The State of Washington does not exist.:

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It's all a lie propagated by the United States in order to confuse the rest of the world! In reality, the entire area is a massive government facility controlled by the Illuminati who are in turn working for the Knights Templar.

The American people have become so talented at maintaining the charade that not even Canada suspects something is amiss.

Anyone claiming to be from Washington is a government agent.

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2 Tzetze26th Aug 2010 05:58:41 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Can't argue with that logic!
Then where's Microsoft?
Don't you see?


Dun Dun Dun.

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I thought the state of Washington was between gas and plasma.

Guess the scientists were lying, just like when they said the LHC won't kill us all.
Then what's to the north of the Columbia River, hmm?
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Canada, of course. Or maybe its that city that doesn't exist in Germany (whose name I can't recall) is up there.
But I've been there. Repeatedly. Like, over half of my family lives there.

I think you've got Washington mixed up with WYOMING.
C'est la vie.
Chilling with my niece
No, Wyoming exists. What do you think props Montana up?

I will grant that nothing actually is in Wyoming, so I can see where confusion comes from, but the state does physically exist.
Except Yellowstone.
Gerald Zosewater
Well played gentlemen. Your locations have been tracked through your IP. Agents have been dispatched to neutralize you.

Have a nice day. smile
Ruining everything forever.
I don't exist either.
Check out mybook, Almost Night
And neither does Washington, D.C..

So what's our national capitol now? Philadelphia?
14 Scholastica26th Aug 2010 11:25:34 PM from The Golden State
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Orgeon also does not exist.
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Butbutbut Oregon Country! 54 40 Or Fight! The Oregon Trail! Oregon Trail! sad
If Oregon doesn't exist, tell me where the hell Cow and Chicken go for their spontaneous family vacations.
Gerald Zosewater
"Oregon" is a euphemism for rape.

Butbutbut Rape Country! 54 40 Or Fight! The Rape Trail! Rape Trail!


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Ruining everything forever.
I've been to Washington... although that could've just been an hallucination...
I've had this (joking) theory with my friends for years that Delaware doesn't actually exist. I've managed to get a lot of people thinking I might be onto something since I'll ask things like "who have you ever met from Delaware" and no one knows (and no Joe Biden doesn't count he lived in Pennsylvania).
20 HungryJoe9th Nov 2010 01:16:57 PM from Under the Tree
Rhode Island exists, but it's size is greatly misrepresented, it's actually the largest state by volume, but because of the space folding, it itself fits into one of the tanks at the Mystic Aquariam.
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21 lee4hmz9th Nov 2010 02:09:55 PM from A shipwreck in the tidal Potomac , Relationship Status: Chocolate!
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Washington, D.C. exists, but the area surrounding it doesn't. It's allegedly somewhere in California.
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22 Tangent1289th Nov 2010 02:24:20 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
It's North Dakota that doesn't exist. South Dakota just adopted a misleading prefix to its name to be stylish.

Washington used to be a sham, but they procedurally generated an artificial landscape back in '91 and stealthily transplanted several cities in over the next few years, while the inhabitants were distracted by Super Bowl commercials.
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23 Tzetze9th Nov 2010 02:25:24 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Huh. That would explain how my friend got that HDTV and super-expensive sound system a few years back.
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Seattle is in Washington State and I was briefly in Seattle, therefore Washington State does exist.

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25 Tzetze9th Nov 2010 03:39:14 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
The first clause begs the question.

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