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76 Magus4th Aug 2009 06:19:44 PM from West Clownadelphia
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Yeah, okay, that one.
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to clear something up: oswald was stolen by greedy executives. It's not walts fault. Personaly, I think you control walt. The pointer is his brush. HE is trying to save mickey, then set everything back to normal.
sorry about the double post, but look at this: http://www.joystiq.com/photos/epic-mickey-concept-art/2174599/ a pencil. A Pencil A PENCIL. A PENCIL!!!
79 Karalora4th Aug 2009 07:33:08 PM from San Fernando Valley, CA , Relationship Status: In another castle
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Speaking of pencils, for future reference you can edit a post by clicking the little pencil in the header.

Another interesting thing in that concept art: a graffito of a Mickey Mouse silhouette and the words "BLOT SUX."
Guess we are not the first ones to think about the Phantom Blot.
81 Madrugada4th Aug 2009 08:25:52 PM , Relationship Status: In season
There's also a tube of paint in that same sketch. For whatever that's worth.
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82 phencer424th Aug 2009 08:46:20 PM from somewhere creative
I give Disney points for creativity and I hope this turns out well. The only problem I might see with this is I might have to fight Goofy. I love Goofy! sad
83 Genji4th Aug 2009 08:48:38 PM from Middle of Somewhere
That concept art is making me think of Toon Town...

Does this mean the Phantom Blot's confirmed? From his graffiti, it would seem he's more of a gangster in this game.
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But it says he sucks. It can't be his graffiti.
85 Genji4th Aug 2009 09:47:07 PM from Middle of Somewhere
I thought the Mickey symbol was Blot's way of writing Mickey Mouse. So it'd read like "Blot says: Mickey sucks!"

On the other hand, maybe there's a resistance fighting the old and forgotten toons, and the graffiti's from a member of that group.

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86 BetaRay5th Aug 2009 12:00:50 AM , Relationship Status: Can't buy me love
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They bring back Steamboat-era Mickey and you have to fight yourself.

I'm not sure whether I like this or Oswald as the Mirror Boss better.
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Ah, I see the edit button now. Anyways, Drawing on the game as walt would be disneys' Crowning Moment of Awesome

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88 krrackknut5th Aug 2009 07:22:46 PM from The empty Aether.
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Well, if it is steampunk, then I would like Mickey to be a Gadgeteer Genius. That would be fun.
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This could be very good. Especially if they keep all of Mickey's powers he's displayed over the years intact. I mean, we got a giant-slaying, tornado-chasing, ghost-hunting, steamboat-stealing wizard of a mouse! Who can ice skate, to boot! Also, the Disney comics that are popular everywhere BUT the U.S. (which is weird) have a lot of material for Mickey badassery.
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Something tells me this game will be completely horrifying...

I would understand if some of the enemies had their own little cute charm to them, but no, they seem to just be on seven different shades of sheer horror...

...This will be awesome.

(Bleh, didn't notice the last post date...)

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Considering all the evil robots running around and the inclusion of Disneyland, I'm starting to wonder if maybe the robots are animatronics/parts of rides. For example, in this picture, there's a teacup on the dwarf's back. I've never been to Disney Land, but it looks like something that would be on one of those spinny teacuppy things.

Edit: Haha, looks like I'm in the same boat as the person above me :B

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93 Karalora4th Sep 2009 02:52:26 PM from San Fernando Valley, CA , Relationship Status: In another castle
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Steph, the tea cups in that picture are identical to the ones at Disneyland. So Yeah.
94 Etheru13th Sep 2009 10:58:30 PM from somewhere in the south , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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On which systems this is going to come out? Because if it's on PC also...

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Interesting... I was just reading an interview on 1UP with Marty O'Donnel and Micheal Salvatori, the composers behind Halo's music. It mentioned that, now that Halo 3: ODST is done, Salvatori is going to be working on an "un-named game for Disney".

Now I don't know if disney have any more as-yet-un-named games in the works, so maybe it's not related.

Still, if there's one thing cooler than a dystopian steam-punk disney world, it's a dystopian steam-punk disney world with music by Micheal Salvatori.

Link, if anybody's interested

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@ Muzozavr: I heard it's a Wii exclusive

More reasons to buy Wii.

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I just received this month's copy of Game Informer. In the center was this. I'll try to give a condensed version of the story and some pictures when I get the issue.

This should be fun.
I saw that and I was all like "yeah, Epic Mickey."

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