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I spend large fractions of today admiring Lady Gaga, which is unusual because I don't consider myself one of her more extreme fans. I certainly don't fit into the normal LG fanbase. However, I was thinking about the That Man Is Dead trope as it applies to her and the sort of Dr Horrible angle she has and I realized that with how she's written songs for a large fraction of her life this would make a good jukebox musical. It could not be performed by her since it would draw attention to her pre-Lady Gaga period, something she doesn't want. It could be perofrmed ABOUT her after she fizzles out or dies, though. Captivated could be the character song for Stefani Germanotta (being a significantly more delicate song than her normal songs, sung before her adoption of the Lady Gaga personality). The shift to Lady Gaga would be triggered with Electric Kiss (a song she sung in the same period which has themes of changing the world with "her lips", something that could presumably apply to either her singing or sex appeal), which could get a Dark Reprise either at the end of Act 1 or towards the end of the show as a whole. The more recent of Lady Gaga's songs would be used throughout the show, sort of in order of Gaganess, to indicate the death of Stefani as she is taken over by Gaga. Paparazzi would be one of the last songs, if not the last one. The spots where dead women are shown and the music gets jerky would instead focus on Stefani's original dead personality, lying on the floor lifeless just like the women in the video. I'm not sure quite what the plot would be. It might follow real life, following Stefani's actual life and transformation into Gaga, or it might take inspiration from her videos, depicting Stefani and Gaga as two seperate people like Jekyll and Hyde, and have the Split-Personality Takeover constantly punctuated by Gaga's habit of ending her songs by killing her current partner. This cannot be good for Stefani's mental health-and since Stefani is a physical representation of a mental side of someone, it's not good for her physical health, either, leading into her death for Paparazzi. Perhaps the culmination is that since Stefani is the original personality, the personality's total death leads to the body going comatose, which of course dissapoints the Paparazzi-but hey, inside her not-externally-functioning head, Gaga's still famous, hence the last verse of Paparazzi. I'm not sure what to do about the fact that we can't find many innocent Stefani Germanotta songs. Maybe we could give her Speechless. Or maybe we could just do some severe Archive Binge and uncover more of her pre-Gaga songs. Push comes to shove, we get an original song commisioned somehow or reprise Captivated.

Seem like a good plan? At least an interesting one?
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