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12:000 Shinjuku

I am so out of breath. Running all over Tokyo wears you out fast.

Right, blocked off here too.

So it turns out that there are other people with Naoya's COMPs running around. We ran into this guy named Keisuke. He said that out number was zero and ran off.

Atsuro says he used to be a pretty cool guy. He helped him out in school and wasn't afraid of anything. But now he is running away from us because we are going to die soon. Granted it is probably easier to be brave in school when there aren't demons that want to eat you.

Bah, what are we supposed to do?!
12:30 Shibuya

I am going to hurt my cousin. Seriously leading us into that demon clusterfuck? What the hell are you thinking Naoya? Telling us to survive but then leading us into a bunch of demons.

Yeah, turns out the sun being up doesn't seem to affect the much.

Anyways that fight was new and found new ways to be irritating and frightening. In the middle of the fight yet another tutorial starts running. Right, fight smarter, get more macca got it. Tell me that when a crazy winged girl isn't hurling ice bolts at us!

Yeah there are demons that can fly. Fun times. And right as we are starting to win a thing called a Waira. Ugh, like it had a lizard head and clawed hands, but a bunch of tendrils where it's legs should have been. Oh well shooting a few Agi spells down it's throat killed it.

After the fight we got two emails. Basically saying the same thing as the tutorial. Blah blah blah exploit a demon's weakness and kill them fast for more Macca. It also mentioned this stuff called magnetite, which can be used to change a demon's skills. Huh, I was wondering why I couldn't switch those like I could with the skills me Atsuro and Yuzu have.

Atsuro thinks the emails were sent by a program Naoya wrote and that the demon summoning program was intended for third party use. Fine. Just give us the tutorials some time besides in the middle of a fight!

List of stuff to do. 1)Find Naoya, 2)Yell at Naoya, 3)Get out of here.
12:33 Shibuya

Oh right, since we got a ton of macca from the fights, I just went ahead and used the "buy now" option to buy a Waira and Moh Shuuvu demon from Dbay. I wonder if we can fly or move crazy fast like they did?

Team Read Outs

  • Shiki: Waira and Pixie
  • Atsuro: Pixie and Ogre
  • Yuzu: Kabuso and Moh Shuvuu
12:40 Sunset St. Ikebukuro

And the SDF have it blocked off here too. Things are getting bad. Atsuro and Yuzu are starting to argue about small stuff and everybody is getting tired.

Oh two new emails, brb...

Huh. Naoya added a new function to our COMPs called "Skill Crack". Basically if we select a demon on the field, pick one of their skills and if we kill it the COMP saves that skill. Neat.

Naoya is confusing me. He gets us into this mess but then keeps helping us. Plus to get the COMPs to do all this stuff he would have to know an awful lot about demons.

It doesn't make sense.

Oh, look some passing demons. Lets try the skill crack out on them!
Excellent, I've always liked this game. Unfortunately, I only got about half-way through because at that point the fights were getting Nintendo Hard and I suck at tactical RPGs.

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12:50 Ikebukuro

So yeah the skill crack is awesome. For ten minutes we basically kicked ass and picked up the following skills.

  • Amirita
  • Zan
  • Bufu
  • Hero Aid
  • Race D(kind useless for us. It increases our defenses against creatures of the same race. I don't plan on fighting people)
  • Life Aid

Huh, wow Naoya is a nerd. Atsuro looked into the skill crack program a little bit and found that one of the bits of code was called the megaman.exe or something like that. Really Naoya? Really?

Whatever, only ten minutes left. I think we are ready to fight the snowman who is supposed to kill us.
13:30 Suidobashi, Tokyo Dome

Haha, we can change our fates! And the way to do so, is through liberal applications of hyperviolence derived from magical personal computers! life is like a fucking manga right now.

Anyways whilst we were looking for a way out we came across the Tokyo Dome. It wasn't crowded like usual, so we were curious(we weren't checking the time okay?!) I found out Yuzu likes the Ferris wheel. Good info if we ever get out of here and I can take her on a date.

Anyways the snowman the laplace email talked about was that moose-gorilla from yesterday. And Wendigo tried to kill us because... it was too hot for him. Stupid moose-gorilla.

With me and a pair of Kabusos spamming Agi whilst Atsuro and Yuzu flanked it with their demons, Wendigo went down fairly fast. I cracked Ice Dance off it.

So once Wendigo was killed(he froze into a pillar of ice and shattered) all the other demons scattered. And our Deathclocks read 2 now! So we managed to give destiny the finger.

Unfortunately there is a huge problem. The COMPs run on rechargeable batteries. Useful, except there is a blackout going on right now. So we are running over to Akihabara to find a hand charger.

I wonder if we will have to steal one from a shop? I don't want to be a looter but...
14:00 Akihabara

Well good news, we found some hand powered chargers for the COMPs. At first I thought I might have had to bust down some stores, since every store was locked up. Apparently without any electricity, Akihabara is a ghost town.

Before I started looting Atsuro's friend Keisuke showed up. He lead us to this back alley shop selling chargers. I guess in the blackout that shop owner must be making a killing.

Anyways Yuzu chewed Keisuke out for running away from us when he saw our deathclocks. Well at least he apologized, but then ran off because he doesn't want to drag us down(dude it,s cool. We could raise your Deathclock too!)

He did point out one thing, that I was starting to notice. Everybody in the lockdown has six as the highest number. The SDF soldiers don't. So by six days some catastrophe will kill everybody in the lockdown.

Yikes. I'm not sure if we should try to run out of this mess or figure out how to avert this catastrophe.

Oh, right we got another email. This time it was for a program called the Cathedral of Shadows. Apparently we can fuse demons together with it. I guess that is how we are supposed to get stronger demons if they don't show up in the auction.

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14:30 Ikebukuro

I have determined that we have a shitty sense of direction. We ended up wandering back to the Ikebukuro station to look for a way out.

Well it wasn't a total loss. We met this cosplayer named Midori. Or to go by her screen name, Dolly. She seemed nice if a bit flaky. Granted she is only stuck in her cosplay clothes because she didn't expect to get stuck in a lockdown.

Fun fact. Atsuro only realized who she was after she left. He wanted to ask for an autograph, but no luck. Yuzu called him Otakusuro. Hah, he has a stupid nickname too! We all do now.
14:35 Ikebukuro

So I started playing around with the Cathedral of Shadows program and fused together some new demons. I had to buy some more, but eh, we have enough macca.

Oh, Kabuso prime... I found your journal entries. Hope you don't mind that I torched the moose-gorilla you wanted to bone. I also hope you don't mind being fused with a pixe and being a Kikimora. At least you're still good at casting spells. Even if you are a bird-woman thing now.

Team Readouts

  • Shiki: Waira and Kijimunaa
  • Atsuro: Kikimora and Hairy Jack
  • Yuzu: Jambavan and Moh Shuuvu
15:00 Roppongi

Again, our sense of direction is fucked. We ended up back in Roppongi. We met up with Haru again. We came in right as she was telling off this Shomonaki guy named Azuma off. He was trying to convert her or something. He had one of the feather-flowers like Amane(but on his chest) so I guess he is important to the Shomonaki?

Anyways, Haru recognized us. Or she recognized Yuzu anyways. Apparently Yuzu goes to a lot of Haru's concerts... anyways we mostly just chatted and-

Fucking fuck on a fuck sandwich! We forgot to tell Haru about her Deathclock! Damnit and now we have no idea where she went! Does Yuzu know Haru's address? Is she a super fangirl?

... she isn't. And now she is angry at me. Gah!
15:30 Shiba Park

We were tired from walking all over the city so we took a break in the park. A lot of people did too. Apparently it became a big gathering place since there is a ton of stuff around the park.

There were some Shomonaki in the park preaching. They were going on about the Tower of Babel myth. Apparently ancient man built a giant tower to get closer to God and got arrogant. God got mad at them and broke the tower and divided their language. But now the internet has let us overcome linguistic barriers, and humanity has grown arrogant again. So god will send another ordeal.

That seems a bit extreme. Smiting people and stuff because they figured out how to communicate and stuff. The Shomonaki were saying something about face to face communication and uniting together would get us through the ordeal.

So right, one of the Shomonaki came up and started trying to convert us. Amane came in and told her she was being too forceful. And we got to talking.

Amane called herself the Maiden of the Shomonaki. Apparently she can sense demons and control them without the aid of a COMP. She asked where we got our COMPs and we told her Naoya gave them to us. Turns out the Shomonaki asked him to build the modded COMPs. Amane left and said we will meet again.

We can't figure out why the Shomonaki would want to build a demon summoning device. Unless they wanted to force their Ordeal to come true.

That's a scary thought. Going back to looking for a way out again.
15:40 Shinagawa

I finally figured out how the fucking magnetite works! I finally saved up enough to give a demon a new skill. Waira knows Dia now.

Oh and Atsuro cracked Anger Hit of an Ogun demon. He is good at hitting things dead.
16:00 Shinagawa

And the loop is lockeddown here too. So tired from walking all over Tokyo. I swear if I get out of this place I will join the school track team. I've built up crazy endurance.

Anyways, we were hungry so Atsuro bought us some bread. Everybody is stocking up on stuff so he got the last bread in the store. Great. Things are going to start going to hell if the lockdown isn't lifted.
17:00 Ueno

Everywhere we go it is blocked off. Fuck, I guess we aren't getting out of here that easily.

Well we might as well find Haru since we are all stuck in here.

My feet hurt
17:30 Bugeikan

Well we found Haru. Do you want to know how we found her? Because she was singing on the Bugeikan steps like an idiot! It's almost like she intentionally wanted to attract demons!

Well we managed to rush in and save Haru. She tried to use her sequencer to fight off the demons but its batteries were dead. Thankfully the harmonizer worked on her too so she was able to take a few hits from the demons before we could heal her.

It was odd though. One of the demons mentioned something about stealing her power for its master. The power of rock? I thought hell already had a ton of rock musicians.

Oh, right about the sequencer. It seems Haru's friend Aya gave it to her. It was supposed to let her summon demons like a COMP(how?) but she let the batteries die.

Oh right, before we left Haru whispered to me that I have a dangerous smell about me. Cool I guess. I don't know how I should feel about flirting that mentions I smell like sweat and charred demon bits.

What to do now?
18:30 Aoyama

Not much to say. We walked around and accidentally found the Shomonaki HQ. I doubt we will find it again with our shitty sense of direction. Gin was outside, but he left.

Atsuro has been contemplating "borrowing" some bikes to get around. Yuzu shot him down. I guess stealing would be wrong. Plus with all the rubble and cars all over the place a bike isn't that useful.

Look we're back at the cemetery where we woke up today. Might as well take a look.
19:00 Aoyama

Going back to the cemetery was a bad idea. Apparently some people had activated modded COMPs. Unfortunately they didn't win their first fight and demons were crawling out of those things.

This fight hard. After seeing what kind of spells we knew the demons herded us so we couldn't attack the ones we had an advantage against. We still killed them all. Despite her constantly saying she doesn't like COMPs or demons Yuzu has fun fighting them. She just looks happy when she grabs them and lets loose a Zio spell. Atsuro explained that it is magic electricity so you don't need to make contact.

She knows. She just says she likes to feel them spasm when lightning fries them from the inside out.

...everybody has their ways of coping I guess. I write in this journal an awful lot.

Anyways, now we have an extra COMP. It's pink though so I'm going to hold onto mine(its black, Atsuro's is blue and Yuzu's is white).

So right Atsuro figured out that the COMPs run the demon summoning program as clients. So some big server does all the processing and the COMPs just take advantage of that with their networking capabilities. Atsuro thinks that if we could find the server we could control the demons. That's a good idea if we can't find a way out.
22:00 Shibuya

We went back to Shibuya to sleep. We were too tired to go anywhere else. We couldn't find anywhere else to crash. All our friends and families live outside the Yamanote loop. Right now we are crashing at a vacant apartment. Apparently Atsuro knows how to pick locks. Rock on.

There's no electricity and the water in here isn't working. A demon must have done something to the plumbing. Oh well there is bottled water in the fridge and some crackers. And a simple couch. You forget how dark it gets at night.

We talked about the day and stuff. Atsuro thinks Naoya deliberately gave us abilities as the day went on the make things easier. Like picking things up slowly in a videogame. That's nice Naoya, but did the tutorials have to run in the middle of combat?!

We're still not sure how fusing demons works. They inherit skills from the parent demons but do they have their memories too? Any of you demons want to shed some light on this? Go on, I'm curious.

We decided to sleep in shifts and charge the COMPs. I woke up because I got an email notification. Brb.

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22:06 Shibuya

Well I got three emails tonight.

  • Naoya's - Since it uses up too many resources during the day when the demon summoning program is most active, Naoya restricted email to night use.
  • Yuzu's email - She feels gross. I do too. I mean I apparently smell like danger.
  • Atsuro's email - he's not sure about stuff. Mostly what Naoya is trying to do. I admit I'd be curious myself.

I'm going back to sleep now. Yuzu is teasing me saying I'm becoming a tech otaku like Atsuro. Gah, I only woke up because you sent me an email Yuzu! You should have just woken me up so we could have bitched about being sweaty and gross together.

Oh well. I'm going to bed.

- Ichi Shiki Kamina

PS: Good night bloodthirsty demons in the COMPs.

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Welcome to Purgatory!
The Memoir of Kikimora, Part I

Upon searching through Atsuro's data files, I've come across the records of one of my predecessors. It's hard to seperate the memories sometimes, but the more I concentrated, the better I could picture myself as a country bumpkin otter prankster. Deciding to carry on in his honour, I have decided to write a journal of my own.

Today's events...I honestly did not find them remarkable. From what I can put together from the spirits that made me, there had been a great battle that day against a Wendigo. And, there was also a fairly interesting scuffle involving a lady named Haru...there's something about her music that I find myself drawn to, but I cannot be certain why as of yet. However, two grand battles should not be the deciding factor in the value of a day if the other hours were spent merely searching for answers and failing at the task.

Really, I think that the thing I want to talk the most about only occurred within the past few moments. I managed to connect to Shiki's journal after Atsuro had given him an e-mail, and noticed that he is curious about demons such as myself. As the successor to the only previous journal writer, I feel it is my obligation to elaborate on his harmless queries.

Now, the forms of demons usually parallel beings from human folklore and religion. This is because that all living beings, humans included, radiate energy we refer to as magnetite. Humans wouldn't know this, as like demons themselves, magnetite can only be viewed in the world of demons. When a being has a strong belief in something, whether it be a religion, an aesop, or something else entirely, that magnetite becomes an anthropomorphic representation of that belief. For example, many cultures blame tricksters for their natural clumsiness and misfortune, which is how creatures like my 'parents' Pixie and Kabutso came into being.

Normally, demons gain strength and continue their existance by gaining magnetite through defeating other demons and absorbing their remains. It may seem barbaric, but when there's at minimum one demon per each belief a living being can have, overpopulation would be an issue otherwise. However, not all beliefs are equal; so many people believe in some form of YHVH (or, as most refer to it as, God) that it would be impossible for a single demon to have equal strength. Thus, in order to gain the potential for greater strength and move up in the world of demons, those formed of weaker magnetite join together (though whether it is more like marriage or sex depends on how you define the terms) to form a stronger being.

Now, it's time for the million dollar question that started this explanation. "Do we inherit merely the skills of our parents, or also the memories?" Well, as I had elluded to above, some memories do survive the transfiguration process. However, the sheer strain of balancing two entirely different lives can be enough to cause gaps in one's memories. In fact, trying to remember more than eight different skills can lead to difficulties for many.

Hopefully, that answered your question in a satisfactory manner. If I find enough inner passion, I may decide to continue these memoirs on a later date. But I need my rest, and my muse is leaving me, so I shall bid you all adieu for now.

P.S. Good night to you too, Shiki.
Bump to keep this alive.

New diary entries will resume on Sunday.
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Welcome to Purgatory!
Really? Well, that's a relief; I'd hate to think that such as wonderful thing would end with my own long-as-[CENSORED] post. It just wouldn't seem appropriate, y'know? Anyways, seeya tomorrow, dood!
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