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"In distress", my ass.
The whole entry on YMMV.Murphy Brown for Vindicated by History, not just the second level bullet, should be removed for shoehorning.

VBH has absolutely nothing to do with being mentioned by a politician or outlasting them in the public's view, but the show's critical and audience reception improving after it was less well received when it first showed. As I recall (over two decades later, with a memory that could give black holes pointers on how to suck tongue ) that it was well-received when it was originally airing, winning and being nominated for a bunch of TV show awards and having pretty good ratings from the audience.

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It's dark....
Next, I've found a LOT of Natter on Ready Player One. Here are two examples:

  • Allegedly Free Game: OASIS costs only a token 25-cent subscription set-up fee, but doing just about anything costs money, including in-game fuel and teleportation fees. You can earn money in-game from killing monsters and running dungeons (demonstrated by Wade earning about $20,000 in OASIS credits from collecting treasure in the Tomb of Horrors), but without some initial capital to get off the starting world, it's essentially impossible. IOI is seen as villainous by ordinary people because they want to, among other things, charge a monthly subscription fee, and make it ad-supported.
    • The reasoning behind that being a problem is obvious, when you take into consideration people like Wade, who, IRL, are flat broke, evidenced by the fact he was just lucky to find the first task was set on what was effectively his home planet in OASIS. All the people who are effectively barely able to afford their basic needs would find their access to OASIS effectively cut off.


  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: When the Sixers barricade the First Gate with a forcefield, the Gunter Clans bombard it with "nukes, magic missiles, and harsh language."
    • The reason that the Gunters are working in an uneasy alliance is that IOI want to make OASIS into a typical profit-making enterprise, adding things like advertising spaces within the game world. However, what gets the Gunters really pissed off? They want to charge a subscription fee, when it's implied a large portion of people on OASIS can barely afford things like food and electricity.

Zapping the sub-bullets.

Edit: One more. This one's older:

  • No Endor Holocaust: OASIS credits are shown to be used as a real-life currency; At the end, half the population of the OASIS, along with their credit accounts and items they paid real money for, was wiped out, yet there's no discussion or consideration of the economic effects of the sudden disappearance of such a huge amount of lucre.
    • The story ends soon after the egg is found, but it's entirely possible Parzival would bring them all back using his newfound superuser privileges.

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I am autistic, so I do not lie.
Would the two sub-bullets on this example from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri qualify as Natter?:

  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Many viewers found a large number of the characters to be a bit too flawed. Mildred is a rude Anti-Hero at best, Dixon is a racist bully, and most of the town is filled with jerks who do nothing but deride each other. The few sympathetic characters like James and Robbie are either underutilized or Out of Focus to the point that there wasn't really anyone to root for by the film's end. Hell, not even Amanda's killer is found, making any possible character development feel rather pointless.
    • Backlash from feminist/social justice circles revolved around this, especilly in response to some critics' proclamations of Mildred being a strong female - criticism especially went to Mildred's conflicted thoughts about her own daughter, and the treatment of her and her daughter as a MacGuffin. It really didn't help that the film was specifically attached to "Time's Up" (which didn't yet exist when it was being made, mind you) during its win at the Golden Globes.
    • Similarly, some have criticized the film's handling of Dixon, claiming that it's meant to make the audience sympathize with and root for a racist. That Dixon is a racist cop during a time when America is grappling with the issue of racially charged police shootings just adds more fuel to the fire. In response, Martin McDonagh claimed that he wasn't trying to redeem Dixon or make him seem like a hero, and that the whole point of the film is supposed to be that real life is messy and complicated.
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It's dark....
That IS a violation of the indentation rules, that I can tell you.
I am autistic, so I do not lie.
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