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Rockopolis' Train-ing...from Hell!
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Rockopolis' Train-ing...from Hell!:

Rock On
Right, as some of you may already know, I'm taking a little trip. A three day trip, on Amtrak, from Arizona to New York. I figured I should liveblog it.
[[ Liveblog of]] John Carter of Mars
Rock On
I booked a roomette rather than taking a seat in coach for the first leg of the journey, to Chicago.

The train station is...a prefab building. A shed.

Okay, train's about half an hour late; not quite the midnight train but pretty damn close.

Last car, first floor, room next to the door.

The hallway is very narrow. I chuck my two bags onto a rack and check out my room. Not bad, very efficient. Bunk bed roomette, the top bunk folds into the ceiling, bottom bunk folds away for two chairs, the room is basically the size of the bunks. Fold out trashbins. Curtains.

The toilets...are horrible. I mean, they're clean, but they're cramped and...well, I'm the kind of person who can't stand public restrooms. Suddenly, three days seems like a very long time.

Showers are...actually okay. Enough room, clean, and the curtain clips to the frame. Might actually want that at home, to eliminate curtain cling.

Now I'm sitting in bed. I'll pass New Mexico and be well into Texas by the time I wake up.
[[ Liveblog of]] John Carter of Mars
Rock On
I am in Tucson! I am going to sleep!

The train rocks and bumps, but it's much quieter than an airplane. Probably rocks less than a boat, though I haven't been on many of those. That should be my next trip.
[[ Liveblog of]] John Carter of Mars
Rock On
Slept okay, woke up as we were pulling into El Paso. Continental breakfast in the dining car. The dining and lounge cars are reasonably nice, like a more padded and space concious university cafeteria. And the lounges have power.
[[ Liveblog of]] John Carter of Mars
 5 Imipolex G, Thu, 9th Dec '10 8:45:15 AM from all our yesterdays
frozen in time
Hm. I've never traveled by train before. Although I'd likely choose it over airplane (fear of flying, you know).

Anyway, keep going.
no one will notice that I changed this
Rock On
Awesome, a fan! I'll be moving this to the new liveblog thing.
[[ Liveblog of]] John Carter of Mars
Rock On
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[[ Liveblog of]] John Carter of Mars
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