Help with movie review; does this sound OK?:

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I'm not sure where else to put this and I don't know what to search for to see if the thread already exists; if there's a place stuff like this should go please let me know and I'll remember.

I'm working on a review for the movie version of "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"'s going all right but I'm stumbling over how to describe the main female protagonist. I have a paragraph I'd like advice on. Here it is...

Noomi Rapace flat-out steals the show with her explosive take on Lisbeth Salander; her fire-and-ice rendition of Larsson’s central protagonist is so visceral, it practically drips blood and spit. The character could easily have ended up as a stupid slice of tripe, but Rapace boldly deconstructs the Riot Gurrrl trope with unapologetic elan. Yes, Lisbeth is a pierced and chain-smoking Goth bitch who hacks computers and sexes up specimens from both genders. Yes, she’s a fractured head case that still manages to outwit her opponents and looks oh-so-delectable while doing it. Yet somehow, in Rapace’s hands Salander emerges from the cliché minefield as someone a viewer can believe in and empathize with. Her hard-edged charisma does a stellar job carrying the film through its rough patches.

Anyone got an opinion?

Note: I'm asking for stylistic advice, not what you think of my assertion.
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