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Nippon Ichi (Disgaea, Makai Kingdom, etc.):

Disgaea 4 - Making Vampires Cool Again

Anybody else love the main character's designgrin?
Heavens, is what I'm hearing true? Disgaea 4 isn't due out in the US until September of 2011? That's consistent with how long it usually takes them to localize NIS games, but it's still rather alarming to see it so plainly. And of course the PAL version will likely be another seven months after that, but thankfully the PLAYSTATION 3 Computer Entertainment System isn't region-locked.

On a more immediate note, the lengthily-named Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman is supposed to be out in the US in a couple of weeks, isn't it?

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 128 Jace, Mon, 11th Oct '10 7:41:25 PM from the Great White North
Atypical masculinity.
I love the games. Mind you, I've only played 1 and 2 (on PSP), and unless they release 3/4 for PSP as well, I probably won't ever play those. I beat 2 this summer after putting it on hiatus for half a year. I still haven't beat 1, and it just feels weird playing that after completing 2 with its changes in displays and stuff.

Like others have said, I love the characters and I love how fun it is, both inside and outside of battles. The Disgaea system is a lot more intuitive than Final Fantasy Tactics, and I really like it.
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 129 Clarste, Mon, 11th Oct '10 10:19:35 PM Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Three Steps
The Disgaea system is a lot more intuitive than Final Fantasy Tactics, and I really like it.


I second this motion.

 131 Jace, Tue, 12th Oct '10 4:25:02 PM from the Great White North
Atypical masculinity.
Clarste: It makes a helluva lot more sense to me. I find the whole buying skills thing a bit of a pain, and I like the dedicated player turns instead of individual character turns. The Item World aspect of Disgaea confuses me, but otherwise I prefer the items set-up of Disgaea as well. I like the combos you can do in Disgaea, the way certain characters up the stats of other characters, and the creativity put into the skills of both the generic and the story characters. Terrain plays a much stronger role for strategy in Disgaea as well. Final Fantasy Tactics definitely trumps in terms of status ailments and that sort of thing, though. Disgaea is less confusing in general. It's been a couple of years since I started either game so I can't say which one I got accustomed to first, but I do know that I enjoy Disgaea's battle system more. I also enjoyed Jeanne d'Arc's, except for the rock-paper-scissors type element bias.
Biophilic bookworm by day, gentleman adventurer by night.
In Jace's defense, FFT did have the faith/bravery system which is both annoyingly complex and useless.

Also, Cladun is a wonderful game.

edited 12th Oct '10 4:34:07 PM by Miijhal

I want Kat's glasses!
On the subject of the inability to capture humanoids, I guess monster-class named characters can't be captured either. Too bad, since most bosses are monster-class...
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 134 Tarsen, Wed, 13th Oct '10 6:15:08 AM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
A little dry.
started makai kingdom after i finished la pucelle a while ago...just reached chapter 5, still cant figure out what decides what element a mage has. magicians element seems to be random at least. its really bugging me...
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 135 Chagen 46, Wed, 13th Oct '10 6:32:35 AM from I don't really know
^^Uh, you can capture humanoids in Disgaea3. I use it to get humans with good weapon skills alot.

edited 13th Oct '10 6:32:58 AM by Chagen46

"Who wants to hear about good stuff when the bottom of the abyss of human failure that you know doesn't exist is so much greater?"-Wraith
 136 mega-dark, Fri, 22nd Oct '10 8:59:54 AM from Planeptune Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Moe Game Console
Main Disgaea 4 site update:Disgaea 4 needs your help naming 6 new special attacks. Even if you don't want to send names, you can still see the 6 new skills here. By the way fist skill reminds me of Master Asia.

edited 22nd Oct '10 9:00:32 AM by mega-dark

So, how about that Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman, eh? My copy ought to arrive any day now, but in the mean time, has anyone else played it yet? If so, I want to hear your impressions, because I have no idea what to expect from this game.

 138 Viku, Wed, 27th Oct '10 5:14:57 AM from Santiago de Chile
I Want to be The One
My main hope for Disgaea 4 is that it doesen't have the weapon skill system of Disgaea 3.

Never understand how to get the latter weapon skills. something about some few classes being able to purchase them and having to use class world so you can transfer it to other, or some thing like that....ugh, so annoying. Here hoping that it comes back to how it was in Disgaea 1 & 2
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 139 mega-dark, Thu, 28th Oct '10 5:39:21 PM from Planeptune Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Moe Game Console
^^I download my copy off of PSN. My thouhts, it's funny and surprisingly deep. It pokes fun at bullying, bad parenting, the united states president, but at the same time takes these (and many other subjects) very seriously. I'm kind of surprised since this is coming from Nippon Ichi. Gameplay wise, the management of everything is difficult at first but you get used to it quickly. For example, all weapons and armor wear and tare over use and getting hit. So you costintly have to change equipment to equipment you find in the stages. Then you have energy which runs out every time you move so you have to eat in order to live. But you do regenerate health everytime you move. Bosses are differnet. I fought two of them that required some thinking. Those are my current views, so pick it up and enjoy.
 140 Viku, Sun, 31st Oct '10 5:45:54 PM from Santiago de Chile
I Want to be The One
^Wait of what game are you talking about there?
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 141 ryaw, Mon, 1st Nov '10 10:48:51 AM from in your closet
Starving College Student
I discovered Disgaea sometime last year, bought the DS port of Hour of Darkness as my first game on my first handheld system since the Gameboy Pocket. Dear god, the game blew me away. Disgaea sowed the seeds of regret towards my purchase of a 360 instead of the PS3. While I still prefer my Xbox to the PS3, I will always lament not having the Disgaea series. I really hope that Nippon Ichi decides to port another title to the DS or 3DS.
 142 mega-dark, Tue, 2nd Nov '10 7:09:54 PM from Planeptune Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Moe Game Console
^^ Zettai Hero Project



Edit: The... The prinny is the wife...

edited 4th Nov '10 10:51:04 PM by Miijhal

 144 ryaw, Thu, 4th Nov '10 11:04:54 PM from in your closet
Starving College Student
[up][up] Gah! So jealous of the PSP right now...
I want Kat's glasses!
Argh! Why do you need three magic users simultaneously to unlock the Star Skull/Mage class? My first try (using reincarnation at level 50) failed so now I have to train a bunch of wimpy guys with heads in bags all over again!
They Called Me Mad!! I decided to show them all; but when I looked on my works, oh mighty, I despaired: for it made me realize they were right.
Because it's Disgaea. :P

Use one of the invincibility levels, if you're playing the original. Getting them to a high enough level should be pretty easy by starting with team attacks and them having them solo the enemies.

edited 5th Nov '10 9:17:00 AM by Miijhal

The Unlosing Ranger is not living up to his name. Those dragons in Awaiting Divine Judgement are a damned pain, and this "trauma" nonsense isn't helping at all. How do you get rid of those? The manual doesn't say, and it hasn't been introduced in-game yet.

 148 Registered, Fri, 5th Nov '10 5:06:46 PM from under a space rock
Radioactive green
You must face your fears! As in, kill enough dragons, and you'll overcome your dragon-phobia. Which, yeah, can be a lot of suck.

At least you get a nice EXP bonus for killing whatever gave you trauma. I'm... not sure if you have to overcome the fear before you start getting the bonus, but, yeah. And the bonus can stack, too, if you receive and overcome the same fear multiple times.

Now then, for fears of things other then enemies? I have no idea. I've got a fear of starvation at the moment, and while I guess I need to lower myself to starvation and survive a couple times, I really don't know for sure. And I have no idea if there's any positive for overcoming such a fear, either, except for being rid of the trauma.

^Eat A LOT in order to get rid of the starvation trauma.
 150 Registered, Fri, 5th Nov '10 11:07:52 PM from under a space rock
Radioactive green
Thank you for knowledge, though I did stumble upon that solution accidentally... right before activating a log trap directly in front of a shopkeeper while going to purchase more meat. And being launched to the other side of the map. And then being torn apart by a pack of guard dragons.

Wee, Roguelikes!

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