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I've never been too good at asking for this sort of thing, so I figure I may as well start out by explaining the circumstances a bit.

See, on Monday I am launching one webcomic - Wright as Rayne. Its art is being done by a close friend of mine, and the premise is, I hope, Better Than It Sounds. Basically, one night vigilante Alex Rayne is attacked by a group of people who work for a company / gang called Eighth Sin and after a run-in with Sareena Black and Misty Smid of it in particular his mind is ripped from his body.

The next morning Alex wakes up in the body of teenage Dorothy Wright, and it's explained to him by the group's leader Sarabeth Phoenix that in order to get his body back Alex needs to live life as Dorothy while doing various things to assist her in getting the group's governing body to change some rules in order to both allow her to leave and weaken the stranglehold Eighth Sin and a pair of its allies the Order and AME have on the city. Along the way Alex both fights unrelated crime on the side and has to adjust to living Dorothy's day-to-day life for her.

This isn't about that, though, because as said I have an artist there; this covers the side project, The Black Princess.

Due to start after Wa R - as my friend and I tend to abbreviate it - is 33 pages in, BP is what I need an artist for.

The premise there isn't quite as plot-heavy as Wa R, but both are pretty episodic and the main gimmick is to be two comics with overlapping casts and plots on occasion with the chapters tending to run simultaneously. The titular Black Princess is Sareena, who is a witch who speciliazes in spells that effect the environemtn and the youngest child of a family leading a clan of magic users. It centers around her and Misty, her rather ditsy best friend, roommate, and partner in Eighth Sin's Paranormal Division as they go about primarily resolving various cases of unusual happenings that catch the company's attention.

If anyone thinks they might be interested, drop me a line and I can give you some more specifics about the cast and the like, as well as art of Sareena and Misty as they appear in some other drawings various artists have done including their Wa R appearances so far.

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This is the artist of the sister-strip, Wright as Rayne. I can happily say I really enjoy working on the comic and that I think Martin has plenty of good ideas to anyone interested. ^^

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