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Don't know if this really counts, but all the faeries (inhuman characters) in Red Right Hand tend to disregard human names, viewing them as too long and pointless, and create their own titles for humans.

Aidan's been known to them mostly as "Magician with the Red Right Hand;" "Ash Man", "Young Grey-Hair" and "Selkie-Son" have also been used.

His master, Madame Monkshood, has been called all kinds of things, though "Wolfsbane Witch" is a prominent one.

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Here I go...

Dhana Ragnarok Earth's white-haired Knight

Michael Fightmaster The Fightmaster (what ? Too obvious ?)

Nick Humanity's greatest Genius

Azubuike The Master of Time

Louise Valdis The Harmless Deathbringer later, The Omnicidal Girl

Savvy Chekov Mighty King later, Bloodlusty Genius, and even later The Chessmaster

Mephistopheles Luisenbarn Hasatan

Yuki Matsuoka Mecha Girl

...And that's all I have for now.

Deep childhood trauma. Saw his dad do it with his mom-
A trauma, really? What a wimp!
-after he stabbed her 23 times.
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The Dragon of Destruction Parallaxus

Maniac Nihility Negative World Baku

Something in the core of Negative World Baku!! Destroyed Universe Baku this enemy is only Clipped Wing because you are invincible. Using an Action Replay reveals that ten out of his 14 attacks are 1HKO.

The God of Destruction is reborn! Junior/Reborn Baku

The Decay is centered here... Phantasm Martyr

Darkness is reborn to a physical form! Neosfiratu Curse of Darkness spell hurts...

The Inner Demon is Released, beware its fell power! Demon Johnson III

Palaxia approaches to kill the one destined to kill him! Palaxia Vulstark

Cruelty to all living things...that is Aldos Aldos Von Krugarth
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Not my character of course, but I just had to

"........." BUCKETHEAD

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Sharon Summers

Just not a morning person

Travis "Patchwork" Underwood

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I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

Goodfae: a mafia web serial
Shinji Watanabe
  • Genius Vampyre

  • Awakened Philosopher/ The Last Knight of Nippon.

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quidf scire vis?




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Sneaky Bastard
Marcus Smith: Evil for Giggles

Rachel Murphy: Superpowered Zombie Hunter

Doctor Shaun Williams: Sanity Optional, Science Not

Jane Doe: Host of Unspeakables
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quidf scire vis?


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Here's the Author Avatar of a fictional chronicle I'm writing:

The Sniping Chemist Alexander Issachar
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One of the Nine
Raja Saladin Peaceful Emissary

Fujikawa no Noriko [[World'sStrongestMan World's Strongest]]

Baron Zelmuth Gaine The Baron of Glory

Lord Mordkain The Broken Lord

Fujikawa no Amaya Green Eyes
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"The Boy With A Frozen Heart"
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Boss subtitles are really where the Touhou influences shine through. Some examples:

The Hero History Forgot

Vincent Matthews

Beloved Princess of Darkness

Princess Marianne

Undyingly Loyal to a Demonic Doctor

The Black Hawks Trio

The Demon Doctor / The Doctor Who Comitted War Crimes

Dr. Ancell Himmel

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40 StolenByFaeries3rd Feb 2011 11:42:45 PM from a reprogrammed reality
Lord Necromancer; The Puppet Master

Lady of Blood and Ice; The Broken Marionette

The Wealthy Dodger

The Knave of Hearts

Chaos Incarnate: the Mad Hatter and the March Hare
Sneaky and Dewey

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Nefarious Apprentice


42 ironcommando23rd Aug 2013 05:00:58 AM from Terra 102 , Relationship Status: Abstaining
AC: Photo-Electric Elite Soldier

Calia: Maiden of Snow and Diamond

Sinner-8: Commander of Burning Hellion

ZyrAZ: Valiant Inquisitor

Captain Warblade: Twin Blades of Sky

I.C.: Fleeting Assault

Xeno Cyde: One Shot, One Kill


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Captain Shivan, Ice Warrior Extraordinaire

Alex Locksley, Cyborg Spymaster

Jason Gray, Protector of Innocents, Drinker of Tea

Gaheris, The Man Who Cannot Die

Fear is a superpower.

Fifi Jennings:Lover, Savior, Lunatic

Leon Garrison:Charlemagne's Champion

Greed Demon Aestol:Dominatrix Cash Master (also likes ballet)

Druid Liodelfir:Beware his nerdiness

Sarah Jennings:If being an irresponsible drunk parent was a superpower...

Sam Maxwell:Currently running from Black Helicopters

Grace Rothschild:She lives among us

Preston Haydn:Groovy, mmaaaaannnnn

Victoria Roarke:Afraid of herself

Natalia Radley:Molotov cocktails shouldn't be shaken or stirred

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The Unreachable: Nemo

The Nonsense Prophet: Hugo

The Hive: Jean

The Consultant: Mina

The Eldritch Techie: Emily

The Pihrana: Trisha

Yeah I don't know... this is a lot harder than it looks.
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Commander T'Kor, The Logical Lunatic

Jasmine "Wink" Wilson, The Girl Who Walks Through Walls

Seamus Paxton, The Mongoose

Jorhan Rukar, The Hand of Shadow
Fear is a superpower.
47 ramuf23rd Aug 2013 07:39:12 PM from the Shining Throne
Lilith Kurono, The Fell-Handed Maiden

Arem, The Networked God

Nyael'zkar, The Progenitor of Sin

Chirus Marus, The Avenger of Grudges

Natalya Zerickas, The Daughter of War

Me'hron, The Original Warrior

Altaris, The Silence and Pain of the Forgotten
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Aya Sufa
The Thunderbird's Keeper

Jubal Yew
The Orchestral Enchanter

Noah Soleri
Architect of the Beginning and the End

Shani Minali
The Wave of Chaos

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More here.

Commander Dread: (You're not a boss)

Volcan: Knight of the Inferno

Alpharios: Air Marshal of Wind and Storm note 

1213-TARQUIS: Assassin beyond Time and Space note 

Commander Dread: (I already told you, you're not a boss!)

Defiance Leader: Warlord of Oblivion

Enforcer Leader: Transcendent Ruler

Phantom Shoplifter: I believe my name's already a Boss Subtitle

Omega-B: Fallen Saviournote 

Commander Dread: (You're still not a boss)

3D: Embodiment of Direction

The Eternal Victor: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose/Godmodding Cheater note 


Commander Dread: (...Sigh)

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Right here
Ileana, The Royal Defender

Caron, Loyal to the End

Olivia Falconer, Keep on smiling

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