The State of Washington does not exist.:

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76 Angewomon17th Aug 2011 06:49:53 PM from Everywhere and Nowhere
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I thought Wyoming was the nonexistant state around here. TV told me that.
It means "no state here," right?
Talk to the hand.
77 Korochun18th Aug 2011 08:56:30 AM from Elsewhere (send help!)
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If I'm a government agent, can I be paid for being one?

Because I'd be totally in with this if I got paid.
When you remember that we are all mad, all questions disappear and life stands explained.
If you have been to Washington it is an illusion perpetuated by Oregon, with help from California, to keep you from the truth. I think. Or maybe that was Canada.
79 SantosLHalper24th Sep 2011 07:31:40 PM from The Canterlot of the North
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Prince Edward Island also doesn't exist.
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^ That doesn't even make sense.
^ Said the government employee.

Don't think that you can fool us. We know who you are.
Misanthropic Wiccan Nerd
If that's true, then what's my name? : P
I don't have time to remember every government agents name! My schedule is completely filled up with putting up posters alerting others of government conspiracies, raving madly in the streets about government conspiracies, tea and posting on the internet about government conspiracies.

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Total posts: 83
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