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SCP Foundation Trope Page:

 351 Geth Knight, Mon, 3rd Dec '12 6:06:20 AM from St.Charles, Missouri Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
You might let whatever's in it out. Can't take that risk.
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 352 Colonial1. 1, Mon, 3rd Dec '12 8:41:38 AM from The Marvelous River City
Crazed Lawrencian
In other words, such an object is technically Safe. It appears to be time-displaced though, which makes it viable as an object of study.
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Goddamn it, the cops knew. I picked up the briefcase and ran back to our get-away Volkswagon. I could already hear the sirens. As I slammed the car door shut behind me, I grabbed Miranda's shoulder and started jabbering the details. "Hey guys, have you heard of SCP-1893? It's easily-"

"-easily one of the scariest articles on the site, " she tersely finished for me. She gave the wheel a good twist and I felt the entire car shift to the side. My eyes widened. How did she know? But those impassive grey eyes gave no feedback, and besides, there were bigger problems. I spilled her the beans.

"I've found it's even better when you log-in half-way through reading the iterations, because new material is added." She nodded, but then we heard a horn blaze behind us. I spun around in my seat, and then my heart plummeted out of my chest.

There he was, the bull of a man with the tattoos over his eyes, only this time he had an 18-wheeler. Even though we were speeding at over 70, I knew he would catch up. As if in recognition, the man narrowed his eyes and tapped a long, silvery object on the windshield. The words "Little League Sluggers" flashed on it. I heard Miranda yell from behind me, "Make sure to upvote it! Easily one of my favorites"

I turned back to her, the woman who I had only known for a week, the one who had pulled me into this whole damn mess, that one, beautiful, dangerous, cunning woman who I was almost certainly going to die with and said: "Troper, just keep on reading. We haven't even started."

edited 12th Dec '12 7:40:26 PM by Scardoll

Quick question: I've seen a few mentions of some event where the stuff on the site got rewritten. Does anyone have more details on that?
Belief or disbelief rests with you.
While stuff often gets rewritten when it has a higher user rating, there were a few times when a lot of the articles on the site were rewritten or deleted. These were the mass edits, and during these times no new SCP articles were made so they could get down to fixing the ones they already had.
 356 The Nth Troper, Tue, 18th Dec '12 4:37:46 PM from Lawndale High A.V. Club
I think there's a link to the forum posting on the most major incident on the trope page, but the short of it was - writer Fishmonger, who had done a bunch of popular items and some Tales, became too much of a troll forum-wise to put up with and was banned, and he requested all his material taken off (though much of it can be found with some patience and The Wayback Machine). IIRC this lead to some other Items that cross-referenced being rewritten and was a contributing factor to cross-referencing being frowned on.

edited 18th Dec '12 4:40:05 PM by TheNthTroper

 357 Colonial1. 1, Tue, 19th Mar '13 1:49:43 AM from The Marvelous River City
Crazed Lawrencian
Have any of you lot seen the Russian Branch's SC Ps?
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What's the point of being grown up if you can't act childish?
 358 morenohijazo, Sat, 13th Jul '13 10:47:14 AM from Zaragoza, Spain
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The Archive Binge is definitely huge. More that one thousand of SCPs at the moment. Thank goodness I'm on holiday and I have free time to start diving into this. Some articles are awesome.

Anyway, I've read that SCP-1870 that was mentioned in the last page. I would say, it's okay as the concept of a messed-up Foundation site which has absorbed the properties of the SCPs it contained.

What I don't like is the underlying meta concepts. First, I hate when you have to look at the discussion page to truly find out what's going on about the SCP because the author wasn't able to/didn't bother to write it in properly in the article (I've seen it has happened more than once, it's not the only case; the worst case is probably SCP-1564, where half of the references are so obscure that they're impossible to get without reading the author's explaination, which is sad because it's otherwise a good SCP). Apparently it's based on a fansite the author didn't like, which I would have never found out without reading the comments because there's no hint of it in the text itself. It actually works well without that, so I don't see the point of making the SCP a lame Take That.

Second, the discussion page has a elitist tone that I don't like. Some of the comments are kind of "we are so awesome that we've made a SCP to laugh at how crappy those fansites are". Seriously, are they THAT bad?

edited 13th Jul '13 10:47:59 AM by morenohijazo

Seriously, my avatar comes from the embodiment of the So Bad, It's Good trope.
 359 Noaqiyeum, Sun, 14th Jul '13 7:01:19 PM from a thought-experiment gone horribly wrong Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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A lot of them tend to earnestly try to imitate the Foundation but fail horribly at imitating it in style, tone, and/or themes, tending to default instead to something like generic superheroic secret agencies. Mockery is essentially a form of brand protection - "They claim they're just like us, but they're completely missing the point".

I don't care for embodying them as SCP objects, though.
"I know I raised more questions than I answered, but I hope now we are all confused on an higher level and about more important things."
The Wordnomnom
I mentioned this site (SCP Foundation) on another thread and then it hit me: Why dont all those authors out their just write creepy-pastas for themselves or forums? Why limit themselves to the very harsh selection process and specific requirments of the canon of the SCP foundation (what with the slaughter of thousands of convicts/kidnapping victims seemingly daily and the wacky hijinks of some of the scientists in the stories clashing with the common horror tone) and just set out on their own?

It seems like it would make more sense for these people to have just gotten together and made a repository for stand-alone stories or a less involved site that doesnt enforce more than a bare minimum of specifics on each story in the archive. Instead they want to post on SCP. As far as I can tell the site doesnt pay them or offer any other incentive for they should write stories for it specificly.
While the breath's in his mouth, he must bear without fail, / In the Name of the Empress, the Overland Mail.
 361 Colonial1. 1, Tue, 30th Jul '13 6:25:03 AM from The Marvelous River City
Crazed Lawrencian
Because said system guarantees top quality and unique articles?
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What's the point of being grown up if you can't act childish?
 362 Ch00beh, Tue, 30th Jul '13 11:23:52 AM from Who Knows Where
Same reasons that people write fan fiction instead of their own stories. But unlike most fanfic, this gets peer reviewed for free.

edited 30th Jul '13 11:24:44 AM by Ch00beh

"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

The Game Developer Thread
 363 Santos L Halper, Mon, 9th Sep '13 8:45:21 AM from The Canterlot of the North
A Gentlecolt and a Bard
Is it just me, or is SCP-1235 basically an atlas version of Victoria II on steroids? tongue

edited 9th Sep '13 8:50:52 AM by SantosLHalper

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Bonny Pony, Skyland Pony,
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Bonny Pony, Skyland Pony?
Because said system guarantees top quality and unique articles?

Said system continues to allow SCP-139 to be on the site, so there's no way in hell thats true.

It seems like it would make more sense for these people to have just gotten together and made a repository for stand-alone stories or a less involved site that doesnt enforce more than a bare minimum of specifics on each story in the archive.
Isn't that what the wanderers library is for?

edited 12th Sep '13 3:46:07 AM by Mr.NaziFace

 365 Geth Knight, Thu, 12th Sep '13 7:56:14 AM from St.Charles, Missouri Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
What's wrong with 193?
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Et tam deum petivi made me cry. Damn the author for making me care!

[up][up]139, not 193.

"The artifact has since been in our custody.

Its properties are unknown. What has driven such superstition in its wake is unknown. What has brought it to the scene of intense carnage is unknown. The safety precautions currently taken are so done simply because they have thus far proved effective. Why is not known.

No research is planned."

Yeah, thats consistent. A group that has no regard for human life in the pursuit of knowledge is totally scared out of their wits by a skullwhat makes you go crazy. THATS the thing that really terrifies them.
 368 Geth Knight, Thu, 12th Sep '13 2:59:49 PM from St.Charles, Missouri Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The Foundation has a regard for human life.
3DS Friend Code: 4148-2052-8540
 369 Ch00beh, Fri, 13th Sep '13 9:06:16 AM from Who Knows Where
I'm surprised that hasn't been revised or cut.
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

The Game Developer Thread
The foundation does indeed have a regard for human life and actual perform many actions that are extremely helpful to humanity, they're just so incredibly cold they seem evil by are standards.

There's also been a pretty major backlash against the idea that the Foundation is Stupid Evil. They do what they do because they must, not because they can.

Anyone who dogmatically has the same approach to every single thing they encounter, when dealing with the unknown, is some degree of stupid. The GOC shows that destroying everything is a stupid idea, but never preserving all the things they get, no matter what, is a stupid idea too.

And yet, they still keep feeding people to 743, and don't just install a bug zapper and call it a day.

edited 14th Sep '13 12:55:25 AM by Mr.NaziFace

 373 ch00beh, Sat, 14th Sep '13 1:29:16 AM from Who Knows Where
Their dogmatic approach is also known as the scientific method.
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

The Game Developer Thread
 374 Matues, Sat, 14th Sep '13 4:22:59 PM Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance

743 can make infinity ants that can bore through reinforced steel.

Why they don't just dunk the entire thing in a pit of a very strong acid, or similar is somewhat beyond me.
The rain in Spain tend to drain the brain of sane.
T He bugs die and evaporate as soon as they undergo any form of attack. They also bottleneck themselves, meaning that if you put up something that exposed anything that emerged to an immediate form of assault, even if only minor, it would have no means of attack, since everything it produced would immediately die.
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