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The sound of a cup breaking could be heard in the room. Heather went quickly to the phone and called to 911.

"Well that's not so bad, you just need to remember that they love you even when they don't show it". She said to the kids. "Heh, it's the same in my case, let me tell you about my son... umm" She stoped there. What was all that ruckus out there. "Excuse me kids, I'm going to see whats happening out there."

As soon as she got out of her office, she saw Heather a little perturbed over the phone. "Hey girl, why all this conmotion? and where the hell is my coffe?"

"The patient in Ms. Noriko room... He's not breathing"

"... Ya veo" She said while looking at the cofee spiled in the floor. What a waste of good cofee. She entered at her room again and looked to Kojiro an Zenjiro "Kids, sesion over, I'm afraid someone is dying, you are free to go or help us in any way you can."

Heather finished with the call and inmediatly entered to Noriko's room

"Ms. Noriko, An ambulance is already on it's way. I'm here for anything you need"
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Both teens stood up and watched as Dr. Laura left the room. Upon reciving the unexpected news, Kojiro shivers.

-"This doesn't sound good"- muttered Kojiro -"Could this be another victim from Dargonly?"

-"I think I forgot to mention the mam that you are also fricking paranoid" commented Zenjiro -"

-"I'm in evry right to be paranoid you naive fool! Our lives, no, the lives of evryone in this place could be in grave danger!

-"For crying out loud Koji, chill out! It couldn't have been Dragonfly! You should be calling for a medic instead.

-"Fine fine.."- Kojiro takes out a futuristic looking cell-phone and dials an awkwardly long combination of numbers in it"

-"Crab reporting to Cuttlefish, do you read"- Talks Kojiro as he is recieved by a raspy, drunken voice from the speaker:

-"Huh. Huzzha? Whosit? Welcum to de, Greazy WEEzel, may I take your ordar..

Zenjiro attemts not to burst into laughter while Kojiro looks unamused at best. -God damnit Dawson, have you been drinking that Gargle Blaster again?-

-Gaga Baxter? No, no. I-I don't know that woman, woud ya like to leev a messeg *hic*

-"Look, you drunkern bum, I need you to send us some Medics right away, It's an emergency!"

-"Mediiics? Ehhhhhhhh*hic* Mr. Medicks, doesnt , uhhhhh, live heer, call back later, Uhhh, and, I don't want yur stinking pizzazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"- a loud thud and a snore is heard on the phone.

Kojiro, looking irritated snaps his phone closed -"Gah! Who was the complete genius who assigned Dawson as our communications manager?

-"I bet it was that bitch Tomoe, she sure likes to support us doesn't she?"- Zenjiro joked.

-"Ok, so It's just us again to take care of the situation I guess" Kojiro sighed -"Come on Zenjiro, lets get to Ms. Noriko's room.-

Noriko —

it takes a while for her to register Heather's words — it is the tenth repetition of her RPC, she is a total beast going at it full impulse, before she realises someone's talking to her.

She separates her lips from Rob Roams', with a drip of wet saliva left as a complementary token.

"Get me a glass of water," she says as detached and monotone as as robot.

Wanting to escape from the stress, Noriko walks nonchalantly out, but not before her knees buckle in and she stumbles head-on into Heather,

and cries.

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Zenjiro and Kojiro entred the room of the accident. Not sure on what they could do to help, Zenjiro rushed outside to get help while Kojiro attemptd to determine what was the problem with Heather.

-"I'm no expert in this kind of thing Ms. Noriko, but I'll do wathever I can to help you out miss"- Kojiro said while trying to recomfort Noriko.

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As the ambulance arrives, Dr Liang claps her hand to her mouth and rushes out of the room.
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Gant glances at the dead man. The doctors are weeping. They should be bastions of calm, maintaining the same professionalism that the patients expected of them, a disinterested professional's gaze. And instead they are as children. So it falls to him to be the foundation, the rock of the group.

"You should not cry, doctor," he says to Noriko. "Your patients, do you expect them to support themselves? Right now, it is necessary that you provide for them support. Not me, nor these ambulance-drivers. You. Straighten yourself. Death is death, it is inevitable and should not be mourned.The proper place to be concerned is not with the dead, but with the living."

He watches the other doctor run. He would swear to god that he would make a better one,but he knows that there is a human element that he lacks. therefore, he remains silent, watches like a carrion vulture the human proceedings of mourning. For some, of course; some have no quibble with death, their own or that of others.
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Timothy just watched the display for a moment and then took out his cellphone and started dialing frantically.
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Hans came over. "Let me try." He bit his own tongue, felt it start to bleed, and put his mouth to Rob's. While pretending to exhale into Rob's lungs, he spat the blood in. He wasn't sure if it would work, but if there was any life left in the man, he should come back. Hans pretended to do CPR for several minutes, and then sighed and got up, shaking his head.

Now, he had to make sure to be ready to help the man if he returned.
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