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26 Pacific20th Apr 2009 02:03:33 AM from da beach house
Oh Yeah?
hooray! I totally forgot about Docking station! I used to play that quite a lot (docked with C3) there's a really great modding community behind it too, which I think is still going. there's lots of new rooms you can download for it as well.
27 Brickman20th Apr 2009 05:50:36 AM from wherever adventure takes me , Relationship Status: My own grandpa
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You can get into deep sector after a rampage? But... doesn't Ansakie team up with you because he respects your insistent pacifism?
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28 KylerThatch20th Apr 2009 08:02:19 AM , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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Whether Ansaksie teams up with you afterwards is irrelevant. You only need to spare the Tasen Scout(?) so she can decide run away through the teleporter with her girlfriend.
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Iji looks like a cool game. I've downloaded it, probably give it a try tomorrow.
Again with the data mining, dear Aunt?
Does anyone know how you can get Nanomaster rank? It's something like >400 successful cracks minus failures, and I have no clue how that's possible.
31 Pacific20th Apr 2009 02:44:14 PM from da beach house
Oh Yeah?

I'm doing it now- but it looks like I'll have to crack everything in the game.

don't forget you can crack soldiers and thier weapons too. so I don't know if it's possible on a pacifist run.

you also lose a successful crack for every failed crack.

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32 Brickman20th Apr 2009 08:35:39 PM from wherever adventure takes me , Relationship Status: My own grandpa
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It isn't that hard if you focus on it; aggressively cracking enemies is the key, as is exploring the whole level. If you're desperate, I think that you can just repeatedly use nanofield reboot, put your points back in weapon skills and cracking, splice your weapons and re-reboot your nanofield. I'm not sure if it counts the repeated weapon hacks though.

edit: Also, the early levels are the most important, since Tasen are easier to crack (it tends to kill them, and if they turn around and find you they're not guaranteed to do hit point damage before you finish, not to mention being less risky).

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33 Sabbo21st Apr 2009 06:12:41 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
Regarding Iji, I'm having trouble getting to the last two posters, and I'm not sure if I got all of the ribbons (I got four, I think). Help please? :/

EDIT: Okay, I checked youtube for the posters, and how many ribbons I need to get, so I should be fine.

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Sapient Blob of Tofu
Judging by the logs and the conversations I'm having with aliens, I appear to have taken the very non-pacifist route.

I can honestly swear I'll not kill any aliens who don't shoot at me on sight. Not my fault that's never happened.
Again with the data mining, dear Aunt?
I know what you mean, Korg. My first attempt, I planned to sneak stealthily past the enemies, but they kept shooting me and blowing me up, so that wouldn't stand. I eventually gave up and started over because putting more than 4 ranks into Strength is a waste. I didn't know about the Nano reset at the time.

Anybody know how to kill Proxima without knocking it into the electricity? I'd like to have that sweet supercharge if I can. My ranks going into that fight are 10 Health, 10 Crack, 10 Komato, 10 Tasen, 4 Strength, 2 Attack, and 2 Assimilate. I probably need to focus more on Assimilate, for that yummy ammunition.
36 Brickman21st Apr 2009 01:13:26 PM from wherever adventure takes me , Relationship Status: My own grandpa
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It pretty much boils down to having 10 in Tasen and as many ranks of assimilate as you can afford to spend (level 5 or 6 ought to be enough). 10 in Komato probably won't hurt but isn't necessary. The devastator is your weapon, and if you can't do almost the whole thing with it you'll not do it; every unit of devastator ammo does 9 health damage. Every unit of rocket ammo does two; shocksplinter is 2 to 3. Not sure bout the MPIFD (however it's ordered) or Velocithor, but I don't think they worked too well when I tried them on Proxima or Iosa; they're not there for ammo efficiency or killing bosses. Actually I suspect, though I don't know how to confirm it, that both Proxima and Iosa have more than the normal amount of "armor", which makes those weapons less effective than they should be since they deal massive armor damage rather than HP damage. I say this mostly because it seems to work considerably better when you use the velocithor on the final boss (at least relative to Iosa).

Thing is, that's the only supercharge in the game that requires or rewards assimilate skill, unless you count the one that requires having the capability to take out two annihilators (and you can do that with just the ten ranks in Tasen and possibly some Komato), so unless you're constantly rebooting (which makes assimilate significantly less effective and may itself keep you from the supercharge, although there is a lot of ammo stored in Sector 7) you'll have a hard time not sacrificing some of the others to get it. It's mostly bragging rights unless you wanted to play with six ranks in assimilate in the first place.

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37 KylerThatch21st Apr 2009 04:51:49 PM , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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Annihilators? I just need Crack 4 for those things. It takes a bit of time and dodging skill, though, but making them eat their own shocksplinter rounds is very satisfying.
This "faculty lot" you speak of sounds like a place of great power...
Screw it, then. There's no reward for getting all the supercharges anyway, and I like having my ranks the way they are.
39 Brickman21st Apr 2009 07:52:35 PM from wherever adventure takes me , Relationship Status: My own grandpa
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If you seriously have the patience to take down Annihilators with JUST the reflector... for that matter, just being able to reliably reflect their rapid-fire shocksplinters without getting hit by the remainder of the volley is the game's toughest application of the weapon by far.

Personally, if I'm gonna take out an Annihilator, that's when I get to justify any high-end ammo I've been saving up. What better way of taking out a warmachine twice your height and armed to the teeth than with a gun so powerful you need special training to stand upright against the recoil?
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Sapient Blob of Tofu
I'm pretty sure that Strength and Assimilate are the stats to boost for a successful pacifist run.

You'll need strength so you can knock enemies over using the propulsor field (The starter Komato weapon, the one with the hellaciously long cooloff time).

You'll need Assimilate becauase, let's be honest here, you are going to get shot at. A lot.
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10 Health is nice because it means explosives do less damage.

(we need to launch an Iji thread)
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Or perform a Quirkafleeg.

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43 GGCrono21st Apr 2009 09:34:23 PM from Greenville, NC , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
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As great as the game is, let's try and keep the Iji discussion in its own thread. smile

Allow me to cross-post my latest comment in the incorrectly-placed thread.

Here's one that fans of Surreal Horror will dig: All Of Our Friends Are Dead.

On another note, I've been playing Last Scenario and I absolutely love it. I'm near the end. I just opened up the Cluster.

Question to anyone who's played this: I need to do some seriously leveling before I can take on most of the sidequests. What's a good spot for it that won't slaughter me?
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As soon as I get my desktop computer out of storage I'll probably spend half my life making Fraxy content.

My God this game looks awesome.
I finally got M.U.G.E.N to work, HUZZAH!

I'm also now hooked on both Iji and Cave Story.
Katawa Shoujo is pretty cool. And I don't even like dating sims.
the white chamber is pretty awesome. You know, in a piss your pants Silent Hill kind of way.
Okay: *takes deep breath* Battle for Wesnoth, Spelunky and Eternal Daughter, Cave Story, Iji, Knytt and Knytt Stories, (somebody make a page for them already!) An Untitled Story, Eversion, the white chamber, Roguelikes in general and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup in particular. Yeah, I like freeware a lot.
Oh yeah, also An Untitled Story.
50 Tzetze10th Jul 2009 04:43:20 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Verge, the game where you kill yourself to succeed. As a bonus, the graphics and sound are also good.

Why is there that thread in Yack Fest, exactly? Geh.

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