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The best part of Saya no Uta is the very beginning. It's never quite as good as that afterwards.
Watched a playthrough of the game online. Man the guy who wrote Madoka Magica also wrote this messed up Lovecraftian tale? I am still reeling from all the events that occurred in it.

Yet despite all of her actions, I could never bring myself to hate Saya. After all, she simply doesn't know any better. The fact that she fell in love was actually quite touching, albeit in a rather twisted manner.
[up] I could never bring myself to hate Saya either. She was very misguided, but in the end, all she wanted was to be loved. The ending where she refused to show her true form to Fuminori in the mental hospital broke my heart.

Overall, Saya no Uta left a very big impression on me. The story and OST were fantastic. The sex scenes were totally annoying though.
..... They did it, huh?

Saya no Uta has been cut. If it ever comes back, we'll have to wait and see.
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Just how many Visual Novels have been cut so far?
[up] Saya No Uta is the major Plot with Porn one (Fate Stay Night was an accident.)

Wanko to Kurasou was also deleted, though whether it has enough plot to qualify as Plot with Porn is debatable. (I haven't played it, so I don't know.) Even if it did have plot, due to Fast Eddie's stance on works containing pedophilia, it's not coming back.

Some games with Porn Without Plot adaptations yet did have plot in the original like Bible Black and Beat Blades Haruka (The latter isn't translated to be fair) were also deleted for being on the Hentai index

The rest are Porn Without Plot games like Virgin Roster (which did have loli rape), the Blue series.

[up] As far as I know, WTK is a nukige (a furry one at that), so I think it can go.

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WTK is a good VN, with only slightly more sex than the average TV Tropes-discussed ones. Also, technically both human girls are adults, and the underage characters are antropomorphic animals with animal-speed aging, but I'm not going to argue for it in Wiki Talk, since they really look quite loli, and probably the council would judge it based on that anyways.
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I was actually the one that put WTK up for cutting. I enjoyed it for other reasons than the porn, but I thought it was only fair considering the site's current state. Even besides the not-actually-human lolis, there was also a blatant sex scene featuring an actual, human child.

Saya No Uta will be missed though. Unlike the rather cookie-cutter WTK, SNU actually had a great plot and interesting use of tropes.
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I'm not a fan of Saya no Uta, but I'm surprised it got cut (especially since it's popular and actually getting a US release). What was the reason(s)?
Pedophile-pandering -_-.

Saya just looked a little too young.
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How do you find out the reason why an article gets deleted?
Here you go.

A lot of H Games got targeted for obvious reasons.

Here is a list of pages that have yet to be judged.

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My only interest in SNU is that it was written by the guy who wrote Madoka (it's non-stop gorn and depression and also some sex, so yeah, no, not really my thing), but I find myself slightly miffed that it was cut because it seems like an interesting game anyway. And Saya looks 16 to me.

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OK. 5P is starting on a thread for Saya's defense.
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So, I finally bit the bullet and read through this VN. I usually avoid spoilers like the plague, and since I already knew most major plot points of Saya no Uta, I didn't really have much interest in reading it.

I did find that it makes for a good love story, which is either tragic or bittersweet depending on which ending you're talking about. Of course, to see it that way you basically have to emphasise with an Eldritch Abomination. Seeing as there's about a 30% chance I'd find Saya cute in her real form, I found that easy. Most readers are human, though, and will naturally see humans as morally correct.

Yes, the sex scenes were somewhat annoying, but at least they had something to do with the story and character development. It would've been better if they were shorter, but I'm not sure skipping them entirely would be the best choice of correction.
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Just started. Literally on the first few lines.

It's. Well. Different.

Edit: Yeah, I'm a bit past where I met Saya. I'm going to need a healthy Ef reread once I finish this.

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Never before have I played a VN that simultaneously touches my heart in some awkward fashion and makes me want to vomit violently.
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No, the other one.
[up]I found it mainly just cute while simultaneously realising that some people will have that reaction because it's just wrong.
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What stays with me the longest about this vn is the questions it raises concerning madness and morality in general. From Fuminori's perspective, he's literally eating (and killing) monsters. Saya herself apparently arrived on Earth as mostly a blank slate, too. It's shown that she's quite superior in ability to humans when it comes to learning, and she's not unsympathetic to people who don't see her as an Eldritch Abomination (Yeah, the Yoh thing was perhaps not the best thing in the story. It did, for my rather twisted mind, lead to some rather titillating ero afterwards though.).

I like Kouji's ending the best, because it gave us some (pretty creepy) closure. In some ways it reminds me of the normal ending inKira-Kira for Kirari (I can't even tell you the vn name without it being a somewhat big spoiler, select at your own risk).

The other interesting ending is the one where Saya blooms. I personally just can't say whether this was actually bad or not morally, because I don't know how the people who get converted eventually feel about their condition. Maybe EldritchAbominations have a killer life? That's why I really lack closure when it comes to that route. But that might be just as well, I guess.
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[up]I didn't particularly like Kouji's ending too much inherently (beyond Saya and Fuminori's deaths which were tragic and go great to Baby Blue from the Breaking Bad OST) because of how his ending hammers home the "MAN WAS NOT MEANT TO COMPREHEND TRUTH" point way too hard. Like I feel its honestly more of an allusion to Lovecraft than Urobuchi's own point of view because he's honestly not that nihilistic (the sincerity of Saya and Fuminori's love for one disproves it, let alone Madoka's ending), but I still feel it's a tad too forced.

But what really carried the VN to me is, like I said, the sincerity of Saya and Fuminori's love, which ironically makes it more horrific in a sense, but in another, twisted way its kind of uplifting even if its implications are horrifying. Like what breaks Kouji, what destroys his last bit of sanity in the end in his ending, is that Fuminori and this abomination legitimately love each other. I think in that sense Saya really captures the beauty and insanity of existence. And I think that's why I dislike Kouji's ending, since it focuses only on the insanity without the beauty.
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Also I don't get the complaints about the sex scenes; it is an eroge after all. Honestly felt a lot more integrated into the narrative than say Katawa Shoujo, where the creators basically had to shoehorn them in and it felt like it was mostly out of an obligation (Well, Shizune's were at least, haven't done the other paths yet).
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Although it does have sex scenes, the entire purpose of them seems to be to disturb you. Personally I think it succeeds very well. O_O
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Played through this with my girlfriend. Successfully broke her head.

She had already watched Madoka and we had gone through F/Z together but she was not prepared for this.

What really bothered her was the way Fuminori treated Yoh after Saya mutilates her. Before, he had the excuse of mistreating others because they look like monsters to him. That's an understandable reason to become rude towards them, even not considering them human despite logically understanding that they are. Despite seeing Yoh as a human though, he still treats her inhumanely. He understands her suffering but treats her like an animal.

She liked Kouji's ending better than the blooming because she didn't like Fuminori essentially XD. She understood that Saya's reasoning and logic weren't necessarily bound by human reasoning, but she figured that Fuminori had no excuse. In the end though, she liked the Fixed-Fuminori end best because less death, more sanity.

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