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26 JHM5th Mar 2012 02:11:28 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Interesting. Forgot about this. Kind of amusing considering nrjxll's bump of Jewelled Dragon's revised Mary Sue litmus battery.
Tried this out using Virgil. He went back and forth a lot, before landing on 3... huh.
28 MrAHR5th Mar 2012 03:39:54 PM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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Heheh. Riley got Complete Monster status...

I doubt anyone remembers who he is, though...

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The big bad for my story just barely hit the 6-29 slot. Interesting.
30 KyleJacobs5th Mar 2012 04:35:16 PM from DC - Southern efficiency, Northern charm , Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
Aaand Seth Williams weighs in with a whopping 68 points.

For reference, the other antagonists:
  • Marcus: 3. Stopped on 16.
  • Gus: -2. Stopped on 16.
  • Eric: 20.
  • Ethan: 11. Stopped on 15.
31 Night5th Mar 2012 04:51:28 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
The future of warfare in UC.
18 for Quincy, but some of them didn't have much of an answer I could use.
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32 nrjxll5th Mar 2012 06:37:30 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
The two nastiest villains I've ever written both got a 33. Skipped question 10 because it's impossible for to objectively assess whether it was "effective" or not, and skipped question 12 because I don't understand it - why do you get points if the act is not shown.

Aaand Seth Williams weighs in with a whopping 68 points.

Wow, seriously?

33 KyleJacobs5th Mar 2012 06:46:51 PM from DC - Southern efficiency, Northern charm , Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
Yeah, I was surprised also. But only a little - he was consciously designed as the bastard son of Josef Stalin and Iago. He's also the Dragon-in-Chief in a Dystopia, and he looks like this. Do the math.

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My protagonist of Shining Over Heaven could be regarded as a Villain Protagonist by some political alignments, so I ran him through and he got, like, a three or four, I think. Sort of a bad person, but not evil to the core.
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My favorite villain got a 34, but that was only because the answers provided were too specific; I mean, he's DEFINITELY monstrous, but I would be horrified if he was killed off because he's my second favorite character after the anti-hero.
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37 JHM28th Apr 2013 08:58:37 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Thunder, Perfect Mind
A brief review of the worst and/or cruellest people in the work so far:
  • The Chirurgeon: 22. The chief war-architect of a particularly nasty court of Unseelie fae. Too alien to really qualify, but easily repulsive enough. Were it human, the score would be much higher.
  • Evan the Grey: 25. A remarkably efficient and destructive killer. While not really up to our current standards for the trope—he is capable of a strange sort of love—Evan is a really scary bastard.
  • Linus Bierce: 26. Giddily experiments on human test subjects while requesting that his victims duet with him on classical arias. Too flamboyant and neurotic to really qualify, but still extremely creepy.
  • Nathalie d'Oyannax: 45. An ageless sadist that primarily targets children. Easily the most loathsome person that I have ever written. Probably deeply disturbed, but nonetheless unforgivable.
  • Richard Caterling: 29. A psychopathic hit-man who loves his job way too much. Again, probably too blackly funny to be a true monster, but still a completely awful person.
Let me see for mine:

Noir: 29, with a margin of error of 3. Hit a lot of the "sympathetic backstory" answers, but part of the point is that he's gone from the victim to the oppressor-and more than that he's creating another Orphan's Ordeal deliberately, as a Tyke Bomb to carry on his insane ideals of right and wrong. The term "innocent murderer" gets thrown about when Omegette is involved, and he's the main reason-he's taken a little orphan girl (that he created through killing her retired Hitman with a Heart father and her otherwise innocent mother-in fact, she convinced him to give up the rifle) and turned her into a nearly-emotionless weapon who can't deal with a normal life.
Sure, why not? Amu the Liberator, villain of Crimson, doesn't even register, as I expected, and the creature controlling him can't really count, being utterly alien, in incomprehensible agony, and probably incoherent. But the villain of Koyel's Storywhose identity I can't reveal — pegged in at a full 36. Probably would've been more if I had the guts to really go into what that villain did, or if the villain wasn't a Villain with Good Publicity. I'd run the Red King, but I don't have enough details down on The Tragedy of Amu (the Start of Darkness for the aforementioned Amu) to do so.

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I'd say I'm being refined

Into the web I descend

Killing those I've left behind

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41 Eagal28th Apr 2013 10:57:26 PM from This is a location. , Relationship Status: Waiting for Prince Charming
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The Apex Predator from my own works rates in at 37, though I gotta say some of the questions raised a few eyebrows for me, particularly the later ones where it says a character isn't a CM based on a single factor, or even based on audience reactions, in spite of all the other stuff.

Well either way.

For kicks I ran a character I don't like from an outside work. Naruto Uzumaki rates in at 34.

Sasuke Uchiha doesn't qualify on the grounds of being legitimately insane in canon. This actually applies to all Uchihas, even though one of them is actually listed on the Complete Monster trope pages. Go figure.

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42 ironcommando4th May 2013 08:35:36 AM from Terra 102 , Relationship Status: Abstaining
One of my villains was made for this trope- he got a 50. Pretty expected from a guy named Geno Cyde who nukes planets with a virus/corruption/Horde of Alien Locusts things that kill/turn/corrupt everyone on it and enjoys every minute of it. And he's a pretty bad parent too that his son left him.

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43 PsychoFreaX28th Jul 2013 06:29:58 PM from Transcended Humanity
Question! What decides if a villain is a Complete Monster? Their actions in the context of the story? Or how the author feels about them? If it's the latter, then a quiz for it would be pretty pointless.
My guy's a nature spirit whose ultimate goal is to protect the environment. He got a 24. I find that kind of amusing.

@Psycho Frea X The former. Originally, Complete Monster-ness is suppose to be a subjective, audience-reaction thing so it doesn't matter what the author's intention was.

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45 PsychoFreaX28th Jul 2013 06:58:34 PM from Transcended Humanity
Sorry, there was a bit of contradiction or vague explanation. You do know what latter means right?

EDIT: Oh I see you edited it. :P

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46 Wolf106628th Jul 2013 07:14:21 PM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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Excellent and engaging Litmus Test - not one I'd ever use, but very nicely put together.
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47 PsychoFreaX28th Jul 2013 07:17:56 PM from Transcended Humanity
Anyway, that does support my point that this quiz could do better. The last few questions for starters kind of boils down to how bad the author thinks the character is and the questions about what the other characters think of the villain, I don't think it matters. It's not the source of their personality and is littered with extraneous variables.

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48 NickTheSwing31st Jul 2013 04:39:39 PM from Ya really wanna know? , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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  • 51: Grahf Mordes: Psychopathic terrorist, Mordes has his credentials almost always on display. His backstory is that he was a middle class first born son, with a little sister. He had a loving family that gave him the best life he could hope for...and he detested them all. He sacrificed them to Azekred to get powerful magic, a process that gave him a skeletal appearance...and he didn't mind it at all, in fact, he liked it for the fact is scared the piss out of people. His main magic of choice is basically Energy Absorption, which he uses exclusively at first to drain the life out of people for a quick boost. Then there's the time he laughed at the thought of both American soldiers and his own Esoterica underlings dying to the Nuckelavee he summoned. Then there's how he fights; he likes to ensure that as many people who are nearby the fight perish, purely to demoralize the hero.

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49 david3rd Aug 2013 11:48:12 AM from TV Tropes, duh , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Yugo Hitatsu

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I just tried this on my Protagonist for giggles. Got 26. I was going for an antihero vibe, so it's not too bad; and the questions didn't fit particularly well.

That's interesting.
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