Name has nothing to do with the trope: Reverse Blade Sword

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26 Bailey8th Sep 2010 03:54:11 PM from Next Sunday, A.D.
27 DRCEQ8th Sep 2010 05:24:22 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
So this is that getting hit with a blade is only dangerous as the plot demands?

28 Meophist8th Sep 2010 05:27:35 PM from Toronto, Canada
References to actual reverse blade swords and nonlethal weapons can be chopped. However, most other examples could probably fall under Bloodless Carnage, Non-Lethal K.O., and Made of Iron. Plot Based Lethality is also covered with Plotline Death. Not sure what's left, except maybe a focus on inconstant use of violence and death in a particular work, such as heart-extraction=knockout.
30 Michael10th Sep 2010 06:25:45 AM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
So that's what this does
This does appear to be eerily similar to Non-Lethal K.O..
31 Bailey10th Sep 2010 04:34:24 PM from Next Sunday, A.D.
The description is unduly focused on KO'd opponents in fighting games, making this seem suspiciously similar to Non-Lethal K.O..

Looking at it a little more broadly, the trope may be "rather than immediately killing or incapacitating you, swords and other bladed weapons in video games tend to slowly chip away at your health, just like any other weapon."

That's where I'm getting Blunt Sword Damage from. Alternatively: All Damage Is Incremental? Swords Are Pointless?

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32 TheInferno10th Sep 2010 04:45:40 PM from probably on Earth
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Bailey, I think from what Wulf said, it's "Even though you may be using a sword or machine gun in a fighting game, at the end of the round it says it's a "Knock-out" rather than someone was killed"
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33 Bailey10th Sep 2010 05:06:36 PM from Next Sunday, A.D.
Oops. I somehow missed Wulf's post. Sorry about that.

From that description, this does appear to be quite close to Non-Lethal K.O..

34 TheInferno10th Sep 2010 05:19:42 PM from probably on Earth
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Eh, I'd say it's at least a subtrope to it, but *shrug*
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Does not work that way
I think most of it does fall under Non-Lethal K.O., but there is definitely a separate trope for a weapon's/character's ability to selectively deal actual damage. It's a much smaller trope and it has a decent amount of overlap, but I'm nto sure it's a subtrope.

So, throw the Non-Lethal K.O. examples into that trope then take the remainder and build it up as Selectively Lethal or whatever, as has been previously suggested.
36 DRCEQ11th Sep 2010 10:37:41 AM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Again, this trope seems to be spelling out instances where attacking something with a weapon leaves no physical alterations to appearance. Just not showing physical damage or taking actual lethality of a weapon into consideration for how much damage it should do.
Sword Set To Stun or just Set To Stun?
38 Deboss30th Oct 2010 09:58:29 PM from Awesomeville Texas
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A Non-Lethal K.O. that occurs when hit by an attack that should really be lethal in a realistic context. Or alternatively, an attack that should be lethal does scratch damage (ie. lightsabres).
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40 DRCEQ31st Oct 2010 02:49:55 AM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Set Swords to "Stun". I like that. I really like that one.
41 BlackWolfe31st Oct 2010 02:53:51 AM from Lost in Austin
Set Swords to "Stun" is beautiful.
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Set Swords to "Stun" is good. I don't like Sword Set To Stun as much, but I think it's a lot easier to place in a sentence (Alice impaled Bob, but he must have had his Sword Set To Stun.) I'd like to see it as a redirect.

So, about the trope itself. Is this going to be narrowed down to instances of a character conciously using a normally lethal weapon for non-lethal purposes?
43 Deboss31st Oct 2010 04:05:23 AM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
No, it's about using swords and blades that don't kill people, just hurt them.
^? You're saying this is about using a sword that does not have the potential to kill someone, only the potential to hurt them? Do you mean to say that this is acknowledged in-universe, or that the weapon has every reason to deal lethal damage, but doesn't (as a sister trope to Bloodless Carnage and Non-Lethal K.O.?)

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45 Deboss31st Oct 2010 10:37:57 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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No, ignore the trope namer. It started as a video game trope, specifically fighting games, where hitting someone with the edge of a sword did not cut them. It has since been expanded to using edged weapons that wind up not killing people when you expect them to.
Set Swords to "Stun" is perfect

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47 GameChainsaw31st Oct 2010 02:00:17 PM from sunshine and rainbows!
I'll jump on the Set Swords to "Stun" bandwagon. It's pretty clever.
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I fully support Set Swords to "Stun"...wish I'd thought of it when I made the damn trope, and saved some trouble..
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I remove that "proportional to the desire to kill" line because it didn't seem to connect with any possible interpretation given to us. You can put it back if needs be but maybe reading it this way, it actually seems more coherent. Also the Troper Namer part.

And I also like Swords Set To Stun.
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