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1 Nomic10th Oct 2010 09:33:53 AM from beyond the Void
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At this point a lot of you are probably familiar with my permanently stuck on the planning stage since I can't draw very well comic. However, what you probably don't know is that my nonexistant comic has an existing spinoff. Granted, I've only done 4 episodes so far, the last several months ago partly due to work and university using a lot of my time and partly due to me sorta running low on ideas. That and my computer died, taking with it the program I used to make the layout. Anyways, I decided to post some of them here to see what are peoples opinions on it.

bonus picture

Firstly - choose another font and colour for the titles. Black on purple is terribly hard to read.

Other than that, they're quite good. I giggled a bit. The drawings aren't amazing, but they're better than a lot of amateur comics in the same style - at least you have an understanding of perspective and composition, which make the comics more interesting to look at.

The resolution is fuzzy, however.

EDIT: Fixed the formatting.

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3 Madrugada10th Oct 2010 10:20:01 AM , Relationship Status: In season
^ Fully agree on the first point. Also fully agree on the second. Didn't notice the third, myself.
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Hmm, could be my computer acting up, but ... maybe fuzzy isn't the right word. I just noticed that some parts of the images were kind of blurry, but I'm not sure if that's deliberate.
"Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane"
I noticed the blurry. I also think you should change the shape of the speech bubbles to something less wiggly, and your panel arrangements could use some work (you show whole people almost all the time, when talking heads would do and be more expressive) but I really like the style. You found something clean and uncomplicated and visually appealing.

(also, the hair brushing panel. The characters are surrounded by empty space. Zoom in a little. The visual of the soldier physically crowding the panel could add to the idea that he's a big tough dude and a ridiculous person to be brushing hair.)

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I <3 Zaran.

Anyway: Watch the order of word bubbles. In panel 3 of the 1st page, Zaran's bubble should be above her dad's bubble. In panel 3 of the 3rd page, her bubble should be more distinctly above the soldiers' so it's clear who is talking first.
7 Nomic10th Oct 2010 03:23:18 PM from beyond the Void
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The blur is still a problem? These are actually the second versions, the first were really blurry and I had to redo them. It's due to the way I did the panels. I drew the backgrounds and characters separately, then put them together in the program I used to make the panels (I'm lazy and that way I could easily reuse backgrounds). The downside was that I had to to a lot of resizing, which blurred everything up. I think in the future I'll just draw the panels directly, altho then I lose some of the effects, like thick panel borders and the fancy title font.
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No, you should do layers like you're doing, just draw everything at a nice high resolution (300d dpi seems to be recommended).
9 Nomic11th Oct 2010 01:50:47 AM from beyond the Void
It's really good. Got a link to the comic-in-the-works?

Third-ing that black on dark purple is pretty much impossible to read. The white outline was a good idea, but the background shouldn't be the same colour as the inside of the letters either - it blurs the white lines.

I tried writing a similar concept once (only in that one, the overlord's kid was an adopted Chosen One, who'd mess things up all the time (despite his good intentions) because of his Incorruptible Pure Pureness; but the general idea about it being hard to be an Overlord and a parent was the same).

I found the airship one interesting because - I thought - it hinted at a bigger picture about what Zaran's world was like. If Overlord's Teenage Daughter is the starting concept, then the plot if you planned a bigger storyline around that would involve creating more details and characters about like that.
11 Nomic11th Oct 2010 10:16:19 AM from beyond the Void
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Actually I have a fairly detailed backstory for the setting. I'm just not quite sure how exactly to implement it into this comic, aside from the occasional Mythology Gag that only I would get. It's mostly centered around the Legion War, which the seven demonic legions have fought for millenias over the right to become the ruler of all of Netherworld (and which is purposefully kept going by the council that was supposed to hold the seat untill a new ruler is selected). I do, however plan on featuring more of weird things that exist in the Netherworld like hydras, pixies, aetherships, war automatons and various machines fuelled by the souls of the damned. If I can't incorporate it in any other way, I'll just do comics that explain how these things work (with Zaran as a narrator. For some reason I find the idea of her giving a guided tour of the Tower of Souls, where souls of the damned are harvested and enclosed in crystal form to be used as fuel, hilarious).
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