the grenade explode. It's possible I may have it the wrong way round and it's Allied POWs guarded by Axis soldiers.

    2) A Western, again in colour, possibly from the 1950s or 60s. A group of settlers in a wagon train have stopped for the night. Native Americans attack, the first you know of this being one of the female settlers getting an arrow straight through the heart. It was so sudden and unexpected I remember finding it quite upsetting. Reply
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    This was a film I saw (maybe only saw part of) on American cable sometime in the mid to late '90s. I think it was more likely made earlier than that

    I think it was some kind of spy-themed comedy; one plot element was that some characters were subjected to an elaborate deception meant to make them think they had traveled to another region/country when in fact they had not. I remember two other specific things:

    1. Someone collapsing unconscious after consuming drugged food or drink, and the person who did it lifting up the unconscious person's head (or maybe just prodding them — something mildly physically intrusive like that) and saying to someone else: "Methadone."
    2. The soundtrack included a cover version of "Back in the U.S.S.R."

      The Experts (1989). (Found it by looking up John Lennon's soundtrack credits on IMDB, then checking the plot synopsis on Wikipedia.)

      Thank you!
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    This show's opening credits showed a house that opened up into a cross section of the house - I remember it being something like The Family Affair or My Three Sons. I think it was a single father/daughter but can't be sure. Driving me crazy! Reply

      The only show with an intro featuring a cross section of the house I know is the one from Bear in the Big Blue House.

      No, it's not a cartoon. It's a family drama/sitcom. Once the inside of the house is visible, I think it pans in closer to a specific room or two as it begins the episode. Can't remember for certain but I think it's in color.
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    Does anybody know of a adventure type film in which there is a character who has a lucky backpack and at some point during the film he appears to fall to his death but then is saved by his backpack strap catching on something? I'm pretty sure I saw it around the late 90s. For a long time I thought it was a jurrassic park film but then I rewatched them and ruled them out. Reply

      It kind of happens in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, since he's hanging by his strap at one point, but that's on a tank (plus he falls off a cliff, but hangs onto vines instead). Can't think of much else at this point.
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    I remember this show where these people were trying to find these aliens nest and blow it up. They find it in like a Siloh or like a big storage place. One part this guy was super confident and locked himself in a cage with I think was a crossbow so the aliens couldn't get him but he died anyway. Not much info to work with but I hope someone can help. Reply
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    A friend showed me this film in about the year 2009. I think it was fairly new at the time (it seemed pretty modern so I'm guessing it came out at least after the year 2000). I don't remember much specific about it but it was almost certainly R-rated. It took place in an urban setting. At least one of the characters was a child, I think. I think there was a mother whose child had been kidnapped. Or maybe she herself was kidnapped. She tried to escape and was frantically going through the house of the kidnappers. She found evidence that the kidnappers (a married couple I believe) had abducted children and then killed them, and recorded it for snuff films. She found a trove of these films in a closet or something, and was of course appalled. I think she pointed a gun at the kidnapper and was fearful, but he wasn't aggressive towards her. Instead he was apologetic and he and his wife both admitted they had done something wrong and they needed help. The woman took a child with her and escaped the kidnappers. I also have a vague recollection of an outdoor (urban) scene at night, possibly with lights reflecting off a wet road. What's so memorable to me about this is that my friend told me that this movie was supposed to be a retelling of the Alice in Wonderland story, modernized of course. It was clear that it wasn't meant to be a literal adaptation, but more like how O Brother, Where Art Thou? is a modern retelling of The Odyssey. Maybe very loosely based on the source material and only sharing some of the themes. I thought at the time that the film seemed violent and depressing (although I don't remember any on-screen violence, just that it was implied with the child murders and all). Reply

      I've not seen it personally, but could it be The People Under the Stairs, which includes kidnapped children and has an Alice Allusion?

      I don't think that's it. I've heard of that movie but I've never seen it. I don't think the film I'm looking for is a horror film, at least I don't know that it has anything supernatural in it. It seemed like it was going for Adult Fear instead. But I admit that I only remember seeing a few minutes of this film. The woman finding the snuff films from the kidnappers is the only thing I remember. Their house looked very middle-class. The couple was middle-aged and white I think, and the woman was also white but younger. I think she took a boy with her from the kidnappers but I don't know if it was her own child or just a captive child she found there. Maybe she wasn't armed with a gun, but a knife or an improvised weapon instead. I remember that she was terrified of the kidnappers but they didn't seem aggressive. I was expecting them to suddenly attack her (the apologetic attitude being a ruse) but as I recall, she just left the house through a door or window with the boy she rescued. Also, I didn't see anything that made me think this was at all related to the Alice stories, but that's something that my friend told me. Maybe he told me that he heard that in the DVD commentary.

      I found Running Scared (2006) in my latest web search. This seems to be what I was thinking of. I might have mixed up memories of this film with another, and I'm not 100% certain this is the film my friend told me was supposed to be an Alice Allusion.