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1 truteal5th Apr 2010 12:57:32 AM from the great southern land
animation elitist
due to the TDA reunion special premiering this Tuesday (April 6th) in the U.S of A, I thought it would be a good time to give this show a thread.

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OMG Shiny Pidgey!
I hate this show tongue
I love this show
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4 Etheru7th Apr 2010 06:37:58 PM from none of your business. , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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I ____ this show, I'm completely neutral about it.
"Das fuq?"
5 truteal7th Apr 2010 07:43:39 PM from the great southern land
animation elitist
I want people to talk about this show, not just say Whether You Like It Or Not
OMG Shiny Pidgey!
but I AM talking about it!
OMG Shiny Pidgey!
....... Just, not in a positive way...
I love the plethora of Getting Crap Past the Radar moments. That it's aimed toward teens certainly helps.
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9 truteal8th Apr 2010 01:15:32 AM from the great southern land
animation elitist
actually Electivirus, the main demographic is 8 to 12 year olds
Well, the Crap/Radar bit still stands.
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it's something of a guilty pleasure for me, I spent about 2 week watching it online while procrastinating. I love all the hoyay between the host and Chef. also the schadenfreude.
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12 Brecca8th Apr 2010 05:14:25 PM from New York City
I couldn't get past the the first couple of episodes. It didn't help that the animation was cringe worthy either.
13 truteal8th Apr 2010 08:40:44 PM from the great southern land
animation elitist
at least the style is more cartoony than 6teen or stoked.

also, because I'm Australian I can't watch the sneak peek of world tour as seen here so I'm wondering is there's another website that you can look at this?
14 Anthony_H10th Apr 2010 08:03:24 AM from monterrey, mex
...starring Adam Sandler?!
Loved the first season...not so much about the second season
Definitely a guilty pleasure for me. I think it's something about the combination of the ensemble cast with the eliminations. A fair amount of inconsistent writing, lowbrow humor, and subpar animation, though. (Though I personally don't really hate the animation.)

Second season . . . well, pretty much no one liked it. Sadly, it was only there that Cartoon Network stopped Bowdlerising it. I think you could skip from the first season finale to the second special, should the third season turn out to be good. (Well, you'd need someone to tell you that Gwen and Trent broke up, and maybe that Beth got her braces off.)

I'm inexplicably optimistic about the third season. It's got some characters who still haven't seen much of the spotlight, and the globetrotting bit to me sounds like just enough of a departure to increase variety without feeling like they've completely changed the premise. Of course, they could screw up the former by favoring the regulars again, the new characters are a bit iffy ("The Archvillain" isn't much of a character type), and then . . . there's the whole musical bit. Now, I like a good musical, but, well, I like a good musical. Seems like a very easy thing for them to screw up.

Random fact: The winner of each season was the finalist I didn't want. Combined with the ridiculous amount of screentime they've gotten, I hope the previous winners get out early and stay out. (After TDA, I feel like I can't even trust the writers with the latter.)

Did a quick YouTube search, Trueteal. Does this show up?
16 truteal11th Apr 2010 04:09:45 AM from the great southern land
I'm among those who loves Island, but hated Action. Nothing all that entertaining ever came out of it. Still, World Tour looks good. Hopefully..
18 Epitome14th Apr 2010 06:34:06 PM from in your bed. Like, now.
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I liked Island, but Action...I watched the first two episodes and I was like "lolno." I'm watching World Tour for the Noah.
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19 Anthony_H14th Apr 2010 07:06:43 PM from monterrey, mex
...starring Adam Sandler?!
I'm somewhat optimistic about World Tour, especially because the minor characters like Noah or Cody; It will be worthy to at least give it a try
20 Arcolops15th Apr 2010 05:39:54 AM from inside your head. , Relationship Status: If the gov't can read my mind, they know I'm thinking of you
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Noah FTW! I see so much of myself in him.
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21 truteal25th Apr 2010 02:10:51 AM from the great southern land
Dudes, Action is the EXACT same as Island! The only difference it's on a film set and the stakes are higher.
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23 truteal25th Apr 2010 04:37:31 AM from the great southern land
animation elitist
only except with Character Derailment and the lack of 7 and a half contestants
There's no Character Derailment. Besides Trent anyway.
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^^^ Er, what about Geoff, Bridgette, and (ESPECIALLY!) Courtney?

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