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26 GameGuruGG29th Mar 2010 04:03:41 PM from Castlevania Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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I'm currently playing Maria Renard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Sara, the PS3bot.

Maria Renard had suffered through a lot, and has had her magical abilities increased exponentally due to three events. She was in the area when a magical reverb went off that caused her Four Guardian Beasts to run wild... this increased the power of the Four Guardian Beasts. She also absorbed a fragment of the Phoenix Force when the Phoenix Force attacked her Spirit of the Phoenix. This gave her various psychic abilities, and also increased the power of the Four Guardian Beasts. In addition, she had a protection charm from Reimu Hakurei that has since been deactivated. In addition to her already being a descendant of Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades as all of Belmont blood are, this has made her a powerful holy warrior akin to a demigod or a weaker Touhou character. She is 21 years old, due to the Dell Solution Center's antics. There may also be minute traces of Chaos Energy from touching the Chaos Emeralds in her as well. I haven't decided yet. Maria now carries a plasma whip that Tails built for her she has dubbed "The Halo" after having helped to destroy the Durandal.

Sara is a PS3Bot built for a certain purpose. She has been upgraded by Franky to carry weapons, though the only one known so far is a powerful laser.

There is also Alucard and Death. Alucard has joined the Outcasts and could be said at this point to be its public face since Flandre died. If Remilia left, he would more than likely be the one in charge of them. Death has just been taunting the Avatars ever since Dracula's very soul was destroyed.

Other regulars include Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde and Klonoa.

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Alright, so far I've played two major characters:

The first is Wind Waker Link. He has every item from Wind Waker in his Hyperspace Arsenal. He started out as something of a comedy relief character, who had the Running Gag of breaking vases for no reason. Over time, he fell in love with Bit. At one point, he was nearly killed by pulling a Leeroy Jenkins against an army of robots, but was saved by Maria Renard and The One Electronic. Because of this, he felt he was of no use to the team and had a minor Heroic B.S.O.D., but was helped out of it by Dee and Silver. When Bit died, he obviously had another Heroic B.S.O.D., and when he got out of that one, he became a more serious hero, losing his comedy relief status. He is mostly a Silent Protagonist, but he managed to talk during Bit's death scene.

The second is Crazy Awesome Hollywood Cyborg Franky from One Piece (Check the character sheet for more info). I think I've been playing him faithfully for the most part, though he's less prone to having Sand In My Eyes. I've portrayed him as a strong advocate of freedom, especially of robots. He also built tombstones for Flandre and Bit, which are standing in Tails's ship, the Phase Distorter.

I think for now, I'll probably be playing as these two simultaneously.

I've also played more minor parts as Eyeshield 21's Shin Seijurou, and Wind Waker's Aryll and Tetra.
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If I tried to list all the characters I've ever played in that thread, I'd be here a while. I'll just post any information I feel is pertinent here when I change avatars, if I feel there's anything you guys should know about them.
30 SpainSun29th Mar 2010 04:13:27 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here Get RP Mod
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I've changed Elise's characterization slightly, as should be fairly obvious.

She's now more of a Proud Warrior Race Guy, except a chick.

But that's just my take.
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I'm currently supposed to be me, except with a positron rifle-slash-beam katana and magic.
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32 SpainSun29th Mar 2010 04:54:00 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here Get RP Mod
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Did you create that sprite yourself, Awe Striker?
Might as well explain some of of the variations of characters I frequently play as.

Tails is a Straight Gay, 500-year-old founder and president of of one of the few uncorrupt Mega Corps in the galaxy. This naturally means that the overwhelming number of corrupt corporations, such as Furotech, founded by one Orthopox, and the World of Goo Corporation, want him dead. On two seperate attempts, he lost an arm and one of his eyes. He ultimately replaced them with artificial versions. His new eye can function as a computer of sorts, and the arm's currently known transformations include an Arm Cannon, a hacking device, and a Laser Sword. Less invincible than you'd think. Also, 100 years prior to the group meeting Future Tails, Sonic died in a way that has yet to be revealed.

Silver, thanks to the Dell Solution Center's meddling is 21-years-old. He's the Sonic 2006 Silver, but he's become less annoying since then. In addition, he is a Big Eater, has learned several more PSI attacks (most of them taken from EarthBound), and is to inherit Tails' company once he dies.

Ninten is the idiotic version of himself seen in the Fobbies Are Borange-verse.

Sir Ron Lionheart is...well...Sir Ron Lionheart

Chaos now watches over a group of chao, and is quite nice when he doesn't go Papa Wolf on someone who tries to harm the chao.

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35 SpainSun29th Mar 2010 05:05:25 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here Get RP Mod
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Just so it's known, I'm kinda trying to make it seem like Elise is "taking command" or whatnot, but it's supposed to be more her personality than anything. If you catch me unintentionally godmodding let me know.
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36 HilarityEnsues29th Mar 2010 05:51:38 PM from Standing between Sho'Nuff and total supremacy. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Naked on a bearskin rug, playing the saxophone
Jennifer was an ordinary girl until she was kidnapped by The Grim Reaper and turned into a death god. She has many destructive death-dealing abilities, most notably, the power to bring rapid decay. She accepts her job as a reaper of souls with some reluctance, still regretful when she must bring people close to her into the next life. She's very in love with Joshua.

The second is Johan Liebert. He's currently a ghost, and is just as much of a Complete Monster in death as he is in life. He was defeated by Jennifer in the Marathon.

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^^^^It's an edit of the Rival's sprite from Heart Gold/Soul Silver. The left arm was redrawn from the elbow down, actually. Except the hand.

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"Only now, after being besieged by a flock of talking ponies, did he really understand what he'd lost. "
38 Lemurian29th Mar 2010 07:23:34 PM from Touhou fanboy attic Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Err, I suppose I should introduce the characters I tend to play the most. They're all from Touhou. First are the vampires: Remilia Scarlet and Elis. Remilia is the sister of Zudak's AU Flandre and suffered great wounds when Flandre was taken over by the curse. She is currently staying at the newly-finished Shin Scarlet Mansion where she takes care of the Outcasts' mentally unstable members. Elis was recruited by Flandre into the Outcasts and looked up to Flandre as her own big sister. She's a master of illusion magic. No one has seen her since Flandre died.

Next is Reimu Hakurei, the shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine. She does exorcisms, purifications, blessings and youkai exterminating. Then there's Yukari Yakumo, the Reality Warper Youkai of the Boundary, who limited minus' powers and helps the Avatar-crew now and then.

Other characters that come and go are the Shingyoku (a ghostly priest and priestess pair), Komachi Onozuka (the Reaper of Gensokyo), Aya Shameimaru and Momiji Inubashiri (Tengu reporters) and the onis Yuugi Hoshiguma and Suika Ibuki. You can also see me as a quite a lot of other Touhou-characters when I want to try them out. I'll introduce them as they turn up.

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39 Midna29th Mar 2010 07:33:56 PM from Texas, unfortunately Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Desperate
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Guys, if you're currently participating in the topic, you should probably put on the first Smithy Battle music for this fight scene. It really adds to the atmosphere.

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40 SpookyMask29th Mar 2010 09:21:38 PM from Corner in round room Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Hmm, I'm bad at this, aren't I?

I'm RPing annoying skeleton who came out of fricking nowhere.(in his backstory too, which I'm too lazy to tell unless somebody actually WANTS to know) Hes an idiot and does things on whim. Hes also working for Pikaman/Pikadevil/Longchu/Ganonchu/Pikadorf because he thought that to achieve good life, you need job. Oh, and is for some reason summoner.

His currently known summons are:

Flesh Monster, who I haven't figured good name yet. It used to be rather huge but after Mokou beat it up it became size of dog.

Demonic Killer Rabbit, rabbit which is well, demon, psycho killer and rabbit. Shes most powerful of Skelly's summon, with abilities being from teleporting to throwing knives. I've been thinking naming her "Bloody Red", but I'm not sure is that good name...

Bogeyman Brothers: Pair of idiotic bogeymen. They have shadow powers. Nuff' said. They already have names they just don't tell them, so I don't need to name them.

Anthro Spider: Spider who is used in stealth missions. Seen rather rarely. Just calling him Spidey, not bothering to figure better name.

...I suck in making profiles, don't I? Anyway, skeleton(who named himself "Spooks Skelly" is rather weak by himself... He doesn't really do anything else than summon then keep afar from enemy. Oh, and when he says he never lies, he (mostly) means it.

...If I ever try to use char which I didn't draw, I call dips on Arakune. His speech pattern might be too hard, but I like masked chars.(hence my name)

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42 Mapi29th Mar 2010 10:55:26 PM from Sakurakou Keionbu Get RP Mod
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Most of the characters I play are Nanoha characters, either Neutral Good (Nanoha) or Lawful Good (Fate).

Other than them, I usually play True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral witches from Umineko.

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The witches are fun. Like that one time Bernkastel made everybody dance.
44 Mapi29th Mar 2010 10:57:35 PM from Sakurakou Keionbu Get RP Mod
"keionbu ni yokusou, nyan?"
Bernkastel is a very fun character to RP as. Like how she always breaks the fourth wall, and does things For the Evulz.
Why yes. I'd play her myself, if I'd seen Umineko. As it is, however, I don't really have any idea how.

Speaking of the fourth wall, though, I don't know how much you read that thread, but I did recently indulge in some rather amusing Metal Gear Solid 2 mindfuckery.
46 Mapi29th Mar 2010 11:06:14 PM from Sakurakou Keionbu Get RP Mod
Well, I wasn't Snake.

...yup. Colonel Campbell, famous purple stuffed worms and all. Hoho, FUN. I'll have to bring Zombie Campbell back some day.

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I roleplay Sentai characters and Kamen Riders.
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Whoa. This is getting a bit serious, isn't it?
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OK, I left last night at page 1818. What have I missed? (Sorry, I'm too lazy to read the rest).
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