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I know the joke. That's why I mentioned it. She's casually insulting to Sakuya, because everyone in Gensokyo is a Jerkass in canon. It's just fanon that messes with that.

Besides, Marisa-Patchouli is the third most popular shipping, it's not that easily dismissed.

Also, leave The Daria alone. It's a close relative of The Ruri / Deadpan Loli / Little Miss Snarker, and that topic is still fairly raw. Not worth opening that can of worms.

edit: Also, Patchouli is an ur-example of Squishy Wizard, as well as a Badass Bookworm, and Vancian Magician. Still, her in-canon personality is The Daria.

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Wasn't planning on messing with The Daria, mostly because I'm lazy. If I brought it up I'd be semi-obligated to actually do something about it.

As for the universal Jerkass-ness of the cast, I think ZUN once said that the reason they're all like that is because no other kind of person would bother participating in Danmaku battles. The in-game dialog is composed almost entirely of different flavors of taunt.

Edit: I still don't think she's The Daria. Yeah, she casually insults people, but plenty of people do. Is Lyrica The Daria too because she sings about dog meat when she's anticipating eating Sakuya? There's certainly a deadpan element to Patchouli that other characters lack, but isn't that just Deadpan Snarker?

Well, honestly there's a ton of baggage in the description of The Daria and I can't tell which bits if any are important.

Edit Edit: Sorry, I can't resist, I'm going to have to bring that up in the Trope Repair Shop. I don't even care if they change it, the world has a right to know!

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<OOT>Wait, it's been renamed again ?</OOT>
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Interesting how we finally get a debate on gameplay here... Unfortunately, as I only played Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, I find all this talk of combinations of the human leads and youkai to be a bit confusing. I thought that was only for one game — is it a recurring theme?
Sakamoto demands an explanation for this shit.
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Uh... In most of the games you've got 2-3 characters with 2-3 different shot types to choose from. Imperishable Night mixed it up by having 4 characters that happened to each be composed of a human-youkai team (Reimu-Yukari, Marisa-Alice, Sakuya-Remilia, and Youmu-Yuyuko), but they only had one shot type each. That was just a one time thing. In Subterranean Animism, there are only 2 playable characters, but each of their 3 shot types borrows power from a different youkai who sits back at home and talks to you through a magic radio.

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I rather believe that even ordinary people would practice danmaku play if they had the opportunity to. It's fun, hectic exercise, and you can taunt people who annoy you!

I always get the feeling the girls are snippy to each other because they being interrupted or inconvenienced in some way; from what I hear, most of them are pretty cool to hang around with if you catch them at the right moment.

The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
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Usually their encounters involve one person flying along investigating something and then a youkai pops in and wants to eat them. Later in the game they start actively trying to block you rather than simply eat you, generally because they're a minion of the Big Bad who's messing with nature in some way for a banal reason.
Well, the way that Scarlet Weather Rhapsody opens, basically, Marisa and Reimu pick a fight with one another just to determine who gets off their ass and investigates, and who has to clean up. Essentially, thanks to the Spellcard System making all fights non-lethal, they pick fights the same way normal people would play Rock Paper Scissors to see who picks up the bill for lunch.

That and it's how people get to know you, so shooting giant laser beams of doom is like saying "hello" in Gensokyo.

It's basically a side-effect of completely nerfing all the weaponry. If everybody has nerf guns instead of real guns, why not bap someone in the head with some foam arrows whenever you get bored?
Clarste: Okay, so I was right in thinking that most are going to be eg. Marisa A B C or Reimu A B C, or whichever third character you have available and their shot types. The youkai teaming up thing is only for two games.
Sakamoto demands an explanation for this shit.
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Well, technically in SA they are simply Reimu A B C, it just happens to be that A B and C are themed after different youkai.

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What surprises me is that no genuine threats appear in Gensokyo, forcing the girls to dust off their real powers and fight for real. Perhaps Yukari's manipulations and the Hakurei Border are powerful enough.
The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
Well, Utsuho was really trying to melt Gensokyo in a nuclear fire. After getting clonked in the head a few times, she got over that, though.

But yeah, most of the games go something along the lines of Death Takes A Vacation or Tenshi picking a fight just because she saw everyone else getting into fights, and thought it looked fun, or screwing up when trying to hide the planet in a pot that is still on Earth.
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Imperishable Night always struck me as interesting because of the way the player characters reacted to the fake moon as Serious Business. "We must stop the night! The fake moon cannot be allowed to set!" I can't even remember why. Was there a festival or something?
The fake moon was becoming corrupted, and the effects of that are vague, but not good. The moon is also the power source of all youkai in the Touhou 'verse, so Remilia, especially, was worried about that point. I'm not sure why, exactly, it had to be that night (especially since losing meant they could go back and try again in the Non Standard Game Over), but basically they had to follow the fake moon back to its source.

edit: the fake moon was actually getting so bad that Eirin was going to take it down, anyway, to prevent it from falling and making a mess. Basically, aside from meeting some new friends, the whole game was a waste of time.

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Gensokyo actually sounds like kind of a boring place. My personal theory is that everyone is so belligerent becuase they're all cooped up in there with literally nothing better to do than beat the snot out of each other all the time (and maybe have the occasional tea party once Reimu "convices" everyone to calm down)

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UFO's Sanae supports that thesis. Her A route seems to be entirely about her discovering how fun it is to beat up youkai, and given that she's an immigrant from the outside "real" world...
How big is Gensokyo, anyway...?

"At least some tens of kilometers in diameter" A bit vague. Still seems a bit small to me... I know I'd go stir crazy, stuck in there with all those restless youkai. It also seems that the youkai are kind of belligerent by nature, as the reason that Gensokyo had to be sealed off from the outside world was that they were running wild all over the place.

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It's unclear. Small enough to be entirely contained in a remote area of Japan, although it is possible that space is being distorted and its bigger inside than it is outside.
WMG: The Hakurei Border is maintained by technology similar to that of the TARDIS. Also, Reimu Hakurei is a Time Lord. wild mass guess

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Gensokyo was created to contain the youkai because they needed belief to survive. When the Industrial Revolution came, they needed a place where belief could exist when modernity and science had driven it all away. As such, they created a magic land for themselves where they could go nuts, and took a few humans along that could maintain the border, and had magical powers, themselves.

edit: Gensokyo's size and shape and geographical layouts are basically Schrödinger's Gun. They are whatever they need to be to suit the story at the time. In fact, the very nature of Gensokyo helps that, since things like the Moriya shrine or Scarlet Devil Mansion enter Gensokyo at ill-defined times, rearranging the landscape to suit their needs. Plus, many places inside Gensokyo are effective Clown Car Bases, like the SDM, the Sanzu no Kawa, Hakugyokuro, and Mayohiga.

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Does that belief thing really apply to all youkai? I thought it was just Gods Need Prayer Badly, and was introduced in Mountain of Faith where it was, well, just look at the title.

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Guess whom I've got fanart of lying around on the floor right now.

I'll give you a hint: It moves like a frog, sounds like a frog, and vaguely looks like a frog, but is probably not, in fact, a frog. And it is awesome.

PS: Not ALL Touhou characters are jerkasses! ... Yuyuko isn't! Or Suwako or Nitori or a bunch of others!
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Yuyuko stole spring from the world in order to revive an evil tree (that she herself died to seal) because wanted to have a nice flower viewing. How is that not Jerkass behavior?
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It is hinted that Yuyuko did not fully comprehend the consequences of reviving the Great Cherry Tree.
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She still stole spring from the world in order to have a flower viewing. And it's not like she could reasonably invite people to watch, given that they'd die if she did so.

Edit: Stealing spring from the world makes me think of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! for some reason.

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