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 26 J Bridge, Wed, 9th Sep '09 8:15:32 PM from Alameda, CA

For the people that haven't seen this yet.
There's no space in the name.
 27 Ace Of Scarabs, Wed, 9th Sep '09 9:35:59 PM from Singapore Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I am now a shiny stone~
Cirno's Perfect DS Quiz (Warning: Playing too much of this will make YOU into a 9).

Dance x Mixer + Cirno's Perfect Maths Lesson (pop-Idol program).

Kero (9) Destiny Saikyou Cirno's Turn

edited 9th Sep '09 9:36:16 PM by AceOfScarabs

J Bridge, I've put that in two other threads already xD
Let's not forget to take it easy, guys.
No, let's take it hard, I hate those things...

Who even MADE a Yukkuri wiki, anyway?!

A whole... wiki. What the hell. That's just weird.
I just Googled for yukkuri. I wasn't expecting a whole wiki about them.
Oh gawd, a whole wiki of slowlies.
It Just Bugs Me! - a place to discuss media, real life, and other topics.
Ah, this is the best example of The Wiki Rule I've ever seen.
and that's how Equestria was made!
God dammit, Zudak, stop changing your avatar so much. :<
Solar Powered
Words cannot express how much I laughed with that avatar saying that.

EDIT: For both of you.

edited 9th Sep '09 11:23:30 PM by catch_the_sun

"Life isn't poker - it's Magic: the Gathering." - Matrix
I like this one. I think I will stick with it for a while, actually.

EDIT: Uboa vs. Cirno would make an epic fight scene, I think.

edited 9th Sep '09 11:24:32 PM by Zudak

Your usertitle actually goes well with your signature. :D

LOL. You're right! I wasn't even thinking of that.

edited 9th Sep '09 11:34:45 PM by Zudak

Alright, now that Cirno day is over, let's watch Sakuya kick a lot of ass to heavy metal music.

edited 10th Sep '09 8:11:33 AM by CBanana

and that's how Equestria was made!
Also, an Overly Long Gag featuring Sakuya and Remilia playing the drums.

and that's how Equestria was made!
 44 Ace Of Scarabs, Thu, 10th Sep '09 8:20:17 AM from Singapore Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I am now a shiny stone~
Have some from my favourites!

Heartful Nekoromancer :D

Chen's Errand

A Touhou rendition of Hydain's Four Elemental Fiends, featuring Team (9).

(Touhou) Old Hell Scaper (Beatmania)

edited 10th Sep '09 8:21:41 AM by AceOfScarabs

 46 J Bridge, Fri, 11th Sep '09 9:35:42 PM from Alameda, CA
Where can I download that game?
There's no space in the name.
 47 Lemurian, Sat, 12th Sep '09 3:23:16 AM from Touhou fanboy attic Relationship Status: I know
December 19th
Well, it's not freeware, so that would be illegaly, I suppose.

edited 12th Sep '09 3:23:29 AM by Lemurian

 49 Ace Of Scarabs, Sat, 12th Sep '09 7:01:10 AM from Singapore Relationship Status: Drift compatible
 50 J Bridge, Mon, 14th Sep '09 6:57:10 PM from Alameda, CA
Say, does anyone know where I can find the original "Help Me, ERINNNNNNNN" video?
There's no space in the name.
Total posts: 122,198
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