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Videogame Deals:

 251 Joaqs, Fri, 11th May '12 6:09:05 PM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
Seriously? Well are there items from the workshop in the normal sales of Mann Co?

Jonah Falcon
Castle Crashers 50% off now thru 5/21.
Jonah Falcon
 253 Joaqs, Fri, 18th May '12 9:59:25 AM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
During the last week of May (May 24 through June 1) there will be a special offer from indie games developers because they May.

We believe that developers should have the freedom to price their games how they like, without interference from the online stores that sell the games. Why? Because it allows us to promote our games more freely, as we are doing here! We rely on the ability to promote our games for our livelihood and control over pricing is an important tool for this purpose.

For the last week of May (May 24 through June 1) our games will be deeply discounted to celebrate online stores that give us control over pricing: The App Store, Google Play, Steam, and a few others.

edited 18th May '12 10:00:01 AM by Joaqs

Jonah Falcon
Microsoft once again running its buy a PC for college student, get 360 free deal again.
Jonah Falcon
Lol, I've been looking at laptops selling at $400 and less. Heh.

Maybe if I got a better computer for my dad on Father's Day...but then again, I'd still have the problem of, what games am I going to play on my 360.

If only they localized the Idolmaster series...
It Just Bugs Me! - a place to discuss media, real life, and other topics.
[up] I don't know about the Idolmaster games, but the Xbox 360 allows publishers the option of releasing games region-free or multi-region. I do know CAVE usually makes their 360 releases region-free, or at least playable in all NTSC regions (when PAL won't work due to technical problems), so it's at least in use.

Although there's the problem that 360 games in Japan cost around 25% more than in the US, and that's not even counting shipping. So it'd definitely take a chunk out of your bank account.

edited 18th May '12 2:56:27 PM by PoochyEXE

They're also text-heavy, and NOT translated.
It Just Bugs Me! - a place to discuss media, real life, and other topics.
 258 Joaqs, Tue, 22nd May '12 11:54:15 AM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
So this are going to be two good weeks for indie games, first is the Groupees (from bemine fame) Build A Bundle that launched today.

Build a bundle has 12 games which are: {{Nikopol:Secrets Of The Immortals}}; Sideway New York; Caster; The Ball; Necrovision; Light Fish; Post Apocalyptic Mayhem; Xotic; BEEP; Ubersoldier2; {{Dark Fall:Lost Souls}} and Diamond Dan. The main gimmick of this bundle is that you choose what games do you want and ithe pay what you want models is based on quantity instead of which games you choose. You must choose a minium of three games and starts at a minium of $3 the next three games that you add are $0.7 each and the final thrre are $0.50 each so you can have all games for $9 and 20% of every dollar goes to Polar Bear International.

Then the Thursday (24th of may) launchs Because We May which has a lot of indie games from various store that includes the ios App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play, Steam, some other stores, some games for the Xbox360 and games to purchase direct from the developers. One of the games that I would like to highlight is The Binding of Isaac the Steam Version, see the next paragraph for the reason.

The Monday 28th there will be released a $3 DLC for The Binding of Isaac called Wrath Of The Lamb that will add 70% more content than the one already in the game, that means more bosses, levels, items, enemys, at least one character, one more ending, ten new challenges and 25 more achievements but it will only be realesed for the Steam Version of the game. If you don't have it is a great game that has a lot of replay value due to been a rouguelike with random generated levels and drops. The only problems of this gamer is that it has slow downs in some machines and that it may produce Squick.

Then in two weeks will be the nex Indie Royale bundle and some people theorize that we are close to another Humble Indie Bundle.

Jonah Falcon
Never heard of "Build a Bundle".
Jonah Falcon
 260 Joaqs, Tue, 22nd May '12 5:02:27 PM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
Build A Bundle just started today and is made by the same guys that makes Bemine bundles but yeah, this bundles don't have a lotr of publicity.

 261 Earl of Sandvich, Fri, 25th May '12 6:09:32 AM from the Palouse Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
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[up][up][up] Because We May is online right now. It's certainly worth checking out.

edited 25th May '12 6:10:38 AM by EarlOfSandvich

Status of possible Fallout RP idea: Thinking of and open to new ideas.

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 263 Joaqs, Sat, 26th May '12 9:19:18 PM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
I think that developer is a trol or trying some weird experiment.

The Indie Face Kick has 5 games and I think it is pretty a solid bundle except for Alien Shooter 2:Conscription but I am taking Nothernlion word of it. Tompi Jones is in Alpha so it basically is being in the bundle for alpha funding, is a plataformer and "akin to Donkey Kong Country". Arkhelom 3 D seems like a nice Shmup. I like the page design.

Indie Gala is back with Indie Gala V and also back to different price range for games. They got rid of those awfull scrolling displays but instead of keeping the price ranges vetically separated they put them one besides the other horizontally making the page unnecesary wide. I have only played Beat Hazard and I can 100% recomend it if you like Twin Stick Shooter games and music but I am not sure if buying it from the bundle also gives you the Beat Hazard Ultra DLC and why they do not give you a Steam key.

 264 Joaqs, Thu, 31st May '12 10:33:19 AM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
I told you people that there would be a Humble Indie Bundle coming and it is now live. It is the Humble Indie Bundle V an has Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Psychonauts, Limbo and Sword And Sworcery EP as basic and Bastion as a beat the average bonus.

edited 31st May '12 10:36:03 AM by Joaqs

Jonah Falcon
$19.99 for a KOTOR bundle.
Jonah Falcon
 267 Joaqs, Thu, 12th Jul '12 10:25:49 AM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
Mentelgen, the Steam Summer Sale has started! It will last until Moday July 23rd and has "Flash Sales" and "Comunity Choices" sales.

Jonah Falcon
Buy Dishonored on Steam, get Arx Fatalis free.
Jonah Falcon
 269 Joaqs, Wed, 29th Aug '12 6:48:03 PM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
Rigth now there are two indie bundles going on that I know of, one is the Indie Royale Getaway bundle, the other ones is the Best of British Indie Bundle going on in Steam. The Best of British Indie Bundle is $9.99 and includes DEFCON, Eufloria, Frozen Synapse, Gratuitous Space Battles, Revenge of the Titans and Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition.

Also there is a 20% discount on They Bleed Pixels.

My personal highlight is the first and truly completly free to play game to arrive to Steam, am talking of SUPER CRATE BOX! Yes, that is right the crate collecting Freeware game is now on Steam, what is the meaning of this? I don't know, what´I know is that the game is really fun and if you haven't tried it, you should. Here is the store page.

edited 29th Aug '12 6:49:20 PM by Joaqs

Analogue: A Hate Story is in the Indie Royale bundle!
It Just Bugs Me! - a place to discuss media, real life, and other topics.
 271 Joaqs, Wed, 29th Aug '12 7:09:31 PM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
I completly forgot to mention that. And it includes the soundtrack!

Shattered Horizon is also in the Indie Royale bundle, if anyone is in doubt of buying the game or not, I have three guest passes (a guest pass let's you try the full game for three days) to give so you can decide if you want it.

 272 Spooky Mask, Thu, 30th Aug '12 11:53:51 PM from Corner in round room Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Insert title
I find it awesome that The King of Dragon Pass is now on gog :3
Time to change the style, for now
 273 Joaqs, Mon, 3rd Sep '12 4:18:58 PM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
Half-Life 2 is a daily deal on Steam with 66% off, probably because the release date ofr Black Mesa is close.

Remember how indie bundles are cool and a lot of games become known because of being in a bundle? A lot of games in greenlight need to become known to be able to enter Steam so I guess this is a logical conclussion. Introducing the Greenlight Bundle, basically nine games that are in Greenlight are being showcased there. For a dollar you get Ichi, Muffin Knight, Dino Run SE and Syder Arcade. For $5 or more you also get Samurai II Vengance, Gunman Clive, Paper Monsters, Guerrilla Bob, Major Mayhem and the soundtracks of some of the games. If any of the games in the bundle gets greenligthed you will receive a Steam key for the game.

The digital download of Spec Ops: The Line is $25 on Amazon, which gives you the Steam key.
 275 Tracer Bullet, Tue, 4th Sep '12 12:19:58 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
Guess Who...?
Kid Icarus: Uprising is the Deal of the Day at Best Buy at $15(!) for American users.
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