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1 chihuahua025th Oct 2010 02:31:58 PM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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Kira Is Justice

Go here:

I put this thread here because there wasn't a fanfiction section.

So, Kira Is Justice is a Death Note fanfiction on Fan It is a Continuation set four years after the manga, when another Shinigami drops a Death Note and yet another intelligent high schooler picks it up, repeating history.

At least it isn't Shipping.

I'll put up a link later, because I need to update this, because I hadn't done it in 2-3 weeks.

So, comments, thoughts, complaints, flaming for advertising my own fanfiction?

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2 Kayeka26th Oct 2010 10:46:14 AM from Amsterdam , Relationship Status: Brony
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Alright, before I click that link, I want to make sure it will be worth my while.

So, what have you actually done differently. I'm not interested in Death Note 2.0, I want to read something that uses the source material in fresh and exciting ways.
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3 chihuahua026th Oct 2010 02:37:18 PM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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Hmm...let me state it in a way that isn't just, "Death Note, but different," Let me state the following facts:

1. It's in Chicago during 2014. By this time the Kira frenzy all but died out, but not for long.

2. The new Kira is no Light. Justin (his real name Justice; which makes him the title character) is sixteen years old, but shy and unable to have a stable hobby. He's intelligent and a honor's student, but he has a low reputation.

3. The Shinigami this time is Landras, who is female. She perfers to play around with her deaths. But when Ryuk gives her a spare Death Note, she takes the oppertunity and drops it where Ryuk suggests.

4. Near is the new L. However, a mysterious person named O becomes both L's and Mello's counterpart, opposing both Justin and L at the start.

5. One of O's assistant's is Fiona. Apparently, Fiona is young, a Creepy Child, and talks in bold. Nothing much is revealed so far about her, but I will have a chapter explaining her madess. grin

6. Justin's cousin, Sol, is an interesting character. It's the fact that, like Light, is intelligent, polular, and is the son of an Assistant Director of the FBI. But he's not Light. Expect him to have a role in the story.

7. Apparently disabilities run in Justin's family. Justin's dad bipolar, his sister is a kleptomaniac, and apparently his older brother is insane and somewhere else. If the Death Note corrupted Light with a God Complex, imagine what might happen with Justin.

8. Justin is a little more symthatic that Light. I'm setting him up as The Woobie.

9. My story is Growing the Beard. Once day I'll revise some chapters and I have the story planned out. Expect many interesting characters, intriguing plots, usage of WMG, two explosive finales (one is literal), and a fate for Justin that will be a bigger TearJerker than Light's fate.

This might not be enough to convince you, but it's all I can think of for now. Now I'll update my story. grin

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4 chihuahua031st Oct 2010 09:50:50 AM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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The strangest thing just happened. Yesterday, the number of hits Kira Is Justice received shot up by seventy, even though I didn't published a chapter and I usually rack in 50 hits during the days new chapters are posted. Hopefully those are Tropers. However, none of them reviewed. sad

EDIT: Oh, and I am writing a large mini-arc called "Comic Relief", which will be a separate Out-of-Genre Experience.

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What would happen if you wrote hitlers death like 20 years before it happened?

time paradox? or is there a rule against that?
6 Enlong13th Nov 2010 09:13:14 PM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded toŚ WANK!
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I'm pretty sure you can't write deaths that have already happened.

In any case, I think that all deaths are written in a death note. Either ahead of time by a human, or at the time of natural death by an observing shinigami.

Therefore, Hitler's actual death is already written in a Death Note, and therefore the old writing takes precedence, according to another rule that I can't remember verbatim right now.
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7 chihuahua014th Nov 2010 05:48:43 AM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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[up][up]: ...You should have asked that in the Death Note thread.

Oh well, at least I got a BUMP.
8 chihuahua015th Nov 2010 01:56:37 PM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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I don't understand. People don't like to review it (or post in this thread). sad
I don't have much time, and I don't really read fanfiction, but considering how much I love Death Note, I'll look into this. It sounds good.

(As I write this, I'm here because I'm pausing in between shocking moments of the first Code Geass Wham Episode, and trying to catch my breath.)
10 chihuahua022nd Dec 2010 11:43:20 AM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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Another poster, yay!

However, I'm thinking of doing a redo of my story, since from my persective, it's a Swiss Cheese. So I'm considering archiving the current story and doing a better planned re-boot.
Fair enough... though, "Swiss Cheese"? Redlinked...
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