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1 OOZE1st Oct 2010 11:08:44 PM from Transsexual,Transylvania
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Basically, the idea of this thread is that if a sexual fantasy winds up developing until it actually has a respectable, interesting or original plot, put it in here.

I note that none of my ideas in this thread are actually going to be used by ME, I have more serious projects I'm working on. Anyone else can feel free to use them.

1)Hot Potato:A teenage boy dying of Soap Opera Disease, with only a few days left to live but no symptoms, is admitted into a Brand X version of the Make A Wish Foundation. When they send in the woman to ask him for his wish, his wish is that he can have sex with her. They look at the company policy and she tries to object but she has to. The Reveal at the end is that by doing so he is no longer infected with the disease and she is, and the time is still ticking. It ends with a The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You implying that she's out in the streets, trying desperately to get rid of it before it kills her.

2)Vanisher:A high school student gains the ability to temporarily teleport himself and one other person of his choosing to a pocket universe without any other people in it. He starts out with Power Incontinence, and as he develops more control over his power he also becomes more evil and starts deconstructing the idea of a Moral Event Horizon simply by passing over it again and again and again and having less but still some sympathy each time, not really being a one hundred percent Complete Monster until the end. Oh yeah Rape Tropes if you didn't get that.

3)Deconstruction of Yaoi Tropes, in particular seme and uke. In a future dystopia, two boys share a prison cell, one of whom really was imprisoned for being a Complete Monster and the other of whom was imprisoned as a threat to his father for not paying taxes. The former, the seme, has basically no redeeming attributes, and the latter slowly goes over the course of the story from "vaguely believable normal guy" to "girl with dick". Rare combination of Prison Rape and Rape Is Love.
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2 JackMackerel2nd Oct 2010 01:39:46 AM from SOME OBSCURE MEDIA
Bouncing around the idea of a semi-novelization of Dead Rising 2, except instead of Chuck Greene and Katey, Yoko Suzuki, a slightly confused clone of Alexia Ashford, Zoey (who, here, hasn't run into the other three survivors, went to college, got separated from her parents during outbreak, wound up in Terror is Reality to try and raise some money to catch a plane ride home), and Varla Guns, who's just here to kill zombies. (Also, the twins Amber and Crystal are there, mostly following around Yoko.) Has a large focus on Terror Is Reality for the first few chapters, leads up to the... prizes the contestants get (Alexia gets the consolation prize of an... organic sex toy, Yoko wins the second place prize of thirty days in Fortune City with "accompaniment" by the TIR co-hostesses, Zoey takes the prize of one hundred thousand dollars in cash. Varla, predictably, gets nothing.)

Wacky Lesbian Hijinx with some bad attempts at mocking the story? You bet!
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