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Think up a question to the above answer:

 76 Ozbourne, Tue, 8th Jun '10 7:04:20 PM from the x on a treasure map Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
8luh 8luh.
Do you have anything to go in the dishwasher before I run it?

Giant spiders!
The statement below is true.
The statement above is false.
 77 Runic, Tue, 8th Jun '10 7:10:56 PM from Here and Now
Why have I and my Hyperspace Mallet been summoned?

A can tab. >-<
"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time..."
 78 Chabal 2, Wed, 9th Jun '10 12:42:56 AM from Plains of Tolosa
Fear me
What's this thing floating in my homemeade soup?


 79 Runic, Wed, 9th Jun '10 12:43:57 AM from Here and Now
What would you say if I stole your pants? 'Cause I did.

Internal bleeding.
"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time..."
Das kann doch nicht sein!
What is that red stuff, coming out of your mouth?

She has Gag Boobs.
People aren't as awful as the internet makes them out to be.
 81 Runic, Wed, 9th Jun '10 1:52:58 AM from Here and Now
Why does she get all the attention?

"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time..."
 82 Sand Josieph, Wed, 9th Jun '10 1:56:52 AM from Grand Galloping Galaday Relationship Status: Brony
Bigonkers! is Magic
What's half the battle?

An Inflatable Bible.
Last woman standing
You know what would be a life savor?

When you put it that way how could I resist?

 84 Runic, Wed, 9th Jun '10 2:24:19 AM from Here and Now
Hey, I found some nerf guns, and goodtimesfreegrog just fell asleep on the couch... Wanna wake him up?

"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time..."
 85 Darxzero, Wed, 9th Jun '10 2:29:57 AM from The Mansion
Black Inches
Which instrument makes for a good improvised frisbee?

Potato Salad.
 86 Kerrah, Wed, 9th Jun '10 3:10:30 AM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
What's the most disgusting food of all time?

Knowing is growing.
Das kann doch nicht sein!
What's the thing I just crushed with a hammer?

Fried cow liver with soy sauce and ketchup.
People aren't as awful as the internet makes them out to be.
 88 catfish 42, Wed, 9th Jun '10 7:35:08 AM from world´s favourite country. Relationship Status: I'm just high on the world
Bloody Fossil
What's that stuff he puked all over the carpet?

Because it is stupid.
I am a traveller of both time and space
To be where I have been
 89 Darxzero, Wed, 9th Jun '10 7:37:13 AM from The Mansion
Black Inches
Why is your cat's name Cirno?

Nuclear fission.
 90 dmysta 3000, Wed, 9th Jun '10 9:33:34 AM from New York and New Jersey Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
How am I going to fix my Doomsday Machine?

 91 Kerrah, Wed, 9th Jun '10 1:40:43 PM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
What are you obsessed with?

Chocolate drop cookies.
Knowing is growing.
 92 Pacific, Wed, 9th Jun '10 2:24:10 PM from da beach house
Oh Yeah?
What do you want with your main course?

the 80's.

 93 Kerrah, Wed, 9th Jun '10 2:27:50 PM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
What could the "age of darkness" this ancient prophecy talks about be?

A German shepherd.
Knowing is growing.
 94 Lilly S, Wed, 9th Jun '10 2:36:22 PM from My desk, probably
What person would be likely to whistle Die Zauberflote to a sheep?

A library.
Stupid people are great at winning arguments because they're too stupid to realise that they've lost.
 95 Chabal 2, Wed, 9th Jun '10 2:49:20 PM from Plains of Tolosa
Fear me
I'm looking for a book with a red cover and it turns out they were twins, where culd I find it?

Why, with Science, of course!!

 96 Flanker 66, Wed, 9th Jun '10 2:51:21 PM from 30,000 feet and climbing Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
How am I meant to do this?

Locking you up on radar since '09

What a waste of hope,

What a shame it has to die.
 97 Kerrah, Wed, 9th Jun '10 2:55:38 PM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
What's your favourite verb in the English language?

Huge, round... glasses.
Knowing is growing.
 98 burinnu, Wed, 9th Jun '10 3:45:49 PM from Someplace Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Take it Easy
What is it that turns you on about a woman?

I dunno, maybe twenty feet or so.

edited 9th Jun '10 3:46:11 PM by burinnu

I'm in your fanfiction, correcting your spelling.
 99 Keybreak, Wed, 9th Jun '10 5:42:59 PM from amid it all Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
How far does your restraining order require you to be? tongue

A pickle.
I would rather fail in my own way than succeed by someone else's.
What is the best object to use when defusing an embarrassing social situation?

Paris, Texas.
"I have run 10 miles a day, every day, for 18 years. That's 65,000 miles. A third of the way to the moon. My goal is to run to the moon."
Total posts: 4,005
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 5  6  7  8  9 ... 161

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